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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carla Bley - Austin 1978 (re-up)

One of the links wasn't there any longer, so I'm putting it up anew here! Make sure to check out the other two Carla Bley shows I posted:
Chateauvallon 1977
Paris 1980

Here's a smoking hot show by the great Carla Bley. Sound isn't stellar, but believe me, the music is! Phillip Wilson is kicking on the traps, and the horns are quite a bunch of greats: Carla Bley. Sound isn't stellar, but believe me, the music is! Phillip Wilson is kicking on the traps, and the horns are quite a bunch of greats: Gary Windo (going apeshit, of course...), John Clark and George Lewis, Bob Stewart, Mike Mantler and Alan Braufman. Swallow hadn't arrived at this point (or was he just not available? I don't know the history of the Bleys/Peacocks/Mantlers/Hadens/Swallows - quite a bunch of great gals and guys who were involved quite, uhm, deeply, it seems...), instead we get one Patty Price (no trace I found on google). Also keyboardist Blue Gene Tyranny (what a name!) is a total unknown to me as well.

Carla Bley Band 1977 (l.t.r. standing: Bob Stewart, Terry Adams, Mike Mantler, Roswell Rudd, Hugh Hopper, Andrew Cyrille, Elton Dean, sitting: Carla Bley, John Clarke, Gary Windo)
[Photo from inside of European Tour CD]

Carla Bley
Austin, TX (USA), Armadillo World HQ
March 27, 1978

Carla Bley - piano, organ, arrangements
Mike Mantler - trumpet
John Clark - french horn
George Lewis - trombone
Bob Stewart - tuba
Alan Braufman - alto sax
Gary Windo - tenor sax
Blue Gene Tyranny - keyboards
Patty Preiss - bass
Phillip Wilson - drums

1. 440 (12:01)
2. Ida Lupino (8:57)
3. Drum-Solo > Jesus Maria & Other Spanish Strains (11:59)
4. Drinking Music (5:40)
5. unknown [encore] > band intros/radio outro (15:01) [spliced at 8:46]

Compositions by Carla Bley

TT: 53:43

Sound: A-

Lineage: no info (fm)
Additional Lineage: FLAC > WAV > GoldWave (editing) > FLAC (8)(asb)

Note: either Braufman or Windo can also be heard on flute

Bunny Berigan - Leader & Sideman

Here's a great anonymous contribution - a nice continuation of a few earlier contributions and my own few "for europeans only" shares back in the earlier days of the blog...

Here's the wiki entry on Bunny Berigan for those who don't know him yet.

And here are some press clippings, including an article by Bunny himself on the topic Swing.


01 I Can't Get Started 1:18 (a)
02 Notre Dame Victory March 1:33 (a)
03 The Jazzeroo 3:22 (a)
04 Body And Soul 4:33 (b)
05 Ride, Red, Ride! 3:14 (b)
06 Mr. Ghost Goes To Town 3:21 (a)
07 Sweet Varsity Sue 3:05 (c)
08 Downstream 3:14 (d)
09 Black Bottom 3:50 (d)
10 Study In Brown 2:19 (e)
11 Bugle Call Rag 3:02 (f)
12 Contact 2:44 (g)
13 East Of The Sun 3:46 (h)
14 Ad-Lib Blues 12:24 (i)
15 I'm Confession 3:38 (j)


(a) Broadcast: Saturday Night Swing Club, New York City, 5 November 1936.
Bunny Berigan leader of house band on a radio show.
(b) Same date. Small contingent from the Mills Blue Rhythm Band. Bunny Berigan not included.
(c) Paradise Restaurant New York City, 10 April 1938
Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman, Steve Lipkins (tp), Al George, Nat Lobovsky (tb), Mike Doty, Joe Dixon (cl/as), Clyde Rounds, Georgie Auld (ts), Joe Lippman (p), Dick Wharton (g, voc), Hank Wayland (b), Johnny Blowers (dr).
(d) Same location, 3 May 1938.
Personnel same as (c).
(e) Same location, 16 April 1938.
Personnel same as (c).
(f) Panther Room, Hotel Sherman, Chicago, summer 1939.
Bunny Berigan, John Napton, Jake Koven, Joe Bauer (tp), Al Jennings, Mark Pasco (tb), Gus Bivona, Charles DiMaggio (as), Don Lodice, Larry Walsh (ts), Joe Buskin (p), Tommy Moore (g), Morty Shulmaker (b), Paul Collins (dr), Danny Richards (voc).
(g) New York City, March 1940.
Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra: Bunny Berigan, Ray Linn, Jimmy Blake, John Dillard (tp), Tommy Dorsey, Les Jenkins, George Arus, Lowell Martin (tb), Johnny Mintz, Fred Stulce, Hymie Schertzer, Don Lodice, Paul Mason (saxes), Joe Buskin (p), Clark Young (g), Sid Weiss (b), Buddy Rich (dr).
(h) 28 May 1940. Personnel same as (g), except Leon Debrow (tp) replaces Dillard. Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers (voc).
(i) New York City, June 1940. Jam session. Bunny Berigan, Harry James, Roy Eldridge (tp), Tommy Dorsey, Jack Jenney (tb), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Count Basie (p), John Kirby (b), Gene Krupa (dr)
(j) Youngstown, Ohio, Spring 1942.
Little is known about the bands personnel. This is believed to be the last known aircheck of the Bunny Berigan band.

