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Friday, February 29, 2008

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Zurich 2007

In November I had the pleasure of hearing the Turbanator live - the first time I saw one of those really heavy, fat organists in action (I've seen Larry Goldings before... not bad, but very different in style!). I posted my recording of the event on dime a while ago and mentioned that here, in a previous post. I had a couple of requests to share this show here as well, and I'm happy to have it up on RS by now, in MP3 @ 320 - so here 'tis!

The following is a quote from my earlier post:

Holy smokes! Smith was da shit, as they say!!!!!!!!

The band really got it together in the second (almost 90 minute! the first was more than an hour already) set. They did some standards (Sweet and Lovely, Willow Weep for Me, a beautiful alto feature Harlem Nocturne), the Beatles' Come Together in the funkiest ever version, and several Smith originals - great great music, loud and stinky as that kind of music ought to be! (I did some thinking and I'm quite sure Larry Goldings' Trio was the only organ group I've heard live before... now that was a whole different thing last night!)

The encore closes disc 1, as the second set + encore was too long for one CDR.

The sound rating is conservative, the sound was shitty at the concert, and I think I caught it about as good as possible with my equipment.

For this share, I re-grouped the tracks and the encore is where it belongs (at least in the tags... I notice only now that the info file doesn't reflect that change - if you want to burn this onto CDRs, you'll have to do as the info file and the setlist below shows)


And do let me know what you think about the music I post, I'd appreciate a bit more of feedback, maybe even a bit of discussion now and then!


Dr. Lonnie Smith & The Original Grooves
jazznojazz 2007
Zurich (Switzerland), Theater an der Sihl
November 3, 2007

Dr. Lonnie Smith - organ & voice
Miguel Martinez - alto sax
Martien Oster - guitar
Gijs Dijkhuizen - drums


1. Stage Intro + Dr. Lonnie Smith Warmup (2:14)
2. Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim-LeMare-Tobias) 9:34
3. Back Track (Smith) 16:29
4. The Whip (Smith) > Ann MO (17:57)
5. unknown > Ann MO (8:25)
6. Scream (Smith) 12:55

Encore from Set2
7. unknown (11:15)


1. Applause + Warmup (0:55)
2. Willow Weep for Me (Ann Ronell) 22:32 >
3. Mambo (George Shearing) > Ann MO (18:52)
4. Harlem Nocturne (Earle Hagen) 7:05
5. A Smooth One (Charlie Christian) > Ann MO (10:17)
6. Come Together (Lennon-McCartney) 16:34

TT: 155:09

Sound: B+
Source: audience recording (mono to MD)
Lineage: crappy Sony mic > MD > analogue to HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Taped, transferred & shared by ubu

This is the complete set, taped from the gallery to the side of the stage (only location where it was possible to tape at all, on the floor it was standing room only and very crowded).
I cut some atmosphere before and some applause after the encore, would have been a bit too long to fit on one disc with set 1, otherwise

Please help identifying CD1#5 and CD1#7 - both are very familiar!


Part 1 / Part 2

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alfred Jarry und die Passion als Radrennen betrachtet - WDR 3 Feature

Here's one for fans of Alfred Jarry (his "Ubu Roi" was/is one of my favourite plays, as is easy to guess). This radio feature was broadcast late last year to commemorate Jarry's 100th birthday.
It's in German, so I guess the interest for this will be limited, however I know of some people who certainly will enjoy this!

Alfred Jarry und die Passion als Radrennen betrachtet
Von Bernd Kempker

Gut bewaffnet trat Jarry der Welt entgegen. Mit Rennrad, Pistole und einer bizarr-maskenhaften Sprechweise war er die phantastischste Erscheinung unter allen Exzentrikern der Zeit. Die chauvinistische Belle Époque strotzte vor Korruption und Optimismus und las realistische Romane. Mit Don Quijote als selbstironischem Vorbild zog Jarry dagegen für ein "ergänzendes Universum" der Imagination zu Felde. Nur das Stahlross hieß Clément und nicht Rosinante, denn er war ein unwiderstehlicher Frauenverächter. Seine geistige Bewaffnung borgte Jarry von erkenntniskritischen Philosophen wie Henri Bergson oder von der Thermodynamik eines Lord Kelvin. Im Gegensatz zu seinen fortschrittsfeindlichen symbolistischen Künstlerfreunden sah er in technischen Konstruktionen unerforschte Maschinen der menschlichen Imagination. Jarrys bekannteste Erfindung neben seiner eigenen Person ist König UBU, eine Figur und ein Theaterstück, die die Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts revolutionierten. Am 1. November 1907 starb Alfred Jarry mit 34 Jahren. Sein eigentliches literarisches Werk bleibt bis heute nahezu unbekannt.

