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Monday, March 15, 2010

Walter Norris & Red Mitchell - Rotterdam 1976

One more short set, by the great Walter Norris with Red Mitchell. If you want to hear more by Norris, reach for Ornette's "Something Else" to hear some early playing, or check him out with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis band, or best, get "Drifting" (Enja, rec. 1974), a stellar duo set with George Mraz.

Walter Norris & Red Mitchell
Rotterdam (The Netherlands), De Doelen
June 20, 1976

Walter Norris - piano
Red Mitchell - bass

1. Drifting (6:57)
2. Thumbs (6:10)
3. Falling in Love With Love (6:26)

TT: 19:34

Sound: A
Source/Lineage: FM(rebroadcast)>Pioneer PDR-W839 cd-rec.>Fairstairs-rip>flac

:: ubu edits ::
fixed marks (#1/#2 was late, #2/#3 was early)
added fade-out at end of #3
Additional lineage: FLAC > TLH > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > TLH > FLAC (8,SBE fixed)

Sonny Rollins - NYC 1965

Short sets days today... next one is Sonny Rollins in his prime, with Herbie Hancock at the piano! Sound is less than great, but it's pretty listenable after all the work and after goody's speed fix! Thanks mate!

Two other Rollins shows were previously posted here and here.
I'll have another recent Rollins set up here as well soon.

Sonny Rollins
New York City (USA), Half Note
April 30, 1965

Sonny Rollins - tenor sax
Herbie Hancock - piano
Herman Wright - bass
Beaver Harris - drums

1. Radio Intro (0:41)
2. There Will Never Be Another You (15:15)
3. My One Only Love (6:19)
4. Three Little Words (4:33) [inc]

TT: 26:51

Sound: A-/B+
Source: ABC radio broadcast (Alan Grant's "Portraits in Jazz")

:: ubu edits ::

the left channel was at lower volume and very muffled
deleted it and used right channel only

Additional lineage: FLAC > TLH > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > TLH > FLAC (8)
SBE's checked >

:: goody's additional lineage ::

dBpoweramp (WAV) > Cool Edit Pro (Pitch Bender -79 cents) > TLH (FLAC Level 8, ffp)
79 cents sharp

George Coleman - Perugia 1983

Here's a fine short set by George Coleman with one of his finest piano accompanists, the late Ronnie Mathews, who is featured on his own "Jean Marie" at the end.

Thanks a lot to Trane (aka sparti) for trading this (and a huge load of other fine shows) to me!

Photo by Mark Sheldon

George Coleman Quartet
Umbria Jazz
Perugia (Italy), Teatro Pavone
July 14, 1983

George Coleman - tenor sax
Ronnie Mathews - piano
Walter Booker - bass
Hugh Walker - drums

1. When Lights Are Low (Benny Carter) 12:39
2. Blues Inside Out (George Coleman) 6:35 [fm voiceover at beginning]
3. Jean-Marie (Ronnie Mathews) 9:25 [RM trio, fm voiceover at beginning]

TT: 28:40

Sound: A/A-
Source: FM Radio

:: ubu edits ::
deleted fm talk before and after #1
deleted fm talk after #2
fixed mark 2/3 (was set too late)
deleted fm talk after #3
Additional Lineage: TLH > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > TLH > FLAC (8,asb)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Rosario Giuliani - Fribourg 2009

Here's the second contribution from Lewojazz - thanks again!

This recording features the great Italian alto saxophonist Rosario Giuliani. He's accompanied by fellow Italians Flavio Boltro on trumpet, the great Dado Moroni on piano (I once had a chance to hear him at a private party - great musician!), and the French rhythm section of Rémi Vignolo and Benjamin Henocq. A mighty fine band, playing modern mainstream, very "in the pocket" and with plenty of groove - check them out even if you're not familiar with any of the musicians!