Here's Scott Yanow's AMG review:

This long-out-of-print LP contains quite a few intriguing rarities featuring great swing trumpeter Bunny Berigan. Berigan was arguably the top trumpeter in jazz during 1935-1938. The LP begins with Berigan heard as a featured sideman with a radio band in 1936, including a version of "Mr. Ghost Goes to Town." From the same broadcast, trumpeter Henry "Red" Allen and a quintet from the Mills Blue Rhythm Band (including altoist Tab Smith and pianist Billy Kyle) jam "Body and Soul" and the heated "Ride, Red, Ride." Four numbers from 1938 and one in 1939 feature Berigan's swing band, with the highlights including "Black Bottom," "A Study in Brown," and "Sugar Foot Stomp." Berigan is heard still in decent shape with the 1940 Tommy Dorsey Orchestra on "Contact" and "East of the Sun."

A June 1940 radio jam session goes on for 13 minutes, featuring Berigan in an all-star swing group with fellow trumpeters Harry James and Roy Eldridge, trombonists Tommy Dorsey and Jack Jenny, Coleman Hawkins on tenor, pianist Count Basie, bassist John Kirby, and drummer Gene Krupa. The recording quality is a bit shaky in spots, but it is certainly a unique pleasure hearing all of those musicians jamming a blues together. The Jazz Archives LP concludes with what is probably Berigan's final appearance on record, a radio aircheck version of "I'm Confessin'" with his last big band from the spring of 1942, just a few months before his death. Berigan sounds surprisingly good, if a little weary. Collectors will want to track down this rare LP.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michel Petrucciani Solo - Berlin 1995

Here's a special offering - a 1995 solo concert by Michel Petrucciani, shared originally on dime by "duckberry", however it was banned for having lossy lineage, and he was forced to do a new transfer of an aging tape... here we have what is the better-sounding version - never mind the minidisc/attrac file format in the lineage!

This comes with duckberry's blessings - thanks a lot!

For those who prefer the "pure" lineage with a bit lesser sound quality, go here.

Michel Petrucciani - Solo
Berlin (Germany), Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie
October 25, 1995

Michel Petrucciani - piano

1. Medley of my Favorite Songs (45:54):
Maiden Voyage > My Funny Valentine > In A Sentimental Mood >
Lush Life > In A Sentimental Mood > ? > Autumn Leaves > ? >
Take The "A" Train

1. Romantic But Not Blue (14:50)
2. Looking Up > 'Round Midnight (8:03)
3. Caravan (8:53)
4. Love Letter (8:50)
5. These Foolish Things (6:10)

TT: 92:44 - complete concert

Sound: A
Lineage: FM -> Tape -> MD -> HD -> dime

Editing: CD Wave Editor
Dehissing: MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 15 deluxe
Fade in/out: WaveLab
Rising of Level (200%) of Track #3: WaveLab
Wav to Flac (Level 8): Easy CD-DA Extractor

This concert is one of my treasures. I never saw it anywhere, so I thought it to be worth the effort. Whith only a cable as antenna and my old Denon tuner (Nakamichi or Akai tape deck) I captured it in my ground floor student room. I remember how glad I was that Michel's 1st set perfectly fitted an side A of the tape. Luckily the clapping was long enough to turn the cassette around.
About 10 years ago I copied some of my tape recordings to minidisc. This version seems to be be best I have. Only track #3 is from a fresh transfer from the old tape, because apparently ten years ago I forgot to copy it.
If there should be an audio freak out ther in cyber space who might create a superior version: I recently copied the original tape via new and pretty good soundcard (Asus Xonar D") in a 24bit version to pc. No problem to send a copy.
Please feel free to cintribute to the setlist or to create some artwork.
Do not sell or convert to lossy format.

:: ubu note ::

duckberry seeded this one dime, it was banned as he mentioned still having the original tape.
He did a new transfer with the following comment:

"About 10 years ago I copied some of my tape recordings to minidisc. Yesterday I tried to ul the minidisc version, because in my ears it sounds better then the 14 years old tape. But that torrent was banned, because in theory a fresh transfer from the master tape should be better than the one with the lossy minidisc (ATRAC) step. But the (lossy) minidisc version has come much better through the last decade than the tape ..."

and he kindly allowed me to share the lossy lineage but better sound version over here!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Archives #4

new way of posting to save time - just check the comments please!

Von Freeman - bundle #3

Several of these have been posted here before, but not all of'em, so...

For a show with Andrew Hill, check out bundle #2.

Von Freeman Quartet
Amsterdam (NL), De Kroeg
August 15, 1977

Von Freeman - tenor sax
John Young - piano
David Shipp - bass
Charles Walton - drums

1. On Green Dolphin Street (24:10)
2. Everything Happens to Me (15:59)
3. Limehouse Blues (9:31)
4. Violet for Your Furs (8:14)
5. (18:26) [cut/gap @ 1:39-1:40]

TT: 76:22

Sound: A- (B+ on #5)
Source: audience recording
Lineage: AUD > ? > CDR in trade (jazzrita) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

deleted glitches around marks
added fade-outs/fade-ins

#1 was mis-identified as "Autumn Leaves"
#2 is one I can't pin down - "You're My Everything"?
#5 is a blues

Von Freeman Quartet
Amsterdam (NL), De Kroeg
August 16, 1977

Von Freeman - tenor sax
John Young - piano
David Shipp - bass
Charles Walton - drums

1. (13:39)
2. (14:18)
3. On Green Dolphin Street (12:07) [omit VF]
4. (6:22)

1. (26:32)
2. I'll Remember April (12:05) [inc, cut]

TT: 85:17

Sound: A- (CD1#1 in mono)
Source: audience recording
Lineage: AUD > ? > CDR in trade (jazzrita) > EAC (secure, log) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

split up Announcement VF to end of CD1#2 and beginning of CD1#3
split up Announcement VF to end of CD1#3 and beginning of CD1#4
added fade-out at end of CD1#4
deleted glitch, added fade-in at beginning of CD2#1
CD2#1: pasted the left channel into the right one, which was fading in slowly and got very hissy when the volume was boosted.

