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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Randy Weston - Birmingham 1991

Randy Weston's one of my very favourites! I've had the pleasure of seing him live one and a half years ago, in trio with Alex Blake and Neil Clarke.
Here's a stunning show with his African Rhythms Quintet and Gnawa Musicians, shared on dime by dsgtrane, edited by yours truly. The original seed also included the Geri Allen show I posted yesterday.

Randy Weston's African Rhythms
Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham (UK)
February 20, 1993

Benny Powell - trombone
Talib Kibwe - soprano & alto sax, flute
Randy Weston - piano
Stafford James - bass
Neil Clark - percussion

Gnawa musicians - percussion, vocals (CD1#1 & CD2#5)

1. Blue Moses (Weston) > Ann RW (16:55)
2. African Cookbook (Weston) 24:30

1. A Night In M'Bari (Weston) 7:31 [p-solo]
2. Hi-Fly (Weston) [p-solo] > Ann RW (6:53)
3. The Healers (Weston) > Ann RW (16:39)
4. African Sunrise (Weston) 16:15
5. Lala Amir > Ann RW (8:31)
6. African Village/Bedford Stuyvesant (Weston) 8:49

TT: 105:54

Sound: A/A-
Source: BBC broadcaste
No lineage info

:: ubu edits ::

moved announcements to end of preceeding tracks
fixed marks
moved disc-split to set break, spliced/fixed applause (@ 15:43)
(was #1-5 and #6-8 with Geri Allen bonus)

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Allen Toussaint - Piano Jazz (w/Elvis Costello, NYC 2009)

This is kind of a bonus to the two Professor Longhair posts - more New Orleans music and plenty of insight! A very enjoyable "Piano Jazz" show!

Toussaint's recent release Bright Mississippi is most highly recommended!

Allen Toussaint (interviewed by Elvis Costello)
Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz
New York, NY (USA), Manhattan Beach Studios
April 17, 2009

Allen Toussaint - piano & vocals

1. intro/interview - AT's early introduction to the piano (7:31)
2. sample of Professor Longhair's playing (0:32)
3. AT talks about Toots Washington/Jitney (1:48)
4. illustrating Junker Blues (1:23)
5. AT talks about the growing tradition of New Orleans piano (0:13)
6. illustrating the evolution of New Orleans piano (0:39)
7. Tipitina (0:47)
8. talking about finding his voice, early songwriting (3:00)
9. illustrating saloon music (0:18)
10. talking about the song Southern Nights (1:36)
11. Southern Nights (1:37)
12. ID break (0:39)
13. AT talks about his religious upbringing and Mother In Law origins (2:37)
14. Mother In Law (1:17)
15. talking about Fortune Teller (2:00)
16. Fortune Teller (0:40)
17. ID break (0:46)
18. AT talks about recording his own material, working with The Band (10:11)
19. Solitude (2:38)
20. talking about The Bright Mississippi (4:44)
21. Singing The Blues (1:32)
22. ID break (0:45)
23. EC talks about working with AT (3:32)
24. Tipitina/Ascension Day (4:15)
25. credits (1:55)

TT: 57:10

Sound: A/A-
Lineage: Sony XDR-F1HD HD Radio tuner (WBGO, 88.3, Newark, NJ HD Radio reception) -> Sound Devices 722(@24/44.1); FLAC File processing in SoundForge Audio Studio 9.0c (Peak Level Normalize to 0db; 24->16 bit highpass triangular dither with high pass contour noise shaping); Tracked in cdwav

Recorded, mastered, and tracked by Scott Bernstein

August 26, 2009 - As part of the celebration of 30 years of Piano Jazz, Marian McPartland has asked some of her favorite musicians to guest host.

Singer-songwriter Elvis Costello sits down with music legend Allen Toussaint in this installment of Piano Jazz. Like Toussaint, Costello has crossed many genres in his career, working with the likes of producer/composer Nick Lowe, trumpet great Chet Baker, legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach and his own wife, jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall.

Toussaint is one of New Orleans' most revered musicians, working since the late 1950s as an arranger-producer while writing songs like "Working in a Coal Mine," "Southern Nights" and "Ride Your Pony." These days, he performs his music around the world, and even joined Costello to record the 2006 album The River in Reverse. In this session, Costello introduces Toussaint as "a living embodiment of the rich musical heritage of the Crescent City."

Here, Toussaint performs "Mother-in-Law," "Fortune Teller" and a very personal version of "Southern Nights," a hit single for country/pop great Glen Campbell. Toussaint takes the song back to its roots, recalling the nights when his father took him to the country to visit "the old Creole people." Then he brings his New Orleans-born rhythmic and harmonic sensibilities to the standards "Singin' the Blues," a song closely associated with Marian McPartland and her late husband, cornetist Jimmy McPartland.

The lively conversation covers early influences on Toussaint's music: jazz, blues, boogie-woogie, church music and "hillbilly music." Talk changes to the great storm Toussaint calls "the booking agent Katrina." It actually helped him move into a rewarding new phase in his career.