Rosario Giuliani Quintet
Jazz Parade
Fribourg (Switzerlad)
July 8, 2009

Rosario Giuliani - saxophone
Flavio Boltro - trumpet
Dado Moroni - piano
Rémi Vignolo - bass
Benjamin Henocq - drums

01 - DJ -Yvan Ische 01:10
02 - Anything else 12:00
03 - DJ -Yvan Ischer 00:18
04 - This is the answer 13:16
05 - DJ -Yvan Ischer 00:12
06 - Bora bora 14:11
07 - DJ -Yvan Ischer 00:41
08 - A winter day 11:44
09 - DJ -Yvan Ischer 00:11
10 - Walkin' around 09:58
11 - Walkin' around + talk 03:41
12 - DJ -Yvan Ischer 00:32
13 - Interview - Yvan Ischer - Rosario Giuliani 05:23

TT: 73:17
TT (without DJ+ITW): 64:50

Broadcast: Espace 2 "JazzZ" / 2010-02-28 (link)
Source: dvb-s > Humax PVR8000 / DVR Studio > mp2 > mp3DirectCut 2.08 > mp2
MPEG 1.0 Layer-2; 48,000 Hz Stereo; 256 Kbps

Recorded and edited by Lewojazz

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cholet-Känzig-Papaux - Fribourg 2009

This was up for a minute on dime a couple of days ago but was banned for a silly reason - the final seconds of the tracks, where the applause or music is faded, was changed to WAV for editing, and then encoded back to MP2... this makes for most enjoyable listening, but it's a breach of dime rules... the seeder has kindly allowed me not only to share this fine set here, but also the set by Rosario Giuliani from Jazzparade 2009.

Thanks a lot to Lewojazz for sharing these two sets with us!

The trio Cholet-Känzig-Papaux (sometimes referred to as ChoKaPa) has been featured here before, in collaboration with the late great Charlie Mariano. I hope you'll enjoy them on their own as well!

Jazz Parade
Fribourg (Switzerland)
July 15, 2009

Jean-Christophe Cholet - piano
Heiri Kanzig - bass
Marcel Papaux - drums

01 - Espace2 - DJ 00:26
02 - Beyond the Circle 06:40
03 - Espace2 - DJ 00:08
04 - Unknown 08:03
05 - Espace2 - DJ 00:08
06 - Half Moon In A Blue Sky 08:52
07 - Espace2 - DJ 00:07
08 - Indian's step 07:06
09 - Espace2 - DJ 00:11
10 - Unknown 06:48
11 - Espace2 - DJ 00:08
12 - Rek Rap 03:40
13 - Espace2 - DJ 00:17
14 - Somme Song 05:42
15 - Espace2 - DJ 00:10
16 - Like A Gospel 05:58
17 - Espace2 - DJ 00:28
18 - Monte Grona 05:36
19 - Espace2 - DJ 00:20

TT: 60:48
TT (without DJ): 58:25

Broadcast: Espace Deux "JazzZ" / 2010-03-01 (link)
Source: dvb-s > Humax 8000 / DVR Studio > mp2 > mp3DirectCut 2.08 > mp2 >
Applause-Fades with AudioEdit Deluxe 4.10 > mp2
MPEG 1.0 Layer-2; 48,000 Hz Stereo; 256 Kbps

Recorded and edited by Lewojazz

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bobby Hutcherson & Tete Montoliu - Köln 1991

More great piano playing, this time by Catalanian pianist Tete Montoliu, in duo with vibes player Bobby Hutcherson.
A friend of mine maintains a great discography of Tete's recordings, and there's Miquel Jurado's book "Tete. Casi Autobiografia" (Madrid, 2005 - in Catalan only, I'm afraid).
In the discography, you'll see that Tete and Hutcherson played Bracknell in 1983 and did a 1984 session for Fantasy, recording enough for two albums - none of it has surfaced, alas (and with Concord owning that huge catalogue, things are lost and down the drain anyway).
This 1991 radio recording - coming in exceptionally good quality - from Cologne then is probably the best document we'll get from their collaboration. A truly sparkling session!

