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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miles Davis - Amsterdam 1957

This concert has been bootlegged many times ... on Celluloid or most recently on Lonehill. Here's Peter Losin's entry on his Miles Ahead page, which notes: "All of the issued versions are quite a bit flat."

So then, here's the fixed version - and trust me, the difference in sound quality is amazing here! Klook finally sounds just right, not half-drunk and totally off like on the way-too-slow versions you find on all them bootlegs!

These are the original FLAC as prepared by a dear friend ... further info comes with the files - shout outs to everyone involved in this!

Buy the official releases of these musicians, do get the Sonorama releases of the previously unreleased Barney Wilen albums Moshi Too and Jazz in Camera, a studio session co-led by Barney with trumpeter Donald Byrd.

Barney Wilen (ts), Miles Davis (t), René Urtreger (p, hidden), Pierre Michelot (b), Kenny Clarke (d)
during the concert in  the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, December 8, 1957

Miles Davis

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Concertgebouw
December 8, 1957

Miles Davis - trumpet

Barney Wilen - tenor saxophone
René Urtreger - piano
Pierre Michelot - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

1. Woody 'n' You (Dizzy Gillespie) 4:58

2. Bags' Groove (Milt Jackson) 7:05
3. What's New (Bob Haggart) 3:35
4. But Not for Me (George Gershwin) 6:41
5. A Night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie) 7:18
6. Four (Miles Davis) > The Theme (Miles Davis) 4:25
7. Walkin' (Richard Carpenter) 6:37
8. Well, You Needn't (Thelonious Monk) 5:27
9. 'Round About Midnight (Thelonious Monk) 5:28
10. Lady Bird (Tadd Dameron) > The Theme (Miles Davis) 5:40

TT: 57:18

: : dime notes : :

Pitch was approx. 47 cents flat.  

In addition to the notes above: Miles already performed in Europe in November 1956 with the same trio plus Lester Young and the Modern Jazz Quartet.

He travelled alone, without his band, on both occasions.

: : losin note : :

Davis and the René Urtreger Quartet made this trip to Amsterdam during the otherwise-uninterrupted stay at Club St. Germain in Paris. The Celluloid LP and CD notes do not list either version of "The Theme."

Pictures of master tape from ebay auction:
OBJECT OF THIS AUCTION: Genuine master tape (reel) of the Amsterdam Concert on December 8th 1957.Featuring Miles Davis (tp), Barney Wilen (ts), René Urtreger (p), Pierre Michelot (b) and Kenny Clarke (d). Recorded and broadcasted by VARA Radio in Holland. The tape starts with an announcement in Dutch: “VARA radio recorded this concert on December 8th 1957. it contains sufficient exiting music to put together an historical 1 hour program…” 01. Woody ‘n’ You 5:03 - 02. Bags Groove 7:00 - 03. What’s New 3:38 - 04. But Not For Me 6:49 - 05. A Night In Tunisia 7:15 - 06. Four 4:28 - 07. Walkin’ 6:34 - 08. Well You Needn’t 5:26 - 09. Round About Midnight 5:33 - 10. Lady Bird 5:30 - THE WINNING BIDDER WILL RECEIVE THIS MASTER TAPE (REEL) AND A COPY OF THE DIGITAL TRANSFER ON A DVD The reel is in excellent condition and the sound quality is very good. Please refer to the transfer specialist’s technical information: “The tape in question was a 10.5 inch reel of 1/4" Agfa tape, purportedly recorded in Amsterdam on the 8th of December, 1957. The recording was done in mono at 7.5 inches per second. As there were no alignment tones on the tape, I utilized a standard MRL tape at 7.5 IPS to set the playback equalization. The playback machine was an Otari MX-5050BII. Normally, in the case of a mono tape such as this one, I would use the better sounding output (left or right) from the Otari. But for some reason, in this case the sound was always superior when I mixed the two outputs together (accomplished by busing within ProTools). The result was always fuller and less "hollow" than that of either channel on it's own. The phasing sound evident in the cymbals was apparent in the individual channels and no worse when the channels were combined, which leads me to think that this anomaly was introduced at the time of the original recording or if and when a copy was made. The converter was a Digidesign 192 set up for 24 bit/192kHz. The file format was BWF. The nominal reference level (and I say nominal because the playback level of the Otari was set "by eye") was -14dbFS. The tape was played in one pass into ProTools and the result was a single 1.97GB Broadcast File. This file was subsequently exported as a 16 bit/44.1kHz AIFF file and burned with IDs as a reference CD-A.” IMPORTANT UPDATE: Q: I found your annoncement while making a dicographic research about Barney Wilen on the net. I was his french manager between 1985 and 1996, and consequently very close from him those years. The story of this tape (and his different official or bootleg editions) remains full of mistery for the jazzfans. And of course - though kwowing that your will certainly not answer this question - I wonder who you are and how this tape is now in your hands ? What is surprising and very moving for me is that, being of course very familiar with Barney Wilen's handwriting, I am almost 100% sure that the liner notes appearing on the tape cover were written by Barney himself. Did you had any grapholigic expert evaluation on that point ? I'm sure such an evaluation could increase the value of this rare item. I'm unfortunately not in position to buy it myself, but if you have any other Barney Wilen items (like LPs, posters, etc..), please keep me informed. Sep-28-05 A: Thank you very much for this most informative question. You are not wrong by assuming that I prefer to keep your first question unanswered. All I can say is that this tape was given to me by Barney Wilen himself and that I therefore have all the reasons to believe that it is an original. Concerning Mr. Wilen's handwriting on the cover of the tape: I did not ask for a graphologist's expertise simply because I assumed that it was his.