CD1#3 was mis-identified as "Autumn Leaves"
Disc change was after the 26 minute track, originally (You're My Everything?)

Von Freeman
Paris (FR), La Villa [29 Rue Jacob]
January 20, 1995

Von Freeman - tenor saxophone
Olivier Hutman - piano
James Lewis - bass
Steve Philips - drums

1. Radio Intro (by Jean Delmas & Claude Carrière) 4:24
2. I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke & Ira Gershwin) 15:00
3. A Nigth in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie) 15:05
4. F Blues > Radio Outro (9:52)

TT: 44:20

Sound: A/A-
Source: France Musique "Jazz Club" / 1995-03-17 (J.Delmas/C.Carriere)
Lineage: FM Broadcast>Tape recorder>CD recorder>CD-CA Extractor & Converter>Flac


Von Freeman Birthday Celebration
Chicago Jazz Festival
Chicago, IL (USA)
August 30, 1997

Von Freeman - tenor sax (#1,10) & m.c.
Chico Freeman - tenor sax (#5,7,10)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - alto sax (#9,10)
Brad Goode - trumpet (#7,9,10)
George Freeman - guitar (#3,5,7,10)
John Young (#1,3,5) & Jodie Christian (#7,9,10) - piano
Rob Amster - bass
Mike Raynor (#1,3,7,9) & Jack DeJohnette (#5,10) - drums
Bettye Jean Reynolds (#3) & Kurt Elling (#10) - vocals

01. unknown (11:04) (I Hear a Rhapsody?)
02. Vonski Speaks (2:39)
03. I Remember You (6:31)
04. Vonski Speaks (2:24)
05. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (12:08)
06. Vonski Speaks (1:28)
07. Speak Low (13:38)
08. Vonski Speaks (1:10)
09. Serpents Tooth (4:55)
10. Happy Birthday (5:21)

TT: 61:23

Sound: A/A-
Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > EAC > WAC > CD Wave Editor (split tracks) > FLAC

Von Freeman - 80th Birthday Celebration
24th Chicago Jazz Festival, Grant Park
Petrillo Music Shell, Chicago, IL
September 1, 2002

Von Freeman - tenor sax
John Young - piano
Daniel Anderson - bass, tuba
Michael Raynor - drums
Special guest - Eddie Johnson - tenor sax

1. radio intro - 4:52
2. unknown - 13:11
3. unknown - 5:54
4. When Sunny Gets Blue [feat. Eddie Johnson] - 8:25
5. Freeman talks about Sun Ra - 7:44
6. Cherokee [feat. John Young] - 5:45
7. A Night In Tunisia - 8:23
8. presentation - 2:26
9. Radio outtro - 2:21

TT: 59:04

Sound: A/A-
WBEZ 91.5 FM Broadcast (Pioneer SX-580 receiver) -> Tascam DA-20
DAT Master tape @ 48kHz (Sony DG60P tape, Sony PCM-M1 playback) ->
Oade Digi I/O -> Hosa DRA-501 coaxial -> Tascam CD-RW750 CDRx0 ->
Roxio/DAO -> CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC

Johnny Griffin & Von Freeman
Amsterdam (NL), Bimhuis
June 25 (CD1) & 26 (CD2), 1999

Johnny Griffin - tenor sax
Von Freeman - tenor sax
Horace Parlan - piano
Hein van de Geyn - bass
Han Bennink - drums

1. Walkin' (17:11)
2. If I Should Lose You > Radio Announcement (16:10)
3. Lester Leaps In (10:12)
4. I'm Glad There Is You [inc] > Radio Announcement (11:23) [VF feature]

1. We'll Be Together Again (21:38)
2. If I Should Lose You > Radio Announcement (15:44)
3. Chicago Calling (14:40) [fades in beneath Radio Announcement]

TT: 107:00

Sound: A
Source: FM (CD1: VPRO Radio 4 "Jazz op vier" / 1999-11-14; CD2: NPS broadcast)
Lineage: FM > dime > goody > FLAC (8,asb,verify) > dime > CDR > EAC (secure, logs) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Retracked. goody 9/4/08

:: ubu notes ::

Came as Sound Board, but there are a few too many radio announcements...

The radio announcement at the end of CD2#2 gives June 26 as the date, and a location that does sound different, I don't understand it though.
When this was up on dime, it was all seeded as from June 25 and from the Bimhuis.

