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Monday, November 30, 2009

Carla's Christmas Carols (Berlin 2008)

Since it's that time of the year again, here's some seasonal music by Carla Bley. I just recently saw her live with The Lost Chords - fantastic concert!

Her carols have also been released officially on ECM - here's a review by John Fordham in the Guardian. I have the disc on order, can't say anything about it yet.

This of course comes a day after the disgraceful win of the right wingnuts and their fear mongery. I don't care that much for x-mas (and Christianity in general - they had a hard struggle to fit themselves to the enlightenment, but I guess after all if they wouldn't have tried, on the long term, enlightenment rather than christianity would have gone under, so thanks for that...), but this year seems particularly bad. The whole commercial crap has already began two weeks ago, ugly lights all over the city, and yesterday they had their Santa parade through Bahnhofstrasse, with a marching band tearing through "Jingle Bells" and lots of kiddies with light sabers and other crap... yuk yuk yuk!
I had to pass them on my way to catch "From Russia With Love" on the big screen once again, one of my favourite Bonds. And yes indeed, it's nice to catch some lightweight films after the heavy stuff by Miklos Jancso that I've seen recently!
Anyway, so we all love x-mas and x-mas loves us and we love each other etc - for that occasion, here's some nice music for y'all...

Carla Bley Plays Christmas Carols
Berlin (Germany), Passionskirche
December 4, 2008 (MP2)

Carla Bley - piano, arrangements, leader
Steve Swallow - bass
Tobias Weidinger - trumpet, Glockenspiel
Axel Schlosser - trumpet
Christine Chapman - french horn
Adrian Mears - trombone
Ed Partyka - bass trombone, tuba

1. O Tannenbaum (2:23)
2. Silent Night And Day (8:35)
3. Jingle Bells (3:22)
4. The Christmas Song (5:25)
5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (5:35)
6. O Holy Night - Joy To The World (8:29)
7. God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen (9:46)
8. O Come To Bethlehem, All Ye Faithful (5:53)

TT: 49:28

Sound: A
Source: DVB-S@320, 48kHz > raw data > ProjextX > mp3DirectCut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)

Monday, November 23, 2009

J.R. Monterose & Sal Nistico - NYC 1979

Here's the third and last J.R. Monterose recording. This is a great WKCR FM studio session featuring Monterose and Sal Nistico on tenors, backed by Bill Triglia on piano, Todd Coolman on bass, and Jimmy Wormworth on drums.

This is my own edit of a show I got from dime years ago - thanks a lot to the seeder!
I deleted the radio banter (but retained the interview, of course) and fixed some minor things, but didn't change anything about the sound.

J.R. Monterose & Sal Nistico
WKCR-FM Studio, New York, NY
January 16, 1979

J. R. Monterose, Sal Nistico - tenor saxophones
Bill Triglia - piano
Todd Coolman - bass
Jimmy Wormworth - drums

omit Monterose on CD1#3, omit Nistico on CD2#3

1. Bags' Groove (Milt Jackson) 18:49
2. All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern) 17:03
3. Hi-Fly (Randy Weston) 9:43

1. Sonnymoon for Two (Sonny Rollins) 14:33
2. My Old Flame (12:03)
3. Unknown (15:43)
4. Interview 2:56

TT: 90:54

Sound: A-
Source: WKCR-FM studio broadcast >reel-to-reel (Ed Scarvalone - host)
Lineage: Reel master >.wav >CD Wave >CDR >CDR >EAC (secure) >CoolEdit Pro 2.0 >CD Wave >FLAC Frontend (level 8, SBE OK)
Additional Lineage (edited version): FLAC > WAV > GoldWave > FLAC (8)(asb)

Missing "Invitation" between "Hi-Fly" and "Sonnymoon for Two."
Only minor edits were made and no audio treatment was applied to this set, thus there is some open air hiss present. Accordingly, a noise floor sample has been included for those wishing to use noise reduction to their liking.

Dizzy Gillespie - At the Spotlite 1946

Here's another contribution, again a vinyl rip of some of Dizzy Gillespie's great big band sides recorded in late June 1946 at the Spotlite Club, 52nd Street, New York City.