In the final selection, the duo plays a medley of piano legend Professor Longhair's "Tipitina" and the Toussaint-Costello song "Ascension Day." Over Toussaint's rolling, bluesy piano, Costello's lyrics paint an anguished picture of the empty streets they found shortly after Katrina, when they came to New Orleans to finish The River in Reverse. There is hope in the song's ending, though: "But I know they will return / Like they've never gone away / Come Ascension Day."

by Alfred Turner

Professor Longhair (plus Dr. John) - New Orleans 1977 (double feature)

Here's the re-post - note that the files (txt and tags) in the actual download are NOT UPDATED and that the INFO BELOW IS FIXED!

Thanks and shouts go out to lolita and davmar, as well as KingCake! Thanks for sharing and for trying to get this as right as possible!

It's been established that the first three tracks of the second show are actually the closing numbers of the first show. However, I still don't quite know what parts are by Professor Longhair and what by Dr. John... if anyone can shed more light, please step ahead!

Professor Longhair & Dr. John
New Orleans, LA (USA), Tipitina's
November 19, 1977 (Reworked)

Professor Longhair - piano, vocals, whistling

most probable line-up (thanks to KingCake - see note below):
Ronald Johnson - guitar
Reggie Scanlon or Dave Watson - bass
Earl Watson (or Shiba) - drums
Alfred "Uganda" Roberts - congas

1. Tipitana (2:16)
2. Mess Around (4:21)
3. Everyday (I Have the Blues) (7:49)
4. How Long Has That Train Been Gone (3:36)
5. Cry for You, Baby (2:51)
6. Mardi Gras in New Orleans (3:03)
7. Hey Now Baby (3:53)
8. Bald Head (4:25) [cuts in]
9. Big Chief (3:20)
10. PI Boogie (3:55)

Dr. John - piano & vocals
with unknown band
(Dr. John takes over celebrating his birthday)

11. Traveling Mood (4:55)
12. Right Place, Wrong Time (6:02)
13. Stag-O-Lee (5:26)
14. Jailbird > Down The Road > I Been Hoodood > Ooh Poo Pah Doo (20:45)

TT: 76:43

Sound: A-
Another great artist from New Orleans PL.It's a legend of the NO music.
Beautifull sound for this one and a fantastic Dr John set.
I done some work on the level adjust in some tracks with Sound Forge 9, Sbe's aligned with TLH.
There's some little pops between 2'19 and 2'28 in track 13.
I completed also the tracking list.

Thanks for the first uploader in Jan 2005,I think is a Davmar seed.
If you're like New Orleans music ,You will have to like that.
In memory of PL(Dec 19, 1918, Bogalusa, LA-Jan 30, 1980, New Orleans,LA)


ubu note / edits:

this show came with annoying 2-second gaps
I deleted them with EAC
additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > EAC > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Professor Longhair
Basement Jam
New Orleans, LA (USA)
March 16, 1977 (& November 19, 1977*) (Reworked)

Professor Longhair - piano & vocals
Dave Malone - guitar
Reggie Scanlon - bass
prob. Earl Gordon or Shiba - drums
poss. Stanley John - steel drums

*1. Jambalaya (3:48)
*2. Instrumental(?) (4:25)
*3. It's My Own Fault, Darling (6:05)
4. Big Chief (2:26)
5. Mess Around (3:43)
6. Gone So Long (5:33)
7. Whole Lotta Loving (3:39)
8. Stag-O-Lee (3:42)
9. Everyday (I Have The Blues) (6:19)
10. Lovely Lady (2:59)

TT: 42:45

Sound: A-


*) #1-3 are from the Tipitina's, New Orleans, Nov 19, 1977.
They are the last songs of that show

Second opus of Davmar production,nice show from the early 1977's year.
I done some adjusted level with Sound Forge 9.
Sbe's aligned with TLH.
There's a little hiss on this tape and I prefer to keep the bandwich intact with no NR.

Thanks again to Davmar for his first upload ,it was in Jan 2005.



ubu note / edits:

this show came with annoying 2-second gaps
I deleted them with EAC

additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > EAC > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


#3166006 by RiverBend at 2009-03-30 07:58:08 GMT

Regarding the place, I am not an expert, however, I would guess the Basement might be referring to Tips?

I found the following info on wikipedia about radio station WWOZ

"The station began broadcasting 4 December 1980 from the tiny transmitter building in Bridge City, Louisiana beneath their shared rented broadcast tower. A few months later the broadcasts moved to the space the station had been using in a dilapidated two-room apartment upstairs from the legendary music club Tipitina's at Napoleon Avenue and Tchoupitoulas Street in Uptown New Orleans."

"When artists performing live downstairs at Tipitina's gave their permission, their performances were broadcast via a microphone lowered through a hole in the floor. When permission to broadcast live performances downstairs could not be obtained, programming went to pre-recorded reel-to-reel tapes, as the music downstairs made it too loud in the studio to talk over the microphones and the vibrations made it impossible to use the station's turntables."

I do realize the date of this recording is before the date listed in the wikipedia. It just makes me curious where the recording is from. Thanks for the great tunes


comment (by email) from KingCake (sent my way on 2009-07-19 ~ubu):

The so-called Basement Jam is kind of humorously mis-named as we don't have basements in New Orleans. This could be recorded at Fess's house were he would have semi private shows and serve/sell drinks in his double front parlor (a common feature of NO shotgun houses). The date, however, is mid march which means it is close to Mardi Gras which makes it more likely one of the smaller clubs that dotted the city. Next time I see Reggie I'll ask him but that would be my guess. The drummer is either Shiba or Earl Gordon, most likely Earl if the date is correct. By the way Reggie and Dave had already formed The Radiators by 1977 but that would have no impact on this, no one outside of NOLA knew them back then. There is a steel drummer too and even though he has some bad moments I'm guessing from the good stuff that it is Stanley John - Fess was really into steel drummers around this time and tolerated a couple of pretty bad ones until he found this guy Stanley who could actually play.