A Dutch friend helped me figure out the announcements - he wrote:

info on one of the broadcasts is up on the VPRO Jazz Op 4 site:
(note: this is broadcast by VPRO, the other one by NPS)

there it is mentioned that this 14 nov 1999 VPRO broadcast covers 25 june and that a previous NPS broadcast covered 26 june

on CD2tr2 the guys mentions this was music from 26 june and that next week we'll hear 25 june

CD2tr3: " can listen to part of the final tune of the first set in the Bimhuis on that 26th, a composition by Griffin: 'Chicago Calling'"

on CD1tr4 the lady mentions VPRO plans to (re-)broadcast the second evening on 30 jan 2000, but apparantly this never happened as a Frisell concert was broadcast on that date.

no info online on the NPS broadcast as far as I can('t) find it-

Andrew Hill - bundle #2

The first of these "bundles" was dedicated to Warne Marsh.

Now here are a few shows by the late great pianist and composer Andrew Hill.

Andrew Hill Quintet
AMR Festival
Alhambra, Genève (CH)
April 7, 2006

Andrew Hill - piano
Charles Tolliver - trumpet
Greg Tardy - tenor sax, clarinet
John Hebert - bass
Eric McPherson - drums

1. 11/8 (16:47)
2. Pinnacle (15:51)
3. Malachi (13:55)
4. Nicodemus (20:00)
5. Whitsuntide (6:09) [inc]

All compositions by Andrew Hill

TT: 72:44

Sound: A
Source: RSR 2 broadcast (JazzZ, Yvan Ischer) / 2006-06-02
Lineage: FM > Minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

This is the re-broadcast; there was a live broadcast on RSR 2, too, which included tracks 1, 2, and most of track 3. Since the re-broadcast included all of that plus more, I did only keep this version.

Andrew Hill Quartet
Concerto Jazz Rete Due
Lugano (CH), Studio 2, RSI
March 13, 2004

Greg Tardy - tenor sax, clarinet
Andrew Hill - piano
John Hebert - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums

1. But Not Farewell (11:18)
2. unknown (13:36)
3. Dedication (10:00)
4. Cantarnos (17:35)
5. 11/8 (Theme) (0:52)

1. unknown > Ann AH (11:24)
2. unknown > Ann AH (19:44)
3. Bass Intro > Ashes (15:54)
4. 11/8 (Theme) (3:11) [splice @ 2:46]
5. unknown (14:08) [encore]

All compositions by Andrew Hill

TT: 117:46

CD1 #1-2, CD2 #4 (from splice to end), CD2#5:
Sound: A-
Source: RSI 2 "Live di mezzanotte" / 2007-08-16
Lineage: Hotbird Sat > nexus-s > HDD > BeLight > Cool Edit Pro (separating tracks) > flac (hotbird sat uses MPEG1 Layer 2/192 kbps)

CD1 #3-5, CD2 #1-3, CD2 #4 (from beginning to splice):
Sound: A/A- (stereo)
Source: RSI 2 broadcast > seeded on dime by relyles (#38309)
Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC > CDR > EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro (see editing note below) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Edits to previous (dime) source:
- cut 0:12-0:43 of CD2#3 (fm talk)
- corrected mark CD2#2/#3 (moved mark to after deleted fm talk)
- separated CD1#4 and CD1#5
- split mono applause onto end of CD2#4 (it was cut @ 2:46)

Note: some applause is missing on the tracks from the previous dime seed, the complete version (if only the digital source would have been used) would have been 118:23

Andrew Hill - Joe Henderson Quartet
New Morning, Paris (FR)
March 25, 1988

Joe Henderson - tenor sax
Andrew Hill - piano
Mick Hutton - bass
Mark Taylor - drums

1. Isotope (Joe Henderson) 15:45
2. Ask Me Now (Thelonious Monk) 17:49
3. Tenor Madness (Sonny Rollins) > The Theme (Miles Davis)
> Band Intros (14:45)

1. Invitation (Kaper-Washington) 18:37
2. All The Things You Are (Kern-Hammerstein) 19:23
3. Body And Soul (Green-Comden-Heyman-Eaton) 17:17 [voiceover 0:00-0:01]
4. The Theme (Miles Davis) > Band Intros (10:04)

TT: 113:42

Sound: A/A-
Source: France Musiques (Jazz Club) (prob. live 1988-03-25)

- separated fm talk from beginning of CD1#1
- moved mark CD1#1/#2: +9.614sec
- separated fm talk from beginning of CD1#2
- moved mark CD2#2/#3: -1.058sec
- deleted 1.599sec of noise after CD1#3
- deleted 7.216sec of silence/applause at beginning of CD2#2
- separated fm talk from beginning of CD2#3
- moved mark CD2#2/#3: +7.759sec
- deleted 1.724sec of silence at end of CD2#3
- added fade-out at end of CD2#3
- deleted 0.460sec of silence at beginning of CD2#4
- added fade-in at beginning of CD2#4
- separated fm outro from end of CD2#
- added fade-out at end of CD2#4

Note: the first set ends after #3, as this came (from dime), "Invitation" ended disc one. If this was indeed a live broadcast, maybe "Invitation" comes from the beginnig of the first set and was broadcasted during the break until the second set began? The track was edited in a way that allows no clear judgement, but I have some doubts about an 18:17 minute track fitting into the break.