Redaktion Imke Wallefeld

Source: MP3 @ 320 kbs, from digital fm (WDR 3 Art, November 1, 2007), taped and mailed my way by a friend - note that this is likely not in the original codec (that was MP2, I assume)

Chonk, Charlie, Chonk! - king ubu presents Charlie Christian (For Europeans Only #12)

I have recently played some music by Charlie Christian again and figured why not share some of it here. My selection is neither a greatest hits nor an elaborate selection of rarities, rather just some great things (like the studio session with Lester Young and Count Basie), jams (including the famous studio jam of the Goodman band waiting for Benny to appear, as well as a lenghty jam from one of John Hammond's second "From Spirituals to Swing" concert), an encounter with Fred Astaire, and live recordings with Jerry Jerome (all of them!) and the Benny Goodman sextet.

The complete info is listed below - I did not break the music into CD chunks, as I have all of it on various CDs and will not burn this to CD myself, rather just copied it all onto my ubupod.

I hope you like the selection, and I hope you can ignore the occasional sonic problem in the live recordings. The infectuous groove Christian sets, in solo as well as in his forceful comping, is something you just have to dig, no matter about sound quality!


some useful links:


“Chonk, Charlie, Chonk!”
king ubu presents selected sides featuring



Harlem Breakfast Club, Minneapolis, Minn, September 23, 1939
Jerry Jerome, tenor saxophone; Frankie Hines, piano;
Charlie Christian, guitar; unknown, bass; unknown, drums
Note: poss. Oscar Pettiford on bass (rather not)

1. I GOT RHYTHM (G. Gershiwn-I. Gershwin) 5:59
2. STARDUST (H. Carmichael-M. Parrish) 5:42
3. TEA FOR TWO (V. Youmans-I. Caesar) 4:37
4. I GOT RHYTHM (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin) 3:37
5. I GOT RHYTHM (G. Gerhswin-I. Gershwin) 3:38
6. TEA FOR TWO (V. Youmans-I. Caesar) 5:00

ASCAP’s 25th Anniversary Program
Carnegie Hall, New York, October 6, 1939
Benny Goodman, clarinet, leader; Lionel Hampton, vibes;
Fletcher Henderson, piano; Artie Bernstein, bass; Nick Fatool, drums

7. FLYING HOME (L. Hampton-B. Goodman-E. DeLange) 3:53
8. STARDUST (H. Carmichael-M. Parrish) 2:32

“Camel Caravan” Program, NBC Radio Network
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, October 7, 1939

9. MEMORIES OF YOU (E. Blake-A. Razaf) 3:14

“Columbia Records Present: Young Man With A Band”, Mutual Radio Network
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, October 9, 1939

10. ROSE ROOM (IN SUNNY ROSELAND) (A. Hickman-H. Williams) 3:02

“Camel Caravan” Program, NBC Radio Network
Radio City Studios, New York, October 14, 1939

11. AC-DC Current (C. Christian-L. Hampton-B. Goodman) 2:25

Sustaining Broadcast, Mutual Radio Network
Waldorf Astoria Hote, New York, October 16, 1939

12. FLYING HOME (L. Hampton-B. Goodman-E. DeLange) 3:10

“Camel Caravan” Program, NBC Radio Network
New York, October 28, 1939

13. ROSE ROOM (A. Hickman-H. Williams) 3:37

“Camel Caravan” Program, NBC Radio Network
New York, November 18, 1939

14. SOUTH OF THE BORDER (M. Carr-J. Kennedy) 3:32

New York, November 22, 1939
Benny Goodman, clarinet, leader;
Ziggy Elman, Jimmy Maxwell, Johnny Martel, trumpets;
Red Ballard, Vernon Brown, Ted Vesely, trombones;
Toots Mondello, Buff Estes, alto saxophones;
Bus Bassey, Jerry Jerome, tenor saxophones;
Fletcher Henderson, piano, arranger; Arnold Covey, guitar;
Artie Bernstein, bass; Nick Fatool, drums

15. HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (A. Razaf-T. “Fats” Waller) 3:03

Second of John Hammond’s “From Spirituals To Swing”
Carnegie Hall, New York, December 24, 1939
Buck Clayton, Shad Collins, Harry Edison, Ed Lewis, trumpets;
Dicky Wells, Benny Morton, Dan Minor, trombones;
Earle Warren, alto saxophone;
Lester Young, Buddy Tate, tenor saxophones;
Jack Washington, baritone saxophone;
Count Basie, Pete Johnson, Joe Sullivan, piano;
Freddie Green, guitar; Walter Page, Artie Bernstein, bass;
Jo Jones, Nick Fatool, drums

16. OH, LADY BE GOOD (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin) 10:40
(solo order: Basie, Young, Sullivan, Christian, Edison, Johnson, Page, Christian)

JAM SESSION (Waitin’ for Benny)
New York, March 23, 1940
Cootie Williams, trumpet; George Auld, tenor sax;
Johnny Guarnieri, piano; Artie Bernstein, bass; Dave Tough, drums

17. JAM SESSION (21:02)
a) RIFFIN’ AROUND (unknown) 3:31
b) WAITIN’ FOR BENNY (A SMO-O-O-OTH ONE) (B. Goodman) 3:37
d) ROSE ROOM (A. Hickman-H. Williams) 4:01
e) I HADN’T ANYONE TILL YOU (R. Noble) 1:59
f) BLUES IN B (J. Guarnieri-C. Christian) 1:34

Columbia Recording Session
Los Angeles, Cal, April 30, 1940
Fred Astaire, vocals, tap dance; Benny Goodman, clarinet, leader;
Jimmy Maxwell, Ziggy Elman, Irving Goodman, trumpets;
Red Ballard, Vernon Brown, Ted Vesely, trombone;
Toots Mondello, Les Robinson, alto saxophones;
Bus Bassey, Jerry Jerome, tenor saxophones;
Johnny Guarnieri, piano; Artie Bernstein, bass; Nick Fatool, drums

(solo order: Goodman, Astaire, Goodman, Hampton, Goodman, Astaire, Goodman, Mondello)

omit Astaire, add Helen Forrest, vocals; Les Hite, arranger

19. LI’L BOY LOVE (F. Loesser-F. Hollaender) 3:01

Los Angeles, June 25, 1940
Benny Goodman, clarinet, leader;
Jimmy Maxwell, Ziggy Elman, Irving Goodman, trumpets;
Red Ballard, Vernon Brown, Ted Vesely, trombones;
Toots Mondello, Les Robinson, alto saxophones;
Bus Bassey, Jerry Jerome, tenor saxophones;
Johnny Guarnieri, piano; Artie Bernstein, bass; Dave Tough, drums
Eddie Sauter, arranger

20. LI’L BOY LOVE (F. Loesser-F. Hollaender) 3:00

New York, October 28, 1940
Buck Clayton, trumpet; Benny Goodman, clarinet (except on #1);
Lester Young, tenor saxophone; Count Basie, piano;
Walter Page, bass; Jo Jones, drums

21. AD LIB BLUWS (Improvisation) 3:23
22. WHOLLY CATS (B. Goodman) 3:16
23. CHARLIE’S DREAM (C. Basie-L. Young) 3:15
24. I NEVER KNEW (T. Fiorito-G. Kahn) 3:00
25. LESTER’S DREAM (C. Basie-L. Young) 3:17

New York, March 4, 1941
Benny Goodman, clarinet, leader;
Alec Fila, Jimmy Maxwell, Cootie Williams, Irving Goodman, trumpets;
Lou McGarity, Cutty Cutshall, trombones;
Skippy Martin, Gus Bivona, alto saxophones;
George Auld, Pete Mondello, tenor saxophones;
Johnny Guarnieri, piano; Artie Bernstein, bass; Dave Tough, drums
Jimmy Mundy, arranger