Professor Longhair - New Orleans 1979

Here's the third show by Professor Longhair, uploaded on dime by lolita - thanks a lot! These are the original FLAC files with tags added, a slightly altered info-file and new checksums (for those who care about the technical stuff...)

For all the others, this is some rolling great New Orleans music!

I'll also re-post the earlier two shows in a few minutes, since one of them had wrong info.

Professor Longhair
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Riverboat S.S. President
April 27, 1979

1. Mess Around (4:34)
2. Every Day I Have The Blues (8:33)
3. Big Chief (4:37)
4. Mardi Gras In New Orleans (3:02)
5. Tipitina (3:55)
6. How Long (Has That Train Been Gone) (5:19)
7. Got My Mojo Working (4:05)

TT: 34:08

Sound: A-
Lineage: SBD>cd(r)>Flac>Dime>You
(Level Adjusted)

Another great PL from the fantastic Jazz Festival in NO.I reajusted the level too low in the mix
with Sound Forge 9.
Thanks for the first seeder,it was in March 2005.
Enjoy the Professor

Geri Allen - London 1991

And a bit more of a mainstream one: Geri Allen, in trio with Charlie Haden and Paul Motian. This was shared as a filler to one of dsgtrane's many great Randy Weston shares on dime, quite some time ago (the Weston show will also be posted!) and I thought albeit short, it's good enough to be heard on it's own, and applied the usual bit of fixing.

Geri Allen Trio
London (UK), Queen Elizabeth Hall
November 1991

Geri Allen - piano
Charlie Haden - bass
Paul Motian - drums

4. Oblivion (5:59)
5. Sandino (6:14)
6. Shuffle Montgomery (9:08)
7. 'Round Midnight (10:20)

TT: 31:44

Sound: A/A-
Source: BBC broadcast (Weston, prob. also Allen)
No lineage info

:: ubu edits ::

fixed marks
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

George Lewis / John Carter / Bobby Bradford - live in 1978

I got this from another blog, maybe inconstantsol? Anyway: thanks a lot for sharing it, to whomever it was! I retracked the whole show, and later it turned up in yet another version on dime. This is the blog version, edited by yours truly.

George Lewis/John Carter/Bobby Bradford
unknown location (USA)
November 5, 1978

Bobby Bradford - trumpet
George Lewis - trombone
John Carter - clarinet

1. Announcement GL (1:24)
2. Shadowgraph 5 (Lewis) 12:16
3. Announcement GL (1:06)
4. Player (Lewis) > FM outro/Announcement GL (16:13)

TT: 31:00

Sound: A/A-
Source: NPR live broadcast
Lineage: RB > ? > www (FLAC) > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::


Sam Rivers - NYC 1978

Here's the third and final show by Sam Rivers, this time from 1978, with Joe Daley, Dave Holland and Barry Altschul, quite possibly the finest band Rivers ever led!

Sam Rivers
New York City (USA), Public Theatre
March 30, 1978

Sam Rivers - tenor & soprano sax, flutes, piano
Joe Daley - tuba
Dave Holland - bass
Barry Altschul - drums

1. radio intro (0:59)
1. improvisation (65:24)
3. radio outro (0:53)

TT: 67:18

Sound: A-/B+
Lineage: WKCR-FM > cass > Peak > XXact > shn

Note from seeder:

The fade at the beginning is the way it was broadcast, same with the abrupt ending.

first of two (?) reels from that concert (from WKCR announcer on closing announcement)

:: ubu ::

Additional lineage:
SHN > WAV > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Joe Maneri - Athens 2004 (r.i.p.)

Joe Maneri, the micro-tonal composer and tenor sax player, died on August 24th this year. Here's a belated tribute, a pretty good AUD tape of his trio's set at 2004's ACME. His trio consisted of son Matt Maneri on viola (Matt has played with Matthew Shipp, Roy Campbell, Joe McPhee and others) and Randy Peterson on drums.

Here's Joe's outdated website, and here's a lenghty AAJ article.

Joe Maneri
February 9, 1927, Brooklyn - August 24, 2009, Boston

Joe Maneri Trio
Athens Creative Media Encounter
Athens, GA (USA), 40 Watt Club
April 3, 2004

Joe Maneri - reeds
Mat Maneri - viola
Randy Peterson - drums

1. (31:26)
2. (20:19)

TT: 51:46

Sound: A-
Lineage: AUD > DAT > Tascam Standalone > CDR > CDR > EAC > FLAC FRONTEND > FLAC

Note: both segments are preceeded by Joe Maneri announcements

Average White Band - Funky Monday!

Here's a change of pace again... that's good once in a while!

Two seventies shows by the Average White Band - what more could you ask for? So pick up the pieces and cut the cake!

I also posted a short 70s show by Tower of Power a while back, just in case you missed it!