Von Freeman & Andrew Hill Trio
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), (New) Bimhuis
March 24, 2005

Von Freeman - tenor sax
Andrew Hill - piano
John Hebert - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums

CD1/First Set/41:38
1. unknown (25:24)
2. unknown (7:43)
3. unknown (8:31)

CD2/Second Set/73:40
1. unknown > Dig (?) > Sweet Georgia Brown (31:24)
2. I'll Remember April > A Night in Tunisia
> Ain't Misbehavin' > Lester Leaps In (42:15)

TT: 115:18

Sound: A-/B+ (Note from dime seeder: Von Freeman played often between bass and drums)
Source: Audience recording, second row in the middle
Lineage: Sony ECM 719 > Sony MZ-N710 > Audio Capture > HD > Nero Wave Editor (Normalize,Stereo) > CD Wave Editor > Flac Frontend 6

Additional lineage: CDR > EAC (secure, log) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

separated #1 and #2

Notes on the setlist:

CD1#1 Von seems to navigate through some standards or at least standards chord changes. Around 10:50 he quotes "Isn't It Romantic" for a moment.
CD1#2 is mostly a bass, then a drum solo, Hill enters at the end.
CD1#3 sounds like another standard, or possibly "Alfie" at the beginning, then goes into what sounds like an original, but at 4:45, Von goes into "Isn't It Romantic" again and stays with it, but the very final line is the "Alfie"-opening line again...
CD2#1 opens with a lengthy drum solo implicating a typically intricate Hill rhythm, Von opens quoting "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)". Later on it sounds as if he's playing "I Can't Get Started", but he continues alluding to "I Got It Bad". When Von enters again at 22:00 they go into a bop classic (Dig?), then around 24:30 Von goes into "Sweet Georgia Brown".
CD2#2 opens with a sax cadenza, leading into "I'll Remember April", after a lengthy trio segment, Von goes into "A Night in Tunisia", not without quoting "Mr. P.C." (22:14), then quoting "What Is This Thing Called Love" and possibly alluding to the fourth movement of "A Love Supreme". Following a short solo cadenza, Von goes into "Ain't Misbehavin" (31:05), at 33:00 he then goes into "Lester Leaps In"

The following was posted on dime, I think:
Sweet Georgia Brown
I'll Remember April
A Night in Tunisia
Salt Peanuts
It sort of fits with parts of the second set...

Howard Riley / Joachim Kühn / Jason Rebello / Andrew Hill
Arts Council Contemporary Music Network Tour
Bristol (UK), St Georges's, Brandon Hill
January 28, 1991


Howard Riley - piano [34:52]

1. Outer Inner Minor (Riley) 9:28
2. Clarity (Riley) 8:10
3. The Gambit (Riley) 11:32
4. Darn That Dream (Jimmy van Heusen) > Ask Me Now (Thelonious Monk) 5:42

Joachim Kuhn - piano [40:42]

5. Bank of Memory (Kühn) 26:27
6. Chemin de la Source (Kühn) 7:06
7. Prince of Whales (Kühn) 7:09


Jason Rebello - piano [30:25]

1. Siobhan (Jason Rebello) 6:49
2. Dienda (Keny Kirkland) 5:29
3. Golden Fleece (Jason Rebello) 6:30
4. Night and Day (Cole Porter) 7:39
5. Play, Piano, Play (Errol Garner) 3:57

Andrew Hill - piano [23:11]

6. unknown (Clark Terry) 2:02
7. Retrospect (Andrew Hill) 10:30 [tape-flip @ 4:12]
8. Tinkering (Andrew Hill) 3:48
9. Here's That Rainy Day (Jimmy Van Heusen) 6:51

Andrew Hill/Howard Riley - piano [right channel]
Joachim Kühn/Jason Rebello - piano [left channel]

10. Improvisation > All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern) 10:18

TT: 139:29

Sound: A

Source: BBC radio 3 broadcast / 1991
Lineage (Hill): fm > dime > remastered (by jazzrita) with wavelab > flac > dime
Lineage (Riley #1-2): FM > master cassette > standalone cd recorder > Wav > Flac > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > Flac (8,asb,verify)
Lineage (all others): FM > master cassette > standalone cd recorder > Wav > Flac

:: jazzrita edits (Hill) ::

fixed track marks
reduced hiss
fixed tape-flip on CD2#7

:: dime comment ::

#3362164 by ladyface57 at 2009-07-10 10:44:22 GMT

I happened to find the recording date in one of my father's old Jazz Journal magazines:
St. George's Hall, Bristol, January 28th, 1991 (see Jazz Journal, February 1991, p. 3).
Thank you for the upload!

:: ubu edit ::

fixed mark CD1#1/2 (was a bit too early)
omitted fm segments of Hill part
reorganised, renamed & tagged files

:: thanks a lot to 6135terry and jazzrita! ::

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Warne Marsh - bundle #1

Still struggling to keep up and get out the links to all the shows that will be deleted in two weeks if not downloaded by then... so here's a new idea: I'll bundle some shows by artists of which I have multiple shows that I haven't posted yet.

For starters, how about some Warne Marsh?

Some live shows from various stages in his career (the 70s shows are among the earliest in circulation, I think), some in great sound, some more "historical", like the 1975 show.

If you're interested in more prime Marsh, may I recommend you buy "Ne Plus Ultra" (reissued by Hat Hut in their hatOLOGY series), as well as the Nessa Records release "All Music".

I know you might accuse me of double standards now, but may I please ask that you buy these instead of sharing them in the NSA list? I always feel bad when releases by struggling small labels releasing great music turn up in the blogosphere or wherever on the webs. It just feels wrong to me to steal the money from Werner Uehlinger or Chuck Nessa, as they are among the few folks still crazy enough to try and release a CD now and then, even though that's one of the least economically feasible things to do these days!

