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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bobby Previte - 23 Constellations, Birmingham 2004

Here's a beautiful show, originaly shared on dime by Tom_P - many thanks!

23 musical miniatures, inspired by paintings of Joan Miró, and featuring a hell of a line-up, with Lew Soloff, Ralph Alessi, Ned Rothenberg, Wayne Horvitz, and Zeena Parkins, among others!

Bobby Previte himself is certainly one of the most interesting drummer/bandleaders of recent years! I've had the pleasure of hearing him live with his great "Bump the Renaissance" band some years ago.

Bobby Previte - The 23 Constellations of Joan Miro
Birmingham, England (UK), CBSO Centre
February 6, 2004

Lew Soloff - trumpet
Ralph Alessi - trumpet
Ned Rothenberg - saxophones, clarinet
Wayne Horvitz - keyboards
Neal Kirkwood - piano
Bobby Previte - drums
John Bacon - percussion
Zeena Parkins - harp
Christian Muthspiel - conductor

1. Sunrise (2:50)
2. The Escape Ladder (2:08)
3. People At Night, Guided By The Phosphorescent Tracks Of Snails (2:39)
4. Women On The Beach (2:03)
5. Woman With Blonde Armpit Combing Her Hair By The Light Of The Stars (2:13)
6. Morning Star (2:48)
7. Wounded Personage (2:16)
8. Woman And Birds (2:12)
9. Woman In The Night (1:52)
10. Acrobatic Dancers (2:21)
11. The Nightingale's Song At Midnight And Morning Rain (2:51)
12. On the 13th, The Ladder Brushed The Firmament (2:30)
13. Nocture (2:54)
14. The Poetess (2:16)
15. Awakening In The Early Morning (2:39)
16. Toward The Rainbow (3:01)
17. Women Encircled By The Flight Of A Bird (3:45)
18. Women at the Lake Made Irredescent by the Passage of a Swan (2:01)
19. The Migratory Bird (2:12)
20. Ciphers and Constellations In Love With A Woman (2:43)
21. The Beautiful Bird Revealing The Unknown To A Pair Of Lovers (2:35)
22. The Rose Dusk Caresses The Sex Of Women And Of Birds (2:21)
23. The Passage Of The Divine Bird (3:12)
24. applause > band intros by radio announcer (0:50)

TT: 59:26

Sound: A [a bit of hum on the right channel on #13 and #14]
Source: BBC DAB (192KBps) rebroadcast (2004-08-24) > Yamaha HD recorder > CD-RW
Editing: None
Transfer: EAC > FlacFrontend (level6)


This is a re-broadcast by listener request, of a beautiful and unusual performance
of Bobby Previte's 23 Constellations, recorded in crystal clear all-digital quality
...and at a bit rate that IS allowed - Mods please note.

I believe this may have been posted on Dime some time ago in analog form with a
tape flip somewhere so this should be of interest both to listeners new and as a
sonic upgrade for those who got it last time....Enjoy!!

1. Details (and more) on the BBC Jazz on 3 website
2. Dime Mods please note, recorded before BBC dropped from 192>160KBps
As usual, no artworks - anybody?

:: ubu edits ::
deleted fm talk preceeding all tracks (giving the numbers and titles)
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

fotoworks said...

new listener here - this is a real gem, a beauty. Still listening to it and I'm a fan. Great blog - many thanks

hiller said...

thanks a lot for this!