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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Steven Bernstein "Diaspora Soul" -

Here's a great recording by Steven Bernstein's "Diaspora Soul". It's the only live show I have by this band. With Briggan Krauss (also part of Sex Mob), Paul Shapiro (check out his album "Twilight"!), the great Michael Blake and the Rodriguez Brothers, there's plenty of talent in this band!

Steve Bernstein's Diaspora Soul
Jazz Across the Border
Berlin (Germany), Haus der Kulturen der Welt
June 23, 2000

Steve Bernstein - trumpet, slide trumpet
Paul Shapiro - tenor sax
Michael Blake - tenor sax
Peter Apfelbaum - tenor sax
Briggan Krauss - baritone sax
Brian Mitchell - wurlitzer electric piano, organ
Tony Scherr - electric bass
Robert Rodriguez - postizo drums, percussion
EJ Rodriguez - congas, bongos, maracas, clave

1. Manishtana (10:52)
2. Chusen Kalah Mazel Tov (8:47)
3. Cha (Steven Bernstein) 6:44
4. Let My People Go (9:09)
5. Mazinka (5:54)
6. unidentified (12:18)
7. band intros > Ani Mamin (16:50)

All music arranged by Steven Bernstein
All songs traditional except where noted

TT: 70:36

Sound: A
Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > dime > CDR (data) in trade

:: ubu edits ::

fixed marks
delete fm talk at end of #6
added fade-out/fade-in at mark #6/7
added fade-out at end of #7

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

#6 is not from the CD I think
This came as from June 24, 2000, but the (deleted) announcer stated 23rd as the date!
This also came with no location (again, the announcer gave it)
And lastly, this came as SBD, but it's obvious it's from an FM broadcast...
The Bernstein announcement at the end of #3 was repeated during the opening of #7 - seems someone in the radio studio goofed when they chose and spliced the parts of the concert for broadcast.
I deleted the announcement there, as there seemed to be a splice just after it anyway!


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

hulaboy said...

Todah rabah!

Jer.Eps said...

Wow - love this band! Thanks!

Barak said...

Great post. Thax Ubu!
Track 6 is the traditional blessing of the candles (either Shabbat Candles or Hannuka Candles.)

ubu said...

Thanks for the additional info, Barak!

yy said...

Thanks a lot for this wonderful music.

#6 is a birthday song :)

Art said...

This looked like it could have been great, and I thank you for posting it. However, Rapidshare stinks. Among file share providers, it is the worst.

The speed is slow and intermittent. It requires the most wait between parts of a multipart download. It often gives the message that there are no remaining download slots.

The best seems to be mediafire. ZShare and Megaupload seem good as well.

Thanks for the "offer" of this music. I just wish I could have taken advantage of it.

ubu said...

Sorry, but I've been a paying customer of rapidshare's - I guess that's what makes the difference.

However, I've had no major issues before, just capped speed and/or waiting time between files.

With a bit of patience, things should work out in the end.

I don't know what service the other providers you mention offer, how long they'll store files, if I have a list with all files there and can delete them at will etc. I get all that at rapidshare.

In the end it boils down to take it or leave it. Sorry if that sounds arrogant, that's not my intention. You can buy CDs, use iTunes or Amazon for digital downloads, or you can grab what's up for free, but it does bug me somewhat when I see such complaints... and finally, this is not the first complaint I get about RS being lame, but it's the third or fourth, after having had this blog for... quite some time and having posted quite some music, with an average of several dozen downloads per file, so it's not so bad that I feel like looking into it and spending even more time on this whole thing!

Art said...

Don't get me wrong. The complaint is not directed to you. I am not so ungrateful and arrogant as to criticize the way that you are generously sharing the music. The complaint is with the RS service.

To put some perspective on your being a paying customer, and me, the downloader, not, please understand that I am confronted with many sources on the internet, and RS is not a monopoly. It is not within my means to subscribe to them all.

Thanks for your postings, and please do not take this personall

ubu said...

Thanks for your follow up, Art, appreciated!
Sorry if you got me on the wrong foot... I'm a bit touchy sometimes...

Darkman said...

Hi.. sorry .. but the links are dead now already

.. and i missed this one :(

maybe Re-UP of this one is possible?


Darkman said...

RS is OK...
.. and surely, better than nothing (if the links are still alive especially) :)
But for links longer life .. - put 'em to MU (megaupload) maybe... - and they will live on and on .. for years :)

i read your request by now (didn't earlier, as was new to here .. and came in hopes to d/l just this one), there, in top right corner, about requesting to Re-Up...
So .. sorry .. about my request...
But if you still have it somewhere (and hopefully you do).. consider re-upping it .. just this one :)

Did you record it yourself (this recording) .. or someone else did?
Thanks again

ubu said...

I got this from dime, I think.

MU for me is just not working - DLs take ages and most often just stop after 20% or 30%. Crappiest of all these file-sharing sites.

Darkman said...

MU is "flying" for me generally.. especially lately..
and in ANY case - it is NOT the crapiest of them all! LOL
and then there are always places as MultiUpload .. where one uploads and then it makes multi-mirrors.. and most importantly among them there is a mirror to MU :)
.. cuz other mirrors are just for "early birds" .. and in couple of months or so .. MU will be the only alive from them all :)
and MU is the only one by the way.. that, for FREE, supports "resume d/l" (on stopages, internet interruptions etc..
One can put MU link in something as FlashGet.. start d/l there.. and then shut off computer .. and continue same d/l tomorrow, in a few days , a week, or so :)

Dime.. hmm.. - i checked there last night (when saw dead links here) .. but could not find it there..
Any chance you can point me there to it's page?
.. or better yet, making exception (JUST THIS ONCE :)).. and re-up it.. - to RS, MU, or wherever else your heart might desire :)
Any chance?

ubu said...

Well, in my situation (and I'm from Western Yurp), MU is just not working - so yes, to me it's not an option at all the by far the most annoying of these sites.

I guess the show has been cleaned off dime for inactivity a long time ago...

Will have to check some external HDs to see if I still have the FLAC. If I have to search for a CDR, it will take longer than I can afford right now.

Darkman said...

Let me know in any case what happens...(when you look for it)

Darkman said...

no news?

ubu said...

ah, there you are... the re-up has been waiting for you for three weeks now!

Darkman said...

and i was waiting for it here :)

Thanks a lot!