Sam Rivers - Philadelphia 1972 & NYC 1978

A pair shows I shared previously ... just stumbled over the files, and the timing is right, since Rivers' 90th birthday took place just three days ago. He is being missed.

The vibes player in the 1972 show is being identified as Thurman Barker now:

That, of course, makes perfect sense!

And the date, usually given as Jan 1, 1972, is really just 1972 - I just updated the files and re-packed them to reflect this.

Sam Rivers Quartet
Philadelphia, PA (USA), Grendel's Lair
1972 (unknown date)

Sam Rivers - flute, soprano sax, tenor sax, piano
Dave Holland - bass, cello
Barry Altschul - drums
Thurman Barker - marimba

1. untitled improvisation (46:35) [inc]

Sound: A-
Lineage: fm> tape> cd-r> EAC(secure mode)> wav> flac(7)(asb)
(received in trade)

info source:

Note: seeded on with 1976-09-02 Amsterdam date (which was commercially released)

Sam Rivers
New York City (USA), Public Theatre
March 30, 1978

Sam Rivers - tenor & soprano sax, flutes, piano
Joe Daley - tuba
Dave Holland - bass, cello
Barry Altschul - drums

1. radio intro (0:59)
1. improvisation (65:24)
3. radio outro (0:53)

TT: 67:18

Sound: A-/B+
Lineage: WKCR-FM > cass > Peak > XXact > shn

Note from seeder:
The fade at the beginning is the way it was broadcast, same with the abrupt ending.

first of two (?) reels from that concert (from WKCR announcer on closing announcement)

:: ubu ::

Additional lineage:
SHN > WAV > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Von Freeman & Andrew Hill - 2005-03-24 - Amsterdam

I've had some Vonski up in the past ... bringing this one with Andrew Hill back.

All thanks go out to the taper and the person who shared this over on dime, many moons ago!

If you can help with the setlist, please do leave a comment.

Von Freeman & Andrew Hill Trio
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), (New) Bimhuis
March 24, 2005

Von Freeman - tenor sax
Andrew Hill - piano
John Hebert - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums

CD1/First Set/41:38
1. unknown (25:24)
2. unknown (7:43)
3. unknown (8:31)

CD2/Second Set/73:40
1. unknown > Dig (?) > Sweet Georgia Brown (31:24)
2. I'll Remember April > A Night in Tunisia
   > Ain't Misbehavin' > Lester Leaps In (42:15)

TT: 115:18

Sound: A-/B+ (Note from dime seeder: Von Freeman played often between bass and drums)
Source: Audience recording, second row in the middle
Lineage: Sony ECM 719 > Sony MZ-N710 > Audio Capture > HD > Nero Wave Editor (Normalize,Stereo) > CD Wave Editor > Flac Frontend 6

Additional lineage: CDR > EAC (secure, log) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

separated #1 and #2

Notes on the setlist:

CD1#1 Von seems to navigate through some standards or at least standards chord changes. Around 10:50 he quotes "Isn't It Romantic" for a moment.
CD1#2 is mostly a bass, then a drum solo, Hill enters at the end.
CD1#3 sounds like another standard, or possibly "Alfie" at the beginning, then goes into what sounds like an original, but at 4:45, Von goes into "Isn't It Romantic" again and stays with it, but the very final line is the "Alfie"-opening line again...
CD2#1 opens with a lengthy drum solo implicating a typically intricate Hill rhythm, Von opens quoting "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)". Later on it sounds as if he's playing "I Can't Get Started", but he continues alluding to "I Got It Bad". When Von enters again at 22:00 they go into a bop classic (Dig?), then around 24:30 Von goes into "Sweet Georgia Brown".
CD2#2 opens with a sax cadenza, leading into "I'll Remember April", after a lengthy trio segment, Von goes into "A Night in Tunisia", not without quoting "Mr. P.C." (22:14), then quoting "What Is This Thing Called Love" and possibly alluding to the fourth movement of "A Love Supreme". Following a short solo cadenza, Von goes into "Ain't Misbehavin" (31:05), at 33:00 he then goes into "Lester Leaps In"

The following was posted on dime, I think:

Sweet Georgia Brown
I'll Remember April
A Night in Tunisia
Salt Peanuts

It sort of fits with parts of the second set...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

John Zorn - Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet 1988-03-24 Bremen

Here's another new one ... got this off dime years ago, many thanks to the kind person who shared it there! Needed just a tiny bit of editing to remove gaps close to (but not at) the end of each but the final track.