This came out in 2008 on Uptown in what I guess is the definitive version, compiling the whole shebang. Before, the same music (in slightly different sequence) was contained on the Dizzy Gillespie series of the great French "Masters of Jazz" releases (Volumes 7 & 8, a 2CD set that also contained the "Jivin' in Bebop" soundtrack).
The Uptown set can (and SHOULD!) be obtained easily, for instance from Amazon or cdUniverse.

Dizzy Gillespie is heard leading his big band in a series of live performances during the summer of 1946, recorded by the legendary Jerry Newman, a fan who made historic transcription discs of many groups during the era. Unlike many of the commercial issues that have appeared over the years, Uptown was able to obtain the original discs from Newman's family, so with skilled restoration, the audio is quite impressive throughout this two-CD set.

The fidelity is especially great for the horns and reeds, while the rhythm section isn't completely buried as on many such sessions. Some of the highlights include a sizzling take of "Our Delight" featuring the leader and tenorist James Moody, vibraphonist Milt Jackson in "The Man I Love," Thelonious Monk's "'Round Midnight" with its composer at the piano and Jackson, several takes of Gillespie's modern "Things to Come," plus a guest appearance by vocalist Sarah Vaughan in what is billed as an intermission feature of "Don't Blame Me," with tenorist Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis chiming in. Ira Gitler's detailed liner notes and the wide variety of vintage photos add to the value of this essential release for Dizzy Gillespie's fans.

Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Dizzy Gillespie Big Band
New York City (USA), Spotlite Club (52nd Street)
June 1946

Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Burns, Elmon Wright, Johnny Lynch, Talib Dawud (trumpet), Alton "Slim" Moore, Leon Comegys, Gordon Thomas (trombone), Howard Johnson, John Brown (alto saxophone), James Moody, Ray Abrams (tenor saxophone), Sol Moore (baritone saxophone), Thelonious Monk (piano), Milt Jackson (vibraphone), Ray Brown (bass), Kenny Clarke (drums)

01. Our Delight 3:24
02. Ray's Idea 2:24
03. Cool Breeze 3:40
04. 'Round Midnight 6:27
05. Oop-Bop-Sh'bam 3:04
06. One Bass Hit 4:04
07. The Man I Love 2:36
08. Groovin' High 4:45
09. Things To Come 3:44
10. Second Balcony Jump 5:55
11. Don't Blame Me (Sarah Vaughan, voc) 4:14
12. Unknown Title 2:30

Thursday, November 19, 2009

J. R. Monterose - Amsterdam 1970

Ok, so funk and rock don't find that much interest... folks, do check out the Pee Wee Ellis and The Band shows posted recently - they're both mighty fine!

Here's another one for the jazz crowd, but another obscure one, I'm afraid.

J.R. Monterose had a quick time in the spotlight in the mid 50s, being a member of Kenny Dorham's Jazz Prophets (recording Vol. 1 for Argo and the Round Midnight at the Café Bohemia albums for Blue Note), as well as appearing on albums by Teddy Charles, Jon Eardley, Charles Mingus' classic Pithecanthropus Erectus and teaming up with Eddie Bert for some Savoy sessions.
In October 1956, Monterose made his own fine album for Blue Note Records, featuring another unsung giant, Ira Sullivan, as well as a mighty hot rhythm section consisting of Horace Silver, Wilbur Ware and Philly Joe Jones. After sessions with Oscar Pettiford and an album with George Wallington, Monterose cut his second album, The Message, in 1959.
In 1960, he teamed up with René Thomas, the great Belgian guitarist, to record the later's Guitar Groove, a fantastic Jazzland album also featuring pianist Hod O'Brien. After than, his recordings get less and less. but in 1964 he cut another classic, In Action. Monterose died in 1993.

For more information, check out the great discography on Mike Fitzgerald's page.

A short 1970 recording with Kenny Drew was posted here earlier, it can still be downloaded!

And some more Monterose will follow!