26. SOLO FLIGHT (C. Christian-J. Mundy-B. Goodman) 2:48

Minton’s Playhouse, New York, May 8, 1941
Oran “Hot Lips” Page, Joe Guy, trumpets;
Rudy Williams, alto saxophone;
Don Byas, Kermit Scott, tenor saxophones;
"Tex", piano; Nick Fenton, bass; Kenny Clarke, drums

27. STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY (E. Sampson-C. Webb-B. Goodman-A. Razaf) 10:21
(solo order: Guy, Scott, Page, Christian, Guy, Williams, Guy, Byas, Page, Guy)

“Monte Proser Dance Carnival”, Mutual Radio Network
Madison Square Garden, New York, June 1941
prob. Benny Goodman, clarinet, leader; Cootie Williams, trumpet;
Georgie Auld, tenor saxophone; Johnny Guarnieri, piano;
Walter Iooss, bass; Nick Fatool, drums
Note: this might be Christian's last known recording

28. STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY (E. Sampson-C. Webb-B. Goodman-A. Razaf) 1:45 [inc]


Part 1 / Part 2

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Franziska Baumann & Matthias Ziegler - Schaffhausen 2006 (FLAC)

There has been some demand for more freely improvised stuff up here, so this is a first show I offer here, another one, by Veryan Weston, will soon be ready, too.

There's a bit of info on this duo, also known as "Voices and Tides", on the homepage of Franziska Baumann's. Baumann and Matthias Ziegler also have a disc out on Leo Records, called "Voices and Tides". What I offer here is one of their live shows, from the 2006 edition of the jazz festival in the beautiful city of Schaffhausen, which is mostly dedicated to present Swiss bands and projects.


Franziska Baumann & Matthias Ziegler
Jazzfestival Schaffhausen 2006
Schaffhausen (CH), Kulturzentrum Kammgarn
May 10, 2006

Franziska Baumann - voice, electronics
Matthias Ziegler - flutes, electronics

*** complete concert ***

FM intro (2:21)
1. Improvisation (9:47)
2. Improvisation (6:42)
3. Improvisation (4:46)
4. Improvisation (2:52)
5. Improvisation (4:50)
6. Les choses perdues (Improvisation) 4:17
FM outro (0:18)

TT: 35:56

Sound: A
Source: DRS 2 "Jazz Live" / 2006-07-28
Lineage: FM > (tape? >) minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Taped, transferred & seeded by ubu

File 1 / File 2

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Horace Silver Quartet feat. Lou Donaldson - Live in NYC, 1953

Pardon the long gaps between posts - I'm just too busy in real life, and that will not change all that soon, so I can't promise that posts will appear faster in the weeks to come, sorry!
For now though, one more thing is ready and uploaded, so come back in a couple of days for a second new post!

This here is rather exciting - boots from those days are very rare, and all the more I'm glad the seeder who put up this show on dime allowed me to post it here. He recommended using the Ogg-format, which allows for less compression/loss of quality than MP3, and I followed his wish, so this comes in three files.

Horace Silver, January 19, 1956 (photo by Bob Parent)


Horace Silver
New York City (USA)
September 14, 1953

Lou Donaldson - alto saxophone
Horace Silver - piano
Jimmy Schenk - bass
Lloyd Turner - drums

1. You Go to My Head - 4:01
2. Rifftide - 12:09
3. Ann HS > Things We Did Last Summer - 6:32
4. I'll Remember April - 14:26 [cuts in]
5. Lou's Blues (in two parts) - 19:06
6. Billie's Bounce - 14:35
7. The Way You Look Tonight - 8:12 [fade-out]

TT: 79:06

Sound: A-/B+
Source: Radio broadcast
Lineage: Broadcast >reel >cass >Goldwave >CD Wave >CDR >EAC (secure) >FLAC Frontend (level 6, SBE OK). Burned to CDR, ripped in EAC (secure - log included), then encoded to Ogg at highest bitrate for this share
Links in comments as usual.