Bobby Hutcherson & Tete Montoliu
Köln (Germany), Subway Jazz Club
November 6, 1991

Bobby Hutcherson - vibraphone
Tete Montoliu - piano

1. Mr. P.C. (John Coltrane) > In Walked Bud (Thelonious Monk) 7:19
2. Misterioso (Thelonious Monk) 8:22
3. Well, You Needn't (Thelonious Monk) 8:16
4. Theme For Ernie (Fred Lacey) 6:51
5. Just a Gigolo (Casucci-Caesar) > April in Paris (Vernon Duke) 7:29
6. Blues Five Spot (Thelonious Monk) 6:44
7. Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk) 2:16
8. Rhythm-A-Ning (Thelonious Monk) 6:34
9. All of You (Cole Porter) 8:31

TT: 62:26

Sound: A
Source: FM broadcast or pre-FM reel

This is a complete upgrade over the version I previously had put to CD-R from an FM >DAT source. The sound is perfect and there are no interruptions from the announcer, thus leading me to believe that this could be direct from the soundboard or pre-FM source.
This is true spontaneous improvisation by two giants highly attuned to each other. Essential

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Randy Weston - Chicago 1984 (with Johnny Griffin, Richard Davis & Art Blakey)

Quite an all star band on this one... you get Randy Weston doing three solo pieces, then a great take of "Niger Mambo" in duo with Art Blakey at the traps, followed by a tenor/bass duo of Griff & the amazing Richard Davis ("Body and Soul" - what else?), and finally they all get together for some blowing on "Now's the Time" and "Wee".

Needless to say I was all over this when it was up on dime... long story, I lost it, got it back (in trade from jazzrita - thank you!) and did the usual editing. It's one of my favourites, that's for sure!

Randy Weston
Jazz Festival
Chicago, IL (USA)
September 2, 1984

Johnny Griffin - tenor sax
Randy Weston - piano
Richard Davis - bass
Art Blakey - drums

1. Announcement by Randy Weston (0:29)
2. Night in M'Bari (5:51) [RW solo]
3. The Healers (8:39) [RW solo]
4. Penny Packer Blues (6:08) [RW solo]
5. Announcement by Randy Weston / FM voiceover (0:48)
6. Niger Mambo (7:53) [RW/AB duo]
7. Announcement by Randy Weston & Johnny Griffin > tuning (1:50) [cuts in]
8. Body and Soul (11:40) [JG/RD duo]
9. Now's the Time (9:38) [quartet]
10. Wee (5:21) [quartet]

TT: 58:24

Sound: A-
Source: radio broadcast

:: ubu edits & note ::

In the info I got the setlist was wrong (The Healers, Penny Packer Blues, Ann, Night in M'BariWeston announces #1 as being Night in M'Bari > The Healers > Penny Packer Blues!

Retracked whole show
Deleted silence & added fade-in at beginning of #1
Split up #2-7 (was #2)
Added a fade-out before the dropout at the end of #6
Merged tuning with #7 (was #3)
Deleted a bit of duplication before and after a dropout at end of #8
Split up #9-10 (was #5)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Danilo Perez - Glasgow 1997

Pianist Danilo Perez, born 1966 in Panama, was a small sensation in 1996 with his "PanaMonk" album, interpreting Monk tunes to Latin rhythms. Perez has been a member of Wayne Shorter's terrific quartet since 2000 and continues to work with the rejuvenated master saxophonist.

Here's an earlier set by his trio. I got this one from dime many years ago and had it on my harddisk awaiting to be edited for a long time... this set features him with Avishai Cohen on bass and the great Jeff Ballard on drums.

Danilo Perez Trio
Glasgow Jazz Festival
Glasgow (UK)
July 1997

Danilo Perez - piano
Avishai Cohen - bass
Jeff Ballard - drums

1. Blues for the Saint (8:16)
2. Bright Mississippi (Thelonious Monk) 8:18
3. 'Round Midnight (Monk-Hanighen-Williams) 10:51
4. Everything Happens to Me (10:50)
5. Alfonsina y el mar (4:46)
6. Panamonk (Danilo Perez) 12:08

TT: 55:12

Sound: A-
Source: BBC Radio 3 broadcast
No lineage info

:: ubu edits ::
fixed all marks
ran a de-click filter
added fades at beginning and end
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)