Average White Band
Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
September 16, 1975

Alan Gorrie - lead & background vocals, bass, guitar
Hamish Stuart - lead & background vocals, guitar, bass
Onnie McIntyre - rhythm guitar, background vocals
Steve Ferrone - drums
Molly Duncan - tenor sax
Roger Ball - alto sax

1. Cut the Cake (Gorrie/McIntosh/White) 6:47
2. School Boy Crush (Ferrone/Gorrie/Stuart/White) 8:19
3. If I Ever Lose This Heaven (Sawyer/Ware) 7:11
4. Work to Do (Isley/Isley/Isley) 5:06
5. Cloudy (Gorrie/Stuart) 6:59

1. TLC (AWB/Gorrie) 22:02
2. Pick up the Pieces (Ball/Stuart/White) 18:56
3. Person to Person (AWB/Gorrie/Stuart) 7:42
4. I Heard It through the Grapevine (Strong/Whitfield) 15:28 [encore]

TT: 98:34

Sound: A/A-

Lineage: sbd reel master > reel > dat > cd wave > flac
reel transfer by the gman '96, tracking/encoding Rob Berger

received this in a recent trade. after a few seconds of listening
this tape forced me to grab my bass for a play-along
altough I haven't heard AWB since 15 years !
so here we are with a re-seed:

last seen on dime in aug 2007
re-seeded by FBAUER 2009-05-28

:: dime comment ::

I think this was orginally recorded (and patially broadcast ) for the King Biscuit Flower Hour. I had the broadcast reels at one time, and the AWB set was abbreviated (of course). The odd thing about the original broadcast, is they were paired with Kiss. I was more interested in the Kiss part...and I am sure some of the Kiss show made it to Alive 1 with tons of added crowd noise.

Average White Band
Queens, NY (USA), Belmont Racetrack
July 23, 1978

Alan Gorrie - guitar, vocals
Onnie McIntyre - rhythm guitar, vocals
Roger Ball - keyboards, alto sax
Hamish Stuart - electric bass, vocals
Steve Ferrone - drums, percussion
Malcolm Duncan - tenor & soprano sax

1. Love Your Life (7:17)
2. Same Feeling, Different Song (5:44)
3. A Love of Your Own (5:45)
4. McEwan's Export (6:29)
5. Your Love Is a Miracle (7:05)
6. She's a Dream (5:34)
7. If I ever Lose this Heaven (8:58)
8. Pick up the Pieces (11:55)

TT: 58:48

Sound: A/A-
Source: WLIR & WPXN FM
Lineage: FM SBD (WLIR & WPXN NY) > CASS > ? > CDR (A/A-)
Transfer: CDR > EAC (secure/offset correct) > WAV > shntool > CDWave (retracked) > shntool (sector boundaries verified) >
Flac Frontend v1.7.1 (level 5) > FLAC by bcc32065 7/25/04

Here is a great AWB show from way way back: July 23, 1978.
From the venerable WLIR-FM, this set smokes. I am sorry that I have nothing more to add in terms of lineage, etc ... The original seeder's somments follow below the fold for your reference. Thank you twofthrs!
Here is what I have found about this show:


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Archives #1

Due to the change of Rapidshare's policy (inactive files associated with premium accounts will be deleted after 90 days - mentioned here, previously), here's the first post bringing back in the spotlight some old posts where the links are still good!

All links are FLAC, unless otherwise noted (as you'll see, most of the older uploads were in MP3 or live shows in original MP2 digital format).

Les Nouveaux Monstres - Lausanne 2007

Lester Young - Live and in Chronological Order (MP3)
CD1, CD2, CD3, CD4/CD5/CD6, CD7/CD8, CD9, CD10, CD11/CD12/CD13, CD14/CD15/CD16
(I just re-upped disc 9 - hope that link will be around for a while)

Sonny Simmons - Paris 1994 (MP3)
Sonny Simmons/Sunny Murray - Cambridge 1998 (MP3)

Alexander von Schlippenbach - Mainz 2007

David Liebman / Ellery Eskelin - Tübingen 2005

Oscar Peterson - Hannover 1972 (with Ben Webster) (MP3)

Blues, Boogie & Bop: The Mercury 1940s Sessions (MP3)

Dinah Washington - The Best in Blues (MP3)

Johnny Griffin - Szekesfehervar 1969 (MP3)

Horace Silver Quartet feat. Lou Donaldson - NYC 1953 (OGG)

Charlie Christian - Compilation (MP3)

Franziska Baumann & Matthias Ziegler - Schaffhausen 2006

Pork Pie - Balve 1974 (MP3)

Roland Kirk - NYC 1974 (MP3)

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Zurich 2007 (MP3)

Alfred Jarry und die Passion als Radrennen betrachtet - WDR 3 Feature (MP3)

Brötzmann/Pliakas/Wertmüller - Full Blast - Zurich 2007

Reggie Workman Solo - Zurich 2007

Yosuke Yamashita - Stuttgart 1975 (MP2)

Trio 3 & Irene Schweizer - Zurich 2007

Oliver Lake / Christian Weber / Dieter Ulrich - Zurich 2007

My South African Jazz Blindfold Test compilation (MP3)

Buddy Collette (w/James Newton & Geri Allen) - Verona 1988

I guess that should keep you busy for a while!

