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Monday, March 15, 2010

George Coleman - Perugia 1983

Here's a fine short set by George Coleman with one of his finest piano accompanists, the late Ronnie Mathews, who is featured on his own "Jean Marie" at the end.

Thanks a lot to Trane (aka sparti) for trading this (and a huge load of other fine shows) to me!

Photo by Mark Sheldon

George Coleman Quartet
Umbria Jazz
Perugia (Italy), Teatro Pavone
July 14, 1983

George Coleman - tenor sax
Ronnie Mathews - piano
Walter Booker - bass
Hugh Walker - drums

1. When Lights Are Low (Benny Carter) 12:39
2. Blues Inside Out (George Coleman) 6:35 [fm voiceover at beginning]
3. Jean-Marie (Ronnie Mathews) 9:25 [RM trio, fm voiceover at beginning]

TT: 28:40

Sound: A/A-
Source: FM Radio

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deleted fm talk before and after #1
deleted fm talk after #2
fixed mark 2/3 (was set too late)
deleted fm talk after #3
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ubu said...

listen here
(FLAC + info)

sasha said...

What a fantastic line-up..Wow I just love me some Ronnie Matthews..And Jean Marie is a great waltz..Woody Shaw had a taste for it too..Many thanks as always man!