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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Horace Silver Quartet feat. Lou Donaldson - Live in NYC, 1953

Pardon the long gaps between posts - I'm just too busy in real life, and that will not change all that soon, so I can't promise that posts will appear faster in the weeks to come, sorry!
For now though, one more thing is ready and uploaded, so come back in a couple of days for a second new post!

This here is rather exciting - boots from those days are very rare, and all the more I'm glad the seeder who put up this show on dime allowed me to post it here. He recommended using the Ogg-format, which allows for less compression/loss of quality than MP3, and I followed his wish, so this comes in three files.

Horace Silver, January 19, 1956 (photo by Bob Parent)


Horace Silver
New York City (USA)
September 14, 1953

Lou Donaldson - alto saxophone
Horace Silver - piano
Jimmy Schenk - bass
Lloyd Turner - drums

1. You Go to My Head - 4:01
2. Rifftide - 12:09
3. Ann HS > Things We Did Last Summer - 6:32
4. I'll Remember April - 14:26 [cuts in]
5. Lou's Blues (in two parts) - 19:06
6. Billie's Bounce - 14:35
7. The Way You Look Tonight - 8:12 [fade-out]

TT: 79:06

Sound: A-/B+
Source: Radio broadcast
Lineage: Broadcast >reel >cass >Goldwave >CD Wave >CDR >EAC (secure) >FLAC Frontend (level 6, SBE OK). Burned to CDR, ripped in EAC (secure - log included), then encoded to Ogg at highest bitrate for this share
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ubu said...

Baby Breeze said...

A magnificent set, both for the playing and its (former) rarity. Highly recommended.

jb said...

Looks solid. Thanks for the recommendation, too.

hulaboy said...

Many thanks, Ubu!

Otis Foster said...

ubu - quite a find. Thanks for sharing it.