Sam Rivers - Amsterdam 1976

Second of three Sam Rivers posts, this features the "tuba trio" with Joe Daley and Warren Smith (read a long AAJ interview by Clifford Allen here).

Sam Rivers - The Tuba Trio
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bimhuis
September 2, 1976

Sam Rivers - tenor & soprano sax, flute, vocals
Joe Daley - tuba, euphonium, french horn, percussion, pipe
Warren Smith - drums, percussion

1. improvisation (11:51)
2. improvisation (10:37)
3. improvisation (17:09)

TT: 39:40

Sound: A-
Lineage: fm> tape> cd-r> EAC(secure mode)> wav> flac(7)(asb)
(received in trade)

info source:

Note: seeded together with Rivers 1972-01-01 Philadelphia on

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - November 19, 1976

With rapidshare having changed its policy and links getting deleted after 90 days of inactivity soon, expect a flurry of posts in the coming weeks, including "archival" posts listing all the still available links. I have plenty of files I uploaded more than 90 days ago and that had zero downloads, as I've not shared them.

Btw, wuala is no option, they allow 1-3GB for free, and 100 GB (which is what I use with RS at this time) would cost 160$ per year... that wouldn't account for new uploads. Also, with there hardly being any comment on the music, I wouldn't expect any donations to come in to cover that, so I'll just arrange and files will be deleted faster than before. And no, I'll not do re-ups all the time!

Ok, now on the good news, the music. Here's another show by Wolfgang Dauner's Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart (check out the earlier posts for more information).

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart
Stuttgart (Germany), Studio Villa Berg
November 19, 1976

Guenter Christmann - trombone
Detlef Schoenenberg - drums
Harald Bojé - synthesizer
Wolfgang Dauner - piano

1. Cave Canem (7:57)
2. Tet-Anus (10:56)
3. Sueddeutscher Rundfunk (11:45)
4. Trio One (6:42)
5. Trio Two (9:38)

TT: 47:00

Sound: A-
Source: SWF broadcast (1976)
Lineage: direct to Philips mono reeltape > CDR via sony RCD W3 > EAC > waveLab > trlilh .flac

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sam Rivers - Philadelphia 1972

Here's the first of three Sam Rivers shows from the seventies. Rivers might not be the most consistent saxophonist around, but he's certainly been around long enough to be considered a monument.

His early albums for Blue Note were collected by Mosaic Records in the nineties (and some have since returned and partly gone OOP again in Blue Note's Connoisseur and RVG Series). In the second half of the sixties, Rivers started making records for Impulse - most of those are hard to find, alas. Then he started making a flurry of albums for countless labels... quite an impossible task to keep track! Yet, there's Rick Lopez' amazing sessionography to be found on the internet.

More recently, Rivers collaborated with Jason Moran, Steven Bernstein, Reggie Workman, and Alexander von Schlippenbach. His longstanding collaborators further include Dave Holland, Barry Altschul ("Conference of the Birds" with Braxton and Altschul is a classic!), and he can be heard on classic Blue Note albums by Tony Williams and Bobby Hutcherson, as well as with Andrew Hill. His 1995 solo release "Portrait" (FMP) might be THE masterwork, in my book...

Sam Rivers Quartet
Philadelphia, PA (USA), Grendel's Lair
January 1, 1972

Sam Rivers - flute, soprano sax, tenor sax, piano
Dave Holland - bass, cello
Barry Altschul - drums
unknown - marimba

1. untitled improvisation (46:35) [inc]

Sound: A-
Lineage: fm> tape> cd-r> EAC(secure mode)> wav> flac(7)(asb)
(received in trade)

info source:

Note: seeded on with 1976-09-02 Amsterdam date.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Steven Bernstein "Diaspora Soul" -

Here's a great recording by Steven Bernstein's "Diaspora Soul". It's the only live show I have by this band. With Briggan Krauss (also part of Sex Mob), Paul Shapiro (check out his album "Twilight"!), the great Michael Blake and the Rodriguez Brothers, there's plenty of talent in this band!

Steve Bernstein's Diaspora Soul
Jazz Across the Border
Berlin (Germany), Haus der Kulturen der Welt
June 23, 2000

Steve Bernstein - trumpet, slide trumpet
Paul Shapiro - tenor sax
Michael Blake - tenor sax
Peter Apfelbaum - tenor sax
Briggan Krauss - baritone sax
Brian Mitchell - wurlitzer electric piano, organ
Tony Scherr - electric bass
Robert Rodriguez - postizo drums, percussion
EJ Rodriguez - congas, bongos, maracas, clave

1. Manishtana (10:52)
2. Chusen Kalah Mazel Tov (8:47)
3. Cha (Steven Bernstein) 6:44
4. Let My People Go (9:09)
5. Mazinka (5:54)
6. unidentified (12:18)
7. band intros > Ani Mamin (16:50)

All music arranged by Steven Bernstein
All songs traditional except where noted

TT: 70:36

Sound: A
Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > dime > CDR (data) in trade

:: ubu edits ::

fixed marks
delete fm talk at end of #6
added fade-out/fade-in at mark #6/7
added fade-out at end of #7

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

#6 is not from the CD I think
This came as from June 24, 2000, but the (deleted) announcer stated 23rd as the date!
This also came with no location (again, the announcer gave it)
And lastly, this came as SBD, but it's obvious it's from an FM broadcast...
The Bernstein announcement at the end of #3 was repeated during the opening of #7 - seems someone in the radio studio goofed when they chose and spliced the parts of the concert for broadcast.
I deleted the announcement there, as there seemed to be a splice just after it anyway!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bobby Previte - 23 Constellations, Birmingham 2004

Here's a beautiful show, originaly shared on dime by Tom_P - many thanks!