But here's a short 1970 show with René Thomas, recorded in Amsterdam.

J.R. Monterose Quartet
Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso
February 11, 1970

J.R. Monterose - tenor sax
René Thomas - guitar
Rob Langereis - bass
Han Bennink - drums

1. unknown (5:28)
2. Sunnymoon for Two (14:05)
3. Lover Man (12:38) [inc, radio voiceover at beginning and end]

TT: 32:48

Sound: A-
Source: radio broadcast

Edits: fixed marks (sorry, no notes taken at the time)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Band - NYC 1976

As I won't have time to post again until the weekend, here's a third post for today... and again, not a jazz show, but a great recording by THE discovery of the year, at least in this house, The Band! (I wasn't even born in 1976, so it's obvious it took me a bit longer to find out... but I've had the "Basement Tapes" ever since my earliest teens... waiting for the new remaster to arrive as I type this!)

This is a terrific show from the Palladium in New York City, featuring Howard Johnson leading a horn section. Of course, the arrangements are great, and of course Garth Hudson plays the occasional sax solo, too!

The Band
New York City (USA), The Palladium
September 18, 1976

Rick Danko - vocals, bass, violin
Levon Helm - vocals, drums, mandolin
Garth Hudson - keyboards, accordion, saxes
Richard Manuel - vocals, piano, keyboards, drums
Robbie Robertson - guitar, vocals

Jerry Hey - trumpet
Tom Malone - trombone
Charlie Keagle - saxes, reeds
Howard Johnson - tuba, baritone sax

guest on CD2#2: Paul Butterfield - harmonica

1. DJ Intro / Applause & Stage Intro (1:20)
2. Ophelia (3:54)
3. The Shape I'm In (4:31)
4. It Makes No Difference (7:21) [radio talk at end]
5. The Weight (5:26)
6. King Harvest (3:51)
7. Twilight (4:01)
8. The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down (4:11) >
9. Across the Great Divide (3:38)
10. Stage Fright (4:50) [splice @ 4:12]
[missing: Forbidden Fruit - officially released!]
11. Acadian Driftwood (6:25)
12. The Genetic Method (4:21) >
13. Chest Fever (5:43)
14. This Wheel's on Fire (4:27)
15. Don't Do It (4:41)
16. DJ Talk / Applause (1:28)

1. Up On Cripple Creek (4:52)
2. Life's a Carnival (4:21) [harmonica by Paul Butterfield]
3. W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (3:28)

TT: 83:00

Sound: A-
Source: fm master (WNEW simulcast)
offending track "forbidden fruit" to comply with DIME

:: ubu edits ::

fixed all track marks
spliced #10 during applause [there was a small gap and a cut at end, then more applause at the beginning of #11]
added fade-out & deleted gap at end of #17 [there was a cut]
added fade-out at end of #18 [there was a cut]
added fade-in at beginning of #19
added fade-out at end of #19

Lineage: FM > ? > dime (FLAC) > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Blood Sweat & Tears - Dallas 1973

Here's a short set from a later edition of Blood Sweat & Tears. Later of course refers to after the band ousted its mastermind and lead singer Al Kooper, who was present for only one album, the fantastic Child Is Father to the Man.

Here's the current band's website - seems Steve Katz has been touring with them again, but otherwise, this has been a completely new band for quite a while...

In 1973, the band still featured longtime members like Lew Soloff, Jim Fielder and Bobby Colomby, and with Lou Marini (who replaced short-time member Joe Henderson), Tom Malone, Dave Bargeron and Larry Willis, it took a more jazz-rock oriented direction. The album by this edition was titled No Sweat and has been reissued on CD by Wounded Bird. Some more here about this 1973 edition of BS&T.

I still prefer the first albu, but this is a fine little glimpse at a nice band, highlights including a lengthy excursion on Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage", and dig that tuba solo at the end!