Ok, end of moral sermon...

Some comments on the music:

If you're new to Marsh, I urge you to check out at least the 1971 show with Gary Foster (same or similar band as on the hatOLOGY reissue), and the 1983 Voorburg show! These come in very good sound!

The duo with Red Mitchell sounds good, too, but it's a private recording from almost thirty years back, so...

The Chicago show with Jimmy Raney and Lou Levy isn't quite as fine as I would have expected, but hey, Raney, Marsh and Lou Levy... it won't get much more interesting, line-up wise!

The Oslo show features Marsh and frequent partner Susan Chen with a bunch of Norvegian musicians, and for a change with horns! That one was a lot of work, I hope you like the results!

Finally, the Voorburg session from 1983 is with Lou Levy again and this one's in perfectly good sound - a highly enjoyable session!
(This one, in fact, is a re-post, the only one of the bunch that was posted before.)

Sorry for this on-going overkill... I will likely post these again later on, on my blog, one by one, but right now this is just about keeping the links alive for a while, as most of these have had no downloads and where uploaded over half a year ago...

Warne Marsh Quintet
Mount Shasta, CA (USA), College Of The Siskiyous
November 16, 1975

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Gary Foster - alto & soprano sax
Ron Hoopes - piano
Fred Atwood - bass
Jake Hanna - drums

Foster plays soprano only on #6
Marsh is the only horn on #7

1. Introduction by Warne Marsh (0:27)
2. You Stepped Out of a Dream (13:51)
3. Featherbed (8:08)
4. 317 East 32nd Street (12:22)
5. Lennie's Pennies (8:52)
6. All the Things You Are (10:40)
7. Lover Man (10:40)
8. Two Not One (6:32)
9. All About You (7:22)

TT: 78:59

Sound: B+
Source: private recording
No lineage
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

::ubu edits::
deleted gaps, fixed marks


Warne Marsh/Gary Foster Quintet
Pasadena, CA (USA), The Ice House
August 9, 1971

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Gary Foster - alto & soprano sax
Dave Koonse - guitar
Frank De La Rosa - bass
John Tirabasso - drums

1. Featherbed (9:50)
2. If You Could See Me Now (9:39)
3. Round Midnight (6:56)
4. Fuzz Blues (8:15)
5. Subconscious Lee (8:00)
6. All About You (6:24) >
7. Lennie's Pennies (3:33) [inc]

TT: 52:42

Sound: A
Lineage: SBD? -> ? -> CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Note: The discography in Safford Chamberlain's biography of Warne Marsh,
"An Unsung Cat - The Life and Music of Warne Marsh" lists the date for this session
as Aug. 8, 1971 and identifies different song titles for tracks 1, 6 and 7. The information
here is taken from the Jack Goodwin's discography that can be found at

::ubu's edits::
shortened gaps in between tracks
deleted gap between #6/7, moved mark +2,93sec


Warne Marsh / Red Mitchell
Stockholm (SE), Red Mitchell's Apartment
April 1980

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Red Mitchell - bass

on #4 replace Mitchell (piano, vocal) for (bass)

1. It's You or No One (5:13)
2. You Stepped Out of a Dream (5:27)
3. These Foolish Things (8:10)
4. Hot Spots (3:04)
5. South American Way (4:23)
6. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (5:18)
7. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (5:38)
8. Ann > Embraceable You (7:11)
9. Ann [cuts in] > Lester Leaps In (4:03)
10. Walkin' (4:21) [fm voiceover at end]

TT: 52:53

Sound: A-/B+
Source: private recording
Lineage: cassette through trade > cdr > EAC > FLAC frontend level 8

::ubu's edits::
Additional lineage (#1,2,10): FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
deleted FM Announcement preceeding #10 and half-second of voice at mark #1/2

::original notes::
This is a marvelous session, broadcast on Swedish radio. Most of the announcements have been edited. This is how I received my copy.


Warne Marsh / Jimmy Raney / Lou Levy - Quintet
Chicago Jazz Festival
Chicago, IL (USA), Grant Park
September 5, 1982

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Lou Levy - piano
Jimmy Raney - guitar
John Whitfield - bass
Dick Borden - drums

1. Stage Intro (0:42)
2. My Shining Hour (6:28)
3. I'm Old Fashioned (7:40)
4. Announcement by Lou Levy (2:40)
5. 317 East 32nd Street (Lennie Tristano) 6:01
6. Subconscious-Lee (Lee Konitz) 5:12
7. Limehouse Blues (6:25)
8. Lunarcy (7:03)
9. Radio Outro (0:35)
10. Conversation with Lou Levy (3:13) [cut]

TT: 46:04

Sound: A-
Source: radio broadcast (Chicago Land Public Radio, 91.5 FM, WBEC)

:: ubu edits ::

deleted a tiny bit (1sec) of FM talk at beginning of #1
deleted 2 second gaps
fixed most marks
merged two parts of Ann #4 (2:17 / 0:23)
added fade-out and fade in around mark of #7/#8 - some applause and announcement missing there, it seems, likely because of a tape-flip?