23 musical miniatures, inspired by paintings of Joan Miró, and featuring a hell of a line-up, with Lew Soloff, Ralph Alessi, Ned Rothenberg, Wayne Horvitz, and Zeena Parkins, among others!

Bobby Previte himself is certainly one of the most interesting drummer/bandleaders of recent years! I've had the pleasure of hearing him live with his great "Bump the Renaissance" band some years ago.

Bobby Previte - The 23 Constellations of Joan Miro
Birmingham, England (UK), CBSO Centre
February 6, 2004

Lew Soloff - trumpet
Ralph Alessi - trumpet
Ned Rothenberg - saxophones, clarinet
Wayne Horvitz - keyboards
Neal Kirkwood - piano
Bobby Previte - drums
John Bacon - percussion
Zeena Parkins - harp
Christian Muthspiel - conductor

1. Sunrise (2:50)
2. The Escape Ladder (2:08)
3. People At Night, Guided By The Phosphorescent Tracks Of Snails (2:39)
4. Women On The Beach (2:03)
5. Woman With Blonde Armpit Combing Her Hair By The Light Of The Stars (2:13)
6. Morning Star (2:48)
7. Wounded Personage (2:16)
8. Woman And Birds (2:12)
9. Woman In The Night (1:52)
10. Acrobatic Dancers (2:21)
11. The Nightingale's Song At Midnight And Morning Rain (2:51)
12. On the 13th, The Ladder Brushed The Firmament (2:30)
13. Nocture (2:54)
14. The Poetess (2:16)
15. Awakening In The Early Morning (2:39)
16. Toward The Rainbow (3:01)
17. Women Encircled By The Flight Of A Bird (3:45)
18. Women at the Lake Made Irredescent by the Passage of a Swan (2:01)
19. The Migratory Bird (2:12)
20. Ciphers and Constellations In Love With A Woman (2:43)
21. The Beautiful Bird Revealing The Unknown To A Pair Of Lovers (2:35)
22. The Rose Dusk Caresses The Sex Of Women And Of Birds (2:21)
23. The Passage Of The Divine Bird (3:12)
24. applause > band intros by radio announcer (0:50)

TT: 59:26

Sound: A [a bit of hum on the right channel on #13 and #14]
Source: BBC DAB (192KBps) rebroadcast (2004-08-24) > Yamaha HD recorder > CD-RW
Editing: None
Transfer: EAC > FlacFrontend (level6)


This is a re-broadcast by listener request, of a beautiful and unusual performance
of Bobby Previte's 23 Constellations, recorded in crystal clear all-digital quality
...and at a bit rate that IS allowed - Mods please note.

I believe this may have been posted on Dime some time ago in analog form with a
tape flip somewhere so this should be of interest both to listeners new and as a
sonic upgrade for those who got it last time....Enjoy!!

1. Details (and more) on the BBC Jazz on 3 website
2. Dime Mods please note, recorded before BBC dropped from 192>160KBps
As usual, no artworks - anybody?

:: ubu edits ::
deleted fm talk preceeding all tracks (giving the numbers and titles)
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anthony Braxton / Malachi Favors / Don Moye - Pavia 1984

Here's a short set featuring Anthony Braxton (I just ordered his Mosaic set, finally!) with Malachi Favors and Don Moye of the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

I did the usual bit of cleaning up, this was up on dime originally (thanks to the seeder!) - hope you'll enjoy it!

Anthony Braxton / Malachi Favors / Don Moye
Pavia (IT), Teatro Fraschini
May 7, 1984

Anthony Braxton - alto sax, flute
Malachi Favors - bass
Don Moye - drums

1. Drum solo > Impressions (Coltrane) 10:28
2. unknown (7:47)
3. unknown (2:51)

TT: 21:08

Sound: A-/B+
No lineage info

:: ubu edits:
deleted opening applause (was spliced w/gap)
added fade in at beginning of #1
deleted 2 second gaps at end of #1 and #2
deleted duplicated applause from end of #2 at beginning of #3
corrected marks

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

AUD (? not quite sure, might be FM) - quite nice quality
a short set by a very rare line-up

Monday, September 14, 2009

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - January 17, 1985

This was shared by blackforest on dime - thanks a lot!

It's one of two post-scripts to my earlier seven-part series of shows by Wolfgang Dauner's "Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart" project. The links for the whole series are still good, I just checked them!