Blood Sweat & Tears
Dallas, Texas (USA)

Jerry Fisher - vocals
Lew Soloff - trumpet
Tom Malone - trumpet
Dave Bargeron - trombone & tuba
Lou Marini - woodwinds
Larry Willis - keyboards
Georg Wadenius - guitar
Jim Fielder - bass
Bobby Colomby - drums

1. Introduction (0:45)
2. I Can't Move No Mountains (4:32)
3. Snow Queen (4:43)
4. Maiden Voyage (11:53)
5. And When I Die (2:24)
6. Tuba solo > And When I Die (Reprise) (4:40)

TT: 29:00

Sound: A-
Source: King Biscuit Flower Hour Broadcast
Lineage: Original silver cd/flac/you

Pee Wee Ellis - Bremen 2004

More funky sounds, this time by Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis, longtime member of the JB's, frequent collaborator of Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley, Ellis also played and arranged for as various musicians as Van Morrison, Omar Sosa, Oumou Sangare, Cheikh Lo, Miguel 'Anga' Diaz and Cachaito Lopez. He played on Ali Farka Toure's final album Savane and has more recently appeared with Farka's son, Vieux Farka Toure as well.

On this fine recording from Germany, Ellis is joined by a German band providing fine backings for his brand of smooth funk. It seems they played in Bremen from September 20-24 that year, and Minor Music released a selection from these dates on one of their Pee Wee discs. I haven't made any comparisons, but what you get here is a full night (or at least much of it), just as the music was performed!

And this includes what's likely the s-l-o-w-e-s-t version of "I Feel Good"! And so you will, after playing this music!

Pee Wee Ellis & Band
Bremen (Germany), Grosser Sendesaal, Radio Bremen
September 23, 2004

Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis – tenor saxophone
Joo Kraus – trumpet
Joe Gallardo – trombone
Ralf Schmidt – keyboard, electric piano
Martin Scales - guitar
Christian Diener – bass
Torsten Krill – drums

Disc 1/59:58
1. Jive Samba (14:28)
2. Ham (12:23)
3. My Neighbourhood (9:35)
4. The Everywhere Calypso (4:09)
5. Blue Bell Pepper (7:33)
6. Riff 39 A (4:52)
7. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (6:54)

Disc 2/48:08
1. Different Rooms (10:35)
2. You Haven´t Done Nothing (5:10)
3. All Four Seasons (5:45)
4. On A Slow Boat To China (6:32)
5. Chicken Soup (9:17)
6. Cherry Red (5:48)
7. I Feel Good (4:44)

Sound: A
Lineage: FM broadcast > ? > cdr > eac > wave > flac frontend
(align on sector boundaries Level 8)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stanley Turrentine - Denver 1975

This should have been posted months ago... in fact I think I promised posting it at the end of the big Freddie Hubbard tribute early this year.

Anyway, it's also a nice addition to the two recently shared CTI shows (here and here).

To be honest, at this point in time, Turrentine has long lost my interest... I love his early music on Blue Note, Prestige and Impulse (with and without Shirley Scott, his then wife), and I fancy Hubbard's first two CTI outings of course, but in the late sixties, to my ears, his music starts getting way too formulaic (ha!) and his sound and delivery doesn't help getting over it (as it often does, in his early music, which is pretty formulaic as well - isn't all hardbop? Well, most, I guess... I still love much of it!)
But this live session is pretty straight and far more interesting than I'd have thought. I recently played it again and that reinforced my positive impression. There's nothing earth-shaking going on here, but you can hear Stan at work, with a sympathetic band driven by the great Bruno Carr on drums.

Stanley Turrentine
Denver, CO (USA), Ebbett's Field
March 5, 1975

Stanley Turrentine - tenor saxophone
John Miller - piano & keyboards
Teruo Nakamura - bass
Bruno Carr - drums

1. Intro (1:01)
2. What Now My Love (14:25)
3. Ann ST > Sugar (10:24)
4. unknown (8:35)
5. unknown (8:49)
6. Ann ST > I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do (6:39)

1. Ann ST > Midnight and You (8:42)
2. Pieces of Dreams (6:32)
3. Ann ST > Girl Talk (9:03)
4. Outro / Applause (3:28)
5. Derik's Dance > Stage Outro (7:07) [encore]

TT: 84:48

Sound: A-
Lineage: Master Reel (DBX) > DAT > 1st Gen. Copy > Card Deluxe > Cool Edit

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lee Konitz - Tokyo 1973 (r.i.p. Dick Katz)

Helen Merrill with the late
Dick Katz, 1924 - 2009

Here's another recording with Dick Katz, this time with Lee Konitz and one of his seventies bands, featuring Marshall Brown on trombone. These three recorded Lee's Milestone album "Peacemeal" in 1969 (which was also produced by Dick Katz).