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


Warne Marsh
Oslo (Norway), Norwegian Radio Studios
March 10, 1984

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Susan Chen - piano

with Fast Fingers:
Peter Kateraas - trumpet
Guttorm Guttormsen, Johan Berglie - alto sax
Rune Nicolaysen, Petter Brambani - tenor sax
Nancy Sandvoll - baritone sax
Sture Janson - bass
Tom Olstad - drums

1. 317 East 32nd Street (6:07)
2. All About You (5:26)
3. Blue'n Boogie (7:06)
4. Loverman (7:50)
5. Everything You Could Be (All the Things You Are) 5:10
6. A Night in Tunisia (6:12)

TT: 37:55

Sound: A-
Source: radio broadcast (October 11, 1984)


Warne Marsh
Oslo (Norway)
November 25, 1984

Teaching and performing with Norwegian musicians
Comments during broadcast by Torgrim Sollid

Musicians include:
Torgrim Sollid - trumpet
Viglen Storras - piano
S.H. Solstad - guitar
D Trollaas - drums
and others

7. Rehearsal Segment, including:
317 East 32nd Street
What Is This Thing Called Love
High On You
All About You

TT: 73:06

Sound: A-/B+
Source: radio broadcast


both shows recorded at too loud volume
both with technical imperfections (hiss, glitches etc)

:: ubu edits ::
ran de-click filter
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEdit > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


Warne Marsh Quartet
De Tobbe, Voorburg (NL)
March 31, 1983

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Lou Levy - piano
Jesper Lundgaard - bass
James Martin - drums

1. All About You (Lennie Tristano) 7:23
2. If You Could See Me Now (Tadd Dameron) 8:25
3. Switchboard Joe (5:54)
4. Limehouse Blues (7:10)
5. Emily (5:58) >
6. Sax of a Kind (6:37)
7. Lunarcy (8:22)
8. Speak Low (Weill-Nash) 7:40

1. Star Eyes (8:07) >
2. I'm Old Fashioned (8:29)
3. 317 East 32nd street (7:20)
4. The Dolphin (4:38)
5. Easy Living (5:42)
6. Devannah (8:18)
7. Background Music (6:02)

TT: 106:04

Sound: A/A-
Lineage: FM -> ? -> CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC

Edits: deleted fm talk, fixed marks/deleted gaps, move mark CD1#2/3 (-0.5sec)
Note: most applause was cut out, at the end of some tracks I cut out some tiny bits to omit all of it, when no music would be hurt by that.

Dave Douglas - Roma 2000

Here's a great show by Dave Douglas' "Soul on Soul" project, dedicated to the music of Mary Lou Williams.

Dave Douglas Sextet
Roma (Italia), Club La Palma
April 25, 2000

Dave Douglas - trumpet
Joshua Roseman - trombone
Greg Tardy - tenor sax, clarinet
Uri Caine - piano
James Genus - bass
Ben Perowsky - drums

1. Soul on Soul (12:27)
2. Ageless > Ann DD (11:21)
3. Iris (Mary Lou Williams) > Ann DD (3:29)
4. Mary's Idea (Mary Lou Williams) (2:40) [short fm voiceover at beginning]
5. unknown (Thelonious Monk?) 8:40
6. unknown (15:10) [cuts in, 5 seconds missing]

1. Play It, Mama (Mary Lou Williams) > Ann DD (7:25)
2. Three Little Monsters (Dave Douglas) 6:25
3. unknown (8:15) [cuts in, 4 seconds missing]
4. Waltz Boogie (Mary Lou Williams) > Ann DD (6:56)
5. Moon Up the West (Dave Douglas) 11:26
6. unknown (7:46)

TT: 102:06

Sound: A
Source: broadcast by Radio Rai 3 (live)
Lineage: FM recording > Philips cdr 770 > wav > flac with freeRIP

:: ubu edits ::

- fixed marks
- deleted most of the fm voiceover at beginning of #4
- deleted a bit of fm talk (and music) around the mark of CD1#5/#6
- moved DD Announcement from beginning of CD2#2 to end of CD2#1
- deleted a bit of fm talk (and music) around the mark of CD2#2/#3
- added fade-outs at end of CD1#5, CD1#6, CD2#2 and CD2#6

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


I found this poem, browsing around in the great book displayed above.

Die Junta erlässt Richtlinien für Folterer

Es ist strengstens verboten, zu foltern
ohne einen triftigen Grund zum Foltern.

Ob ein triftiger Grund zum Foltern
vorliegt, ergibt sich am besten durch Foltern.

Stellt es sich im Laufe des Folterns
heraus, dass kein triftiger Grund zum Foltern

vorliegt, so sind alle Spuren des Folterns
zu beseitigen, indem der Gegenstand des Folterns

beseitigt wird. Der Tod wird daher nicht durch Foltern
bewirkt, obwohl er die Folge des Folterns

sein mag. Wer immer diese Wahrheit über das Foltern
leugnet, gibt damit triftigen Grund zum Foltern.

Felix Pollak (1909 Wien - 1987 Madison, USA)

Monday, October 05, 2009

World Saxophone Quartet - London 2005

The re-vamped World Saxophone Quartet (with Bruce Williams on second alto), with the addition of Craig Harris and the rhythm section of Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Lee Pearson on drums play Jimi Hendrix... can't get much more raucous than this!

Thanks a lot to Tom_P for sharing this on dime, and for allowing me to post it here, as well!

Read an AAJ fireside chat (by Fred Jung) here.