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart
Peter Brötzmann / Albert Mangelsdorff / Wolfgang Dauner / Han Bennink
Stuttgart (Germany), poss. Villa Berg
January 17, 1985

Peter Brötzmann - baritone & tenor sax, clarinet, tarogato
Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone
Wolfgang Dauner - piano
Han Bennink - drums, percussion

1. First Attack (Dauner) 4:19
2. Sticks to come (Mangelsdorff) 8:16
3. Dropsticks (Bennink) 24:38
4. Jetzt stürzen wir wieder ab (Brötzmann) 20:32

TT: 57:45

Sound: A
Source/Lineage/Quality: FM – Maxell UDXL II 90 – R09 – Magix XXL 2008(mastering)

J.R. Monterose - 1970 / Warne Marsh - 1980 - In Copenhagen with Kenny Drew

Here's the first of the few in-circulation live shows by the great J.R. Monterose.
His discography can be found on Mike Fitzgerald's page.

The Warne Marsh part seems to be commercially available on Storyville.

Apologies for including it here, but I only just realized this has been released. It's in circulation among traders, alas. But the good news is that the Storyville disc has plenty of additional titles and hence should be an attractive buy!
I'm just sending in an order now!

J.R. Monterose with Kenny Drew [TT: 14:32]
Studio 11, Danish Radio, Copenhagen (DK)
April 30, 1970

J.R. Monterose - tenor sax
Kenny Drew - piano
Hugo Rasmussen - bass

1. Shafic (3:31)
2. My Old Flame (4:40)
3. Medium Blues (3:23)
4. Fast Blues (2:56)

Warne Marsh with Kenny Drew Trio [TT: 24:24]
Studio 11, Danish Radio, Copenhagen (DK)
Late April 1980, prob. April 21

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Kenny Drew - piano
Bo Stief - bass
Age Tanggaard - drums

5. Little Willie Leaps (Charlie Parker) 4:45
6. Easy to Love (Cole Porter) 5:11
7. Star Eyes (9:38)
8. Ornithology (B. Harris-C. Parker) 4:48

TT: 38:57

Sound: A-
Source: FM
Additional Lineage: FLAC > WAV > GoldWave > FLAC (8)(asb)

Edits (GoldWave):
- separated fm talk before #1 (15sec) (kept on back-up DVD)
- deleted fm talk before #5 (4sec)
- deleted fm talk before #6 (3sec)
- deleted fm talk before #7 (2sec)
- deleted fm talk before #8 (1sec)
- lowered volume of #8 (-3dB) - volume is clipped there, and was
much louder than #1-7, for a reason not known to me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

John Scofield - Cully 2006

This is Scofield's Ray Charles project - and possibly this concert is my favourite recording of his. I have almost a dozen of his albums but with many of them, I don't quite get in all too easily and find there to be some kind of restrain and cool about it that doesn't appeal that much to me. Not so here, this is groovy stuff, accessible, well played... a great performance!

This is one of my own modest mono-FM > minidisc captures, as far as I know, no digital-FM version has surfaced so far.

John Scofield Plays Ray Charles
Jazz Festival Cully 2006
Cully (CH), Chapiteau
March 28, 2006

John Scofield - guitar
Dean Bowman - voice
John Benitez - bass
Gary Versace - organ, keyboards
Steve Hass - drums

1. Mary Ann (8:24)
2. Ann (0:09)
3. Sticks and Stones (8:00)
4. Hit the Road Jack (10:33)
5. I Don't Need No Doctor (6:34)
6. Ann (0:15) [cuts in]
7. Georgia On My Mind (16:49)
8. Talkin' About You > I Got a Woman (13:34)
9. Ann (0:12)
10. Loosing Hand (6:33)

11. Ann (0:06)
12. What I Say > Band Intros (10:43) [fm talk at beginning]
13. Ann (0:22)
14. Unchain My Heart (5:52) [fm talk at beginning]
15. unknown (5:54)

TT: 94:10

Sound: A/A-

RSR 2 "JazzZ" / 2006-05-?? (#1,3-5,7,8,10)
RSI 2 "Concerto Jazz" / 2006-03-28 (live) (#2,6,9,11-15)

Note: the RSI live broadcast included annyoing talk by some radio guy, often continuing to talk when a new tune had started, thus this is taken from RSR 2 where possible, with additional tracks from RSI 2, which broadcast the whole concert live, except for the first track had already begun when they started broadcasting.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gianmaria Testa - Ludwigsburg 2007

A bit of a departure, this post features Italian singer/songwriter Gianmaria Testa, backed by a mighty fine band including Piero Ponzo on reeds and flute, the frequent sparring partner of Carlo Actis Dato.

As I don't really know anything about Testa but just like this show, I will shut up and let the music do the talking (yeah, I know, I know...)

Gianmaria Testa Quintet "Da Questa parte del mare"
Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele
Ludwigsburg (Germany), Karlskaserne
July 5, 2007

Gianmaria Testa - vocals, guitar
Piero Ponzo - sax, clarinet, flute
Claudio Danone - guitar
Nicóla Nigrinia - bass
Philippe Garcia - drums

1. Naufragi (m: Gianmaria Testa/l: Erri De Luca)
> Seminatori di Grano (m: Gianmaria Testa) 4:24
2. Rrock (Gianmaria Testa) 4:26
3. Forse qualcuno (Gianmaria Testa) 3:49
4. Una barca scura (Gianmaria Testa) 4:21
5. Come di pioggia (Gianmaria Testa) 5:00
6. Comete (Gianmaria Testa) 4:18
7. Il passo e l'incanto (Gianmaria Testa) 5:10
8. 3/4 (Gianmaria Testa) 4:03
9. Al mercato di porta palazzo (Gianmaria Testa) 4:26
10. La miniera (m: B.Cherubini/l: C.A.Bixio) 3:24