Lee Konitz Quintet
Newport Jazz Festival Tokyo
Tokyo (Japan), Yubin Chokin Hall
October 1, 1973

Lee Konitz - alto sax
Marshall Brown - valve trombone
Dick Katz - piano
Michael Moore - bass
Jimmy Madison - drums

1. Subconcious Lee (Lee Konitz) 12:59
2. Stage Announcer + Announement Lee Konitz (2:45)
3. Mrs. Richard (Marshall Brown) 11:28
4. Golden State (15:31)
5. Ann. “Newport Jazz Festival in Tokyo" (0:23)

TT: 43:07

Sound: A-/B+
Source/Lineage FM (Copy from master, slight hiss, A-) –Revox A77- Denon CDR 1000 – HD- Flac -dime

Roy Eldridge - NYC (r.i.p. Dick Katz)

Dick Katz, 1924 - 2009

Here are a pair of radio broadcasts by Roy Eldridge's band, featuring Richie Kamuca on tenor sax, and Dick Katz on piano.

These are shared to commemorate Dick Katz, the great pianist and talented writer, who just died. He performed with many greats, including Benny Carter, Kenny Dorham, Tony Scott, the Jay Jay Johnson/Kai Winding band, and others, and he co-founded Milestone Records with Orrin Keepnews, producing albums by Jim Hall/Ron Carter, Lee Konitz and others.

My own favourites among his recordings - next to classics like Carter's "Further Definitions" and "Kenny Dorham & The Jazz Prophets Vol. 1" - though are the Helen Merrill albums he masterminded, both as a producer as well as a pianist. They were recently reissued by Mosaic Records. Some of the finest vocal jazz ever put to tape! Ms. Merrill has posted an NYT review from 2008 on her site.

Marc Myers did an interesting interview with Katz, in the summer. Read it here.

These recordings aren't in perfect quality, far from in fact. But these are historical glimpses at a period when jazz' commercial decline was about to begin. Further, they offer an interesting mix: oldie Roy Eldridge pairs up with west coast tenor Richie Kamuca and east coast pianist Dick Katz. In addition, we get to hear some Kansas City blues from guest Jimmy Witherspoon. Tommy Potter, one of Bird's bass players, is on bass, and Eddie Locke, who often played with Coleman Hawkins around that time, is on drums.

Joe Newman, Dick Katz, Teddy Reig, Count Basie
(photo from Bill Crow's website)

Roy Eldridge
New York City (USA), Half Note
August 20 (#1-6) & 27 (#7-11), 1965

Roy Eldridge - trumpet
Richie Kamuca - tenor sax
Dick Katz - piano
Tommy Potter - bass
Eddie Locke - drums
Jimmy Witherspoon - vocals (#5 & 6 only)

1. Sweet Sue (5:47)
2. Stompin' at the Savoy (8:15)
3. Comin' Home Baby (7:04)
4. Rifftide (6:05)
5. It's a Low Down Dirty Shame (2:03)
6. Ain't Nobody's Business (2:11) [inc]
7. Announcement > The Heat's On (7:20)
8. Announcement (1:38)
9. Oh for Two (9:58)
10. I Surrender Dear (4:48)
11. Undecided (4:36) [inc]

TT: 59:50

Sound: #1-6: B+ (boomy bass) | #7-11: A-/B+
Source: WABC-FM broadcast (from vinyl, maybe bootleg?)
No lineage info

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Young Bard

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the poet laureate of rock'n'roll, the voice of the promise of the 60s counter-culture... who disappeared in the haze of substance abuse, who emerged to find Jesus, who was written off as a has-been in the 80, and suddenly shifted gears...

