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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Art Pepper Quartet - Roma 1981 (FLAC)

Here's another show I grabbed from dime and fixed track marks etc. This is the most recent addition to my collection of May 1981 Pepper shows (note that the May 14, 1981 Croydon show is available in the series of previously unreleased Pepper recordings that his widow Laurie is releasing - buy them at CDBaby).

Art Pepper is one of the truly astonishing artists in jazz history, a man who was searching all his life, and who on his path found beauty (and horror, too, I assume). Go and buy any and all of his Contemporary and Galaxy albums as long as they're still around (Concord isn't doing much good to the Fantasy catalogue, as expected... and there's no one - like RVG or OK who take care of Prestige and Riverside reissues - to take care of the Contemporary or Galaxy material)


Art Pepper Quartet
Roma (Italia), Teatro G. Cesare
May 28, 1981

Art Pepper - alto sax & clarinet
Milcho Leviev - piano
Bob Magnusson - bass
Carl Burnett - drums

1. (Make a List?) > Ann AP (10:29)
2. Ophelia (12:54)
3. (17:09)
4. Patricia (14:20)

1. Landscape > Ann AP (13:50)
2. Avalon > Ann AP (9:12) [AP,cl]
3. Yours Is My Heart Alone > Ann AP (7:58) [AP,cl / very muffled at beginning]
4. But Beautiful (7:52) [inc, cut]

TT: 93:46

Sound: A-/B+
Source: Audience


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Thanks for the great AP - It is pretty cool to hear this as such an audience recording - like all those great bootlegs you grew up with.