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Monday, March 07, 2011

Albert Ayler - Rarities (1964-1970)

Here's most of the material that's left unreleased officially after the massive "Holy Ghost" set that came out seven years ago (gee, it's been that long!?) - this consists mainly of two more sets from the November 1966 tour in Europe, as well as the outtake that was on the original pressings of ESP'-Disk 1002 and a stray cut still left in the can from the July 1970 St. Paul de Vence recordings. The final track was omitted from "Holy Ghost" under the assumption that Ayler wasn't present (Frank Smith would be the soloist all the way) - it's included for completeness' sake.

Albert Ayler - Rarities (1964-1970)

Cellar Cafe, New York, NY (USA) - July 10, 1964
Albert Ayler (ts), Gary Peacock (b), Sunny Murray (d)

1. SPIRITS (Albert Ayler) 7:44 (alternate tune)

Note: outtake from Ayler's ESP session for "Spiritual Unity" (ESP'-Disk 1002) - this isn't actually an alternate take but an entirely different tune.
It was used on the first pressings of ESP 1002 but later replaced with the shorter tune that is now familiar. In 1996, a Gold CD was released in Japan (Venus Records TKCZ-36010), which contained both versions.
The first version (heard here and on the initial pressings of ESP 1002) corresponds to VIBRATIONS on "Ghosts" and "The Copenhagen Tapes". The second version which was used on subsequent pressings of ESP 1002 corresponds to SAINTS as it's heard on "Witches & Devils" and "The Copenhagen Tapes".

Koncerthus, Stockholm (Sweden) - November 10, 1966
Donald Ayler (t), Albert Ayler (ts), Michel Samson (v), Bill Folwell (b), Beaver Harris (d)

2. TRUTH IS MARCHING IN (Albert Ayler) 8:43
3. OMEGA IS THE ALPHA (Albert Ayler) 9:59
4. OUR PRAYER (Donald Ayler) 7:49

Note: broadcast recording

Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen (Denmark) - November 11, 1966
Donald Ayler (t), Albert Ayler (ts), Michel Samson (v), Bill Folwell (b), Beaver Harris (d)

5. spoken introduction (1:05)
6. TRUTH IS MARCHING IN (Albert Ayler) 9:47
7. HOLY GHOST (Albert Ayler) / UNKNOWN / LIGHT IN DARKNESS (Albert Ayler) 9:06
8. OUR PRAYER (Donald Ayler) 3:59
9. UNKNOWN (3:43) (incomplete)

Note: broadcast recording

Fondation Maeght, St. Paul de Vence (France) - July 27, 1970
Albert Ayler (ts), Steve Tintweiss (b), Allen Blairman (d), Mary Maria Parks (voc)

10. A MAN IS LIKE A TREE (Maria Parks) 6:43

Note: broadcast recording

Slugs', New York, NY (USA) - October 1965
Frank Smith (ts), poss. Albert Ayler (ts), Burton Greene (p), Bill Folwell (b), Beaver Harris (d)

11. UNKNOWN TITLE (9:26)

Note: this is from a Greene-led jam, another part was included on the "Holy Ghost" box, but this track was omitted as it's rather likely that Ayler isn't heard here at all.