Check the comments for more

Monday, November 09, 2009

Joe Lovano - Newport 2009

The great saxophonist Joe Lovano had a bad fall in Spain, or as he calls it, a "freak accident":

"I'm okay. In a freak accident, I fell and somehow broke both arms. Had to cancel all gigs through the end of the year. I'll be back soon!" (from Lovano's twitter account)

I wish him all the best of a speedy recovery!

Here's a partial set, not in perfect quality, shared on dime recently.
The setlist isn't quite figured out yet... and there's a goof about #6 in the info file included (it IS "Viva Caruso" as far as I can tell, but much faster than on the Blue Note disc of the same name). If you have any additions to make, please post a comment!

Joe Lovano UsFive
Newport Jazz Festival
Newport, RI (USA)
August 9, 2009

Joe Lovano - tenor & soprano sax
James Weidman - piano
Esperanza Spalding - bass
Francisco Mela - drums
Otis Brown III - drums

(Us Five)
(Drum Song)
1. DJ intro (0:35)
2. Folk Art (Lovano) 6:47 [inc, cuts in]
3. unknown (11:40)
4. Dibango (Lovano) > Big Ben (Lovano) 12:38
5. drum solo (3:12)
6. Viva Caruso (Lovano) 8:10

TT: 43:03

Sound: A- (some dropouts and other issues)
Lineage: Sony XDR-F1HD HD Radio tuner (WBGO, 88.3, Newark, NJ HD Radio reception) -> Sound Devices 722(@16/44.1); Tracked in cdwav.

:: sbernstein (seeder on dime) note ::

Note song titles are just guesses based upon the setlist posted at the website

:: ubu note ::

Confirmed #2 as "Folk Art"
The first part of #4 came as "Song for Judi", but this seems to be "Dibango"
The second part of #4 was confirmed by a dimer as "Big Ben" (double checked by yours truly)
#3 sounds a bit reminiscent of a part of Coltrane's "A Love Supreme", once Lovano enters 3 minutes into the tune (the Psalm part?)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

CTI All Stars - Seattle 1973

Here's another big CTI party, from a year later and in ok AUD quality.
The usual suspects include Freddie Hubbard, Stanley Turrentine, Hubert Laws, George Benson, Airto and Jack DeJohnette, Bob James and "Hammond" Smith are on keys this time!

Thanks a lot to the original uploader on dime!

CTI All Stars
Seattle, WA (USA), Paramount Theater
July 29, 1973

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Stanley Turrentine - tenor sax
Hubert Laws - flute
Johnny "Hammond" Smith - organ
Bob James - keyboards
George Benson - guitar
Ron Carter - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Airto Moreira - percussion, voice

1. [Airto solo] (4:32) (fade in)
2. [Ron Carter solo with Jack DeJonette] (10:57)
3. Moment's Notice - Hubert Laws (7:18)
4. Amazing Grace - Hubert Laws Solo with Ron Carter (6:08)
5. El Mar - George Benson (9:18)
6. So What - George Benson (11:15)
7. Rock Steady - Johnny Hammond (9:49)
8. Working On A Groovy Thing - Johnny Hammond (5:13)
9. It's Too Late - Johnny Hammond (11:47)

1. Sugar - Stanley Turrentine (15:47)
2. Cherry - Stanley Turrentine (9:24)
3. Don't Mess With Mr. T - Stanley Turrentine (10:32)
4. First Light - Freddie Hubbard (13:50)
5. Yesterday's Dreams - Freddie Hubbard Solo (3:26)
6. Red Clay - Freddie Hubbard (17:08)

TT: 146:33

Sound: A-

Friday, November 06, 2009

Freddie Hubbard - Boston 1972 (re-post)

:: re-post - links following soon ::

Next show of Hubbard's - this one is great, similar to his CTI albums (I have "Red Clay" and "Straight Life" only - both are great). I always like to hear Junior Cook, and George Cables is a great musician, too. But of course this is mainly Freddie's show!