Sounds is rather hot, but very listenable - and the music is smokin' hot, of course! Dig Zorn doing the voodooo ...

John Zorn's Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet
Bremen (Germany), Studio Bremen
March 24, 1988

John Zorn - alto saxophone
Wayne Horvitz - piano
Ray Drummond - bass
Bobby Previte - drums

1. Dial "S" for Sonny (11:16)
2. Minor Meeting (7:02)
3. Sonny's Crib (11:37)
4. Sonia (6:45)
5. Voodoo (17:53)
6. Something Special (9:18)
7. Melody for C (8:08)

TT: 72:03

Sound: A-
Lineage: FM? >? > CD

:: 2013-09-25/26 ::

EAC (secure, log)
Cool Edit Pro (deleted 1 second gaps occuring shortly before the end of all but the final track)
TLH > FLAC (8, asb, verify, ffP)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins - Zurich 2005

another re-up ... some more info in the previous posting

Ikue Mori / Zeena Parkins
Taktlos 2005
Zürich (Switzerland), Rote Fabrik
June 3, 2005 

Zeena Parkins - harp, electric harp, glockenspiel, electronics
Ikue Mori - laptop

01. (6:44)
02. (4:56)
03. (4:51)
04. (3:55)
05. (7:08)
06. (5:32)
07. (5:43)
08. (7:56)
09. (4:38)
10. (2:55)

TT: 54:23

Sound: A-
Lineage: Aud (front row, center) > cheap Sony mic > Minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > FLAC (asb)(8) > CDR
Additional: EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro (centred all tracks, boosted left channel +6dB) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Shared by ubu on dimeadozen in January 2009

Note: I cut out the applause because it interrupted the flow of the music (which bothered me to some extent, in the live situation as well).

Andrew Hill - Lugano 2004

This was up here before ... one of my favourite Hill recordings of more recent vintage. Might well be the complete concert - the Hill discography doesn't really help though, it only has the shorter, FM source (CD1 #3-5, CD2 #1-3, CD2 #4) listed.

Andrew Hill Quartet
Concerto Jazz Rete Due
Lugano (CH), Studio 2, RSI
March 13, 2004

Greg Tardy - tenor sax, clarinet
Andrew Hill - piano
John Hebert - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums

1. But Not Farewell (11:18)
2. unknown (13:36)
3. Dedication (10:00)
4. Cantarnos (17:35)
5. 11/8 (Theme) (0:52)

1. unknown > Ann AH (11:24)
2. unknown > Ann AH (19:44)
3. Bass Intro > Ashes (15:54)
4. 11/8 (Theme) (3:11) [splice @ 2:46]
5. unknown (14:08) [encore]

All compositions by Andrew Hill

TT: 117:46

CD1 #1-2, CD2 #4 (from splice to end), CD2#5:
Sound: A-
Source: RSI 2 "Live di mezzanotte" / 2007-08-16
Lineage: Hotbird Sat > nexus-s > HDD > BeLight > Cool Edit Pro (separating tracks) > flac (hotbird sat uses MPEG1 Layer 2/192 kbps)

CD1 #3-5, CD2 #1-3, CD2 #4 (from beginning to splice):
Sound: A/A- (stereo)
Source: RSI 2 broadcast > seeded on dime by relyles (#38309)
Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC > CDR > EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro (see editing note below) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Edits to previous (dime) source:
- cut 0:12-0:43 of CD2#3 (fm talk)
- corrected mark CD2#2/#3 (moved mark to after deleted fm talk)
- separated CD1#4 and CD1#5
- split mono applause onto end of CD2#4 (it was cut @ 2:46)

Note: some applause is missing on the tracks from the previous dime seed, the complete version (if only the digital source would have been used) would have been 118:23

Monday, September 16, 2013

John Zorn - Masada 1998-08-29 Willisau

Coincidentally, I'm getting re-acquainted with Masada after many years ... prompted by some online discussion. And I'm loving it, just as I loved it back when I first heard it - you guessed it: this radio broadcast, live from Willisau, was my first ever exposure to this group's glorious music.

If you happen to be a Masada connoisseur, please help with the setlist!

This is available both as FLAC and as MP3 (320 kbs).

John Zorn - Masada
Jazzfestival Willisau 1998
Willisau (Switzerland), Festhalle
August 29, 1998

Dave Douglas - trumpet
John Zorn - alto sax
Greg Cohen - bass
Joey Baron - drums

1. (8:21)
2. (5:01)
3. (10:48)
4. (2:26)
5. (7:09)
6. (11:54)
7. (1:40)
8. (5:00)
9. (6:53) [announcement by John Zorn at end]
10. (3:05)
11. (12:16)

TT: 74:36

Sound: A
Source: DRS 2 broadcasts
Lineage: FM > tape(s) > minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > FLAC (8,asb,verify) > CDR
Additional:  EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro (centred all files) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


I think this is the complete concert
If I remember correctly, #5-11 were broadcast live

#1-4 are taken from later a later "Jazz Live" re-broadcast (that duplicated several of the other tracks)