World Saxophone Quartet plays Jimi Hendrix
London Jazz Festival
Barbican Hall, London (UK)
November 14, 2005

Oliver Lake - alto sax
Bruce Williams - alto sax
David Murray - tenor sax
Hamiet Bluiett - baritone sax
Craig Harris - trombone
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - bass
Lee Pearson - drums

1. Hattie Wall (WSQ Theme Tune) 6:09
2. Band Intros (1:30)
3. Freedom (7:53)
4. Hey Joe (10:43)*
5. The Wind Cries Mary (11:53)
6. If 6 Were 9 (7:40)
7. Foxy Lady (4:33)*
8. Little Wing (8:23)
9. Machine Gun (15:37)
10. Band Intros > Hattie Wall (WSQ Theme Tune) 2:15

* Extra tracks in re-broadcast

TT: 76:43

Sound: A
Source: BBC DAB (2006-08-25 re-broadcast) > Yamaha 1300 audio HD recorder
Editing: None
Transfer: AMQR CDR > EAC > Flac Frontend (level 6)
Quality: EX, digital all the way to you

This is another BBC Jazz on 3 re-broadcast (by listener vote) of the WSQ's tribute to
Jimi Hendrix. It has additional tracks to the original broadcast and now here it is in
an all-digital recording clarity.

It is a wonderful show that should appeal to listeners new and also, as an upgrade, to
those who got it first time round here on on Dime ...

... Enjoy!!

1. Details (and more) on the BBC Jazz on 3 website
2. As usual, no artworks - anybody?

Usual Stuff:
Please ask before posting this anywhere
Don't transfer to MP3 or other Lossy media
For trading only
Don't sell or do anything else you shouldn't do with this stuff!

:: ubu edits ::
fixed all marks
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Paolo Fresu / Richard Galliano / Jan Lundgren - La Chaux-de-Fonds 2005

These are bare bones posts, sorry! I'm struggling to share all that's in my rapidshare account before their policy change kicks in!

Thanks to jazzrita for sharing this on dime, and even more so for dedicating this to me!

Paolo Fresu - Richard Galliano - Jan Lundgren
Gypsy Festival 2005
La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH), L'Heure Bleue
November 5, 2005

Paolo Fresu - trumpet
Richard Galliano - accordion
Jan Lundgren - piano

1. Que reste-t-il de nos amours (Charles Trenet) 7:00
2. Principessa (Richard Galliano) 8:42
3. Mare Nostrum (Jan Lundgren) 6:34
4. Vårvindar friska (Swedish trad., arr. Lundgren) 6:03 [omit Galliano]
5. Libertango (Astor Piazolla) 5:02 [Galliano solo]
6. Liberty Waltz (Richard Galliano) 4:31 [omit Fresu]
7. Years Ahead (Jan Lundgren) 7:42
8. Valse di ritorno (Paolo Fresu) 7:27
9. Love Land (Jan Lundgren) 9:05
10. Fellini (Paolo Fresu) 8:11 [omit Galliano, inc]

TT: 70:23

Sound: A/A-
Source: RSR 2 "JazzZ" (host: Yvan Ischer)
Lineage: fm > cd on trade > flac > dime


:: ubu edits ::

omitted fm intro
deleted fm talk at end of all titles
added fade-outs at end of all titles
added fade-ins at beginning of all titles
fixed a couple of marks

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Heath Brothers - Tokyo 1983

Here's a short recording by the great Heath Brothers, with Stanley Cowell at the piano!

The Heath Brothers
Tokyo (Japan)
December 1, 1983

Jimmy Heath - tenor & soprano sax
Stanley Cowell - piano
Percy Heath - bass, baby bass
Albert Heath - drums

1. Mellow Drama (4:28) [inc]
2. Prince Albert > Ann JH (14:23)
3. Ann JH > Watergate Blues (Percy Heath) 6:51
4. On the Trail (Ferd Grofé) 9:10
5. Orthodox Blues (2:18)

TT: 37:13

Sound: A/A-
Source: Radio
Lineage: Radio broadcast > ? > dime > FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

::ubu's edits::
deleted radio talk at end of #1, added fade-out/silence
deleted radio talk at beginning of #2
moved mark #2/3 (applause and all talk was at beginning of #3)
fixed mark #3/4 (added fades, moved a wee bit as #4 started at end of #3 already)
fixed mark #4/5 (#5 started 2 seconds before the end of #4)

Archives #2

Due to the change of Rapidshare's policy (inactive files associated with premium accounts will be deleted after 90 days - mentioned here, previously), here's the first post bringing back in the spotlight some old posts where the links are still good!

All links are FLAC, unless otherwise noted (as you'll see, most of the older uploads were in MP3 or live shows in original MP2 digital format).
The first installment can be found here.

Art Pepper - Roma 1981

Alan Skidmore's Ubizo - Leipzig 2007 (MP2)

Kahil El'Zabar/Lester Bowie/Malachi Favors - Saalfelden 1987

Tryptic (Humair/Celea/Couturier) - Paris 2008

Warne Marsh - Voorburg 1983

Jeanne Lee / Ran Blake - Fulda 1963

Johnny Griffin & NDR Big Band - Hamburg 1992 (MP2)

Andy Sheppard & Kuljit Bhamra - Bath 2008 (MP2)

Jeanne Lee, Mal Waldron & Orchestre National de Jazz - Vienne 2000

Sonny Simmons - Moers 1995

WDR Big Band & Battista Lena, Luciano Biondini, Javier Girotto - Le Grande Banda - Köln 2008 (MP2)

Anne Paceo / Rick Margitza / Rhoda Scott - Paris 2008