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :. : . : . : . : . :

Freddie Hubbard Quintet
Boston, MA (USA), The Jazz Workshop
26, 1972

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Junior Cook - tenor saxophone
George Cables - keyboards
Mickey Bass - bass
Lennie White - drums

1. Radio Intro > First Light > Ann FH (22:10)
2. Here's That Rainy Day (23:59) [fade-out/fade-in during song due to tape flip]
3. Announcement/Band Intros FH (1:09)
4. Mr. Clean (13:59) [fade out due to end of tape]

TT: 61:16

Sound: A/A-
Source: WBCN-FM (live broadcast)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

CTI All Stars - Munich 1972

Here's a massive slice of CTI all stars, recorded in Munich 1972, during the Olympic Games, it seems. Other artists that performed during the Olympic Games were John McLaughlin, both solo and with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, as well as a concert shared here before, by Art Blakey and Tony Williams (links are still good).

This CTI show features the late Freddie Hubbard, Stanley Turrentine, as well as Hubert Laws, Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette, Joe Farrell and other mainstays of the legendary Creed Taylor founded label.

Doug Payne has a great label discography up on his page, and there's a huge blog over here, hosting rips of many albums. Much of it is OOP or hard to find, I think... I didn't get much there as I'm not a big fan of CTI productions and the way they sound, usually... of course everyone ought to own "Red Clay" and "Straight Life" by Freddie Hubbard, though!

The CTI All Stars - CTI Olympic Jazz
München (DE), Kongresshalle (?)
Late August 1972

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Hubert Laws - flute
Hank Crawford - alto sax
Stanley Turrentine - tenor sax
Joe Farrell - tenor & soprano sax
Grover Washington Jr. - tenor sax
Bob James - piano & electric piano
Ron Carter - bass & electric bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Jackie & Roy - vocals
Esther Phillips - vocals

Frankie Crocker (Cooker?) - host

1. Also sprach Zarathustra w/Band Intros FC (4:07) >
2. Marvin Gaye Medley (10:55) [feat GW]
3. Talk (0:43)
4. Impressions (John Coltrane) 18:03 [feat all]
5. Talk (0:59)
6. Daahoud (Clifford Brown) 2:07 [feat J&R]
7. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (4:13) [feat J&R]
8. Munich Waltz (3:31) [feat J&R]
9. Talk (0:40)

1. Sound Down (24:31) [feat JF w/BJ,RC,JDJ]
2. Talk (1:47)
3. Red Clay (Freddie Hubbard) 18:09 [feat FH & ST w/BJ,RC,JDJ]
4. Talk (1:19)
5. Baby I'm For Real (4:03) [feat EPh]
6. In the Evening (6:27) [feat EPh]
7. Talk (0:40)

1. Talk (0:35)
2. Sugar (Stanley Turrentine) 11:40 [feat ST & FH w/BJ,RC,JDJ]
3. Talk (0:55)
4. Misty (Erroll Garner) 6:45 [feat HC w/BJ,RC,JDJ]
5. Talk (0:38)
6. Windows (Chick Corea) 10:54 [feat HL w/BJ]
7. Talk (0:23)
8. [unknown blues] (11:30) [feat EPh]
9. unknown (Closing) (8:18)

TT: 154:05

Sound: A-

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Don Cherry - Hilversum 1966

Here then is Don Cherry's magnificient 1966 quintet, a band featuring musicians from North and South America as well as from Europe. ESP Disk' has released three single discs, collecting this band's radio broadcasts from Copenhagen's Jazzhus Montmartre - highly recommended!

For more on Don Cherry, check out wiki, or the discography by Johann Haidenbauer hosted on daughter Neneh's site. Furthermore, there's a great site listing Cherry's unissued and unofficial recordings here.

By the way, it's not that easy to find photos of Don, as there's some fool (a used to be hockey player it seems) that goes by the same name and loves wearing disgustingly ugly suits...

Don Cherry
Hilversum (The Netherlands), Radio Hilversum
May 9, 