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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Real Sounds - BBC Sessions 1987 & 1989

A re-up - gorgeous music!

Real Sounds of Africa (Zimbabwe) - BBC Sessions 1987 & 1989
Andy Kershaw Sessions (BBC Radio One)
Broadcast September 1987 (#1-4) & January 19, 1989 (#5-8)
#1-4: recording date unknown
#5-8: recorded December 1, 1988

1. Poto (4:58)
2. Dynamos vs Caps (7:43)
3. Marume (5:37)
4. Sophie (7:54)   
5. Oye Oye (4:10)
6. Umwele zele (5:39)
7. Maginga (5:20)
8. Maifa (5:36)

TT: 46:57

Sound: A/A- (first session in mono)
Lineage: Marantz tuner > Sony TC-WE435 cassette  deck > TDK SA90 cassettes > Cool Edit 2000 (normalised and cleaning up beginnings/ends of songs) > CDWave > TLH 1.1.1 flac level 6 > you

Friday, August 07, 2015

The Wrapper - what's still around ...

I wanted to do this for a while ... as it says this blog's dormant, people are unlikely to find those past posts that are still active. Compiling it all:

Lester Young - The Complete Live and in Chronological Order
check the post on top of the blog for more

Garrison Fewell/John Tchicai/Paolino Dalla Porta - Lugano 2006
a trio by the late Garrison Fewell (guitar) and the lamented great John Tchicai (tenor) with Paolino Dalla Porta on bass - check here

Charlie Haden/John Taylor - Cully 2010
here is more by the late great Charlie Haden, with a wonderful british piano player that has, alas, in the meantime left us as well

Charlie Haden/Hank Jones - Montréal 2008
more Haden here, this time with the piano player I consider his perfect duo partner, Hank Jones - this is an AUD recording, but sound is fine

Martial Solal Trio & Hank Jones - Vienne 2009
look here for one of the very few true heirs to Art Tatum with his trio and a very special guest from Detroit

Ahmad Jamal Trio - Paris 1971
more than an hour in FM quality by his trio with Jamil Nasser and Frank Gant here

Hampton Hawes - Paris 1971
from the same days as the Jamal ... check out the great but underrated piano warrior from the West Coast here

Jimmy Smith - Chicago 1981
some burning hot stuff from the master, with an all stars band including Junior Cook, Lou Donaldson, Bill Hardman, Ray Crawford and Kenny Dixon - burn your ears here

Bobby Hutcherson/Harold Land - Hamburg 1970
only one set is still around of this once large post featuring unreleased music by the quintet of Bobby Hutcherson and Harold Land, another warrior from the West

Barry Altschul - Nancy 1977
check out the great drummer in a quartet with Byard Lancaster, George Lewis and Dave Holland here

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre - Nancy 1977
find the companion piece to the Altschul set here ... with Ahmed Abdullah, Brian Smith and veteran Charli Persip

Carla Bley Plays Christmas Carols - Berlin 2008
out of season right now, sure, but that part of the will return ... here

James Brown - Paris 1967
the hardest working man in show business with what from a jazz perspective was certainly his finest band ever ... one hell of a great show - get at own risk here

Amy Winehouse - Arendal 2007
the unlucky oddball with the great voice in a fine show here

Cecil Taylor - Berlin 1969
some serious shit here - with Jimmy Lyons (of course!), Sam Rivers (yeah!) and Andrew Cyrille, the only survivor of the foursome, and a true master of drums

there is, finally some stuff by the Dark Magus, too (recognize him at 8 years?), Selim Sivad that is ... the fine concert from 1957 with Barney Wilen can be found here and, to offer a new show, exclusively here, not shared before, check out the Scheveningen 1960 set in full (Sony only gave us the - terrific - opener which is duplicated here, most certainly in lesser sound - that's the link right there, info is included).

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Garrison Fewell/John Tchicai/Paolino Dalla Porta - Lugano 2006

Long time no postings ... some old stuff still available, but here's a new one, of which alas I've not run accross any better version than this, my own, taped off a mono radio (one of those Tivoli ones, very good sound, but mono nonetheless) onto minidisc (yeah, really, it's been a while).

This is dedicated to Garrison Fewell who died much too young early in July, and to John Tchicai, who once spent an afternoon at my kitchen table, generously answering whatever odd questions about a distant past I shot at him.

May the music live on!

Read this and check out the photos of Fewell and Tchicai.

And don't forget to grab your copy of their wonderful LP "Tribal Ghosts" (Tchicai and Fewell with Charlie Kohlhase, Cecil McBee and Billy Hart) on NoBusiness.

Garrison Fewell - John Tchicai - Paolino Dalla Porta
Lugano (Switzerland), Studio 2, RSI
March 18, 2006

John Tchiai - tenor saxophone
Garrison Fewell - guitar
Paolino Dalla Porta - bass

1. unknown (John Tchicai) 7:15
2. unknown (Garrison Fewell) 9:05
3. Cosmological Arguments (John Tchicai) 2:14
4. unknown (John Tchicai) 4:04
5. The Queen of Ra (Garrison Fewell) 10:48
6. Game Number Seven (Paolino Dalla Porta) 4:43

TT: 38:11

Source: RSI 2 "Concerto Jazz" / 2006-07-16
Lineage: FM (mono) > Minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Note: radio announcements were deleted from the actual listening edit, but I've included them, hoping for some more track IDs - please comment if you can help!