TT: 43:27

Sound: A
Source/Lineage: digital FM (MPEG-1 Layer 2, 256kbit/48kHz) - mp3directcut (direct cutting, no conversion)

MP2 > FLAC conversion:
MP2 > foobar > WAV @ 48 khz > BeLight > WAV @ 44.1 khz > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Von Freeman & Andrew Hill Trio - Amsterdam 2005

Here's the promised concert featuring Vonski alongside Andrew Hill's trio. I just learned that John Hebert's lastname is actually Hébert and that he's from Lousy-ana (as Illinois Jacquet used to say, he he). Not sure if he's related to THE Hébert, editor of "Le Père Duchesne"... he he he.
On drums is Nasheet Waits, son of the great Freddie Waits. Nasheet seems to be a favourite of pianists, having played for several years with Hill, Jason Moran and Fred Hersch.

So then, on we go with our little tribute to Von Freeman! Enjoy the music!

Some more music by Andrew Hill will follow as well...

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :. : . : . : . : . :

Von Freeman & Andrew Hill Trio
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), (New) Bimhuis
March 24, 2005

Von Freeman - tenor sax
Andrew Hill - piano
John Hebert - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums

CD1/First Set/41:38
1. unknown (25:24)
2. unknown (7:43)
3. unknown (8:31)

CD2/Second Set/73:40
1. unknown > Dig (?) > Sweet Georgia Brown (31:24)
2. I'll Remember April > A Night in Tunisia
> Ain't Misbehavin' > Lester Leaps In (42:15)

TT: 115:18

Sound: A-/B+ (Note from dime seeder: Von Freeman played often between bass and drums)
Source: Audience recording, second row in the middle
Lineage: Sony ECM 719 > Sony MZ-N710 > Audio Capture > HD > Nero Wave Editor (Normalize,Stereo) > CD Wave Editor > Flac Frontend 6

Additional lineage: CDR > EAC (secure, log) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

separated #1 and #2

Notes on the setlist:

CD1#1 Von seems to navigate through some standards or at least standards chord changes. Around 10:50 he quotes "Isn't It Romantic" for a moment.
CD1#2 is mostly a bass, then a drum solo, Hill enters at the end.
CD1#3 sounds like another standard, or possibly "Alfie" at the beginning, then goes into what sounds like an original, but at 4:45, Von goes into "Isn't It Romantic" again and stays with it, but the very final line is the "Alfie"-opening line again...
CD2#1 opens with a lengthy drum solo implicating a typically intricate Hill rhythm, Von opens quoting "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)". Later on it sounds as if he's playing "I Can't Get Started", but he continues alluding to "I Got It Bad". When Von enters again at 22:00 they go into a bop classic (Dig?), then around 24:30 Von goes into "Sweet Georgia Brown".
CD2#2 opens with a sax cadenza, leading into "I'll Remember April", after a lengthy trio segment, Von goes into "A Night in Tunisia", not without quoting "Mr. P.C." (22:14), then quoting "What Is This Thing Called Love" and possibly alluding to the fourth movement of "A Love Supreme". Following a short solo cadenza, Von goes into "Ain't Misbehavin" (31:05), at 33:00 he then goes into "Lester Leaps In"

The following was posted on dime, I think:

Sweet Georgia Brown
I'll Remember April
A Night in Tunisia
Salt Peanuts

It sort of fits with parts of the second set...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chet Baker & Allen Eager - Amsterdam 1982

Ever heard Chet doing a Hank Mobley tune? No? Ok, here's your chance! And the best bit of it, it's not just Chet, but Allen Eager's here, too! Read Len Dobbin's extended tribute to Allen here.

Thanks a lot to jazzrita for trading this to me, years ago!

See lexman's comment below for possible corrections!

Chet Baker/Allen Eager Quintet
Amsterdam (NL)
June 19, 1982

Chet Baker - trumpet
Allen Eager - tenor sax
Michel Graillier - piano
Jan Vogt - bass
Jon Engels - drums

1. Funk in Deep Freeze (Hank Mobley) 13:17
2. Announcement Chet Baker > Down (Kenny Dorham) 13:00
3. Mr. B (8:14)

TT: 34:30

Sound: A-/B+
Source: radio broadcast

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rashied Ali - Viersen 2008 (DVD)

Here's the second instalment of the little tribute to Rashied Ali, a short DVD recording I got off dime, by the same band you can hear in the previous post.

Read Richard Williams' Guardian obituary here.

Rashied Ali Quintet
Jazzfestival Viersen
Viersen (Germany), Festhalle
September 19, 2008

Josh Evans - trumpet
Lawrence Clark - tenor sax
Greg Murphy - piano
Joris Teepe - bass
Rashied Ali - drums

1. M.O. (21:39)

Source: Digital Satellite -> raw data to HDD -> ProjectX -> TMPGEnc DVD Author -> Video_ts;
two audio tracks:
primary: 2 channel MP2@256, secondary: AC3@384

No conversion of any kind - this is the actual very hq broadcast signal!
Reseed from rebroadcast, this time without the interview which interrupted the only tune.