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Saturday, July 23, 2011

r.i.p. Amy Winehouse - Arendal 2007

Amy Winehouse has just left the building... another talented artist unable to cope with too many problems. Blessed with great talent she was, for sure, and the news of her death caught me unexpected as I kept hoping she'd be able to rise and stand, eventually... wasn't going to be. Shit.

Here's a terrific boot from 2007 that was up here before - Amy in full power and... in control...

Amy Winehouse
Hove Festival
Arendal (Norway)
June 26, 2007

1. Addicted (3:14)
2. Just Friends (3:31)
3. Tears Dry On Their Own (3:25)
4. He Can Hold On Her (3:00)
5. Cherry (2:44)
6. Back To Black (4:33)
7. Wake Up Alone (4:25)
8. Love Is A Losing Game (2:45)
9. Cupid (3:55)
10. Hey Little Rich Girl (3:43)
11. Monkey Man (3:15)
12. You Know I'm No Good (4:49)
13. Rehab (3:45)
14. Me And Mr. Jones (2:55)
15. Valerie (4:12)

TT: 54:17

Sound: A
Lineage: CDR (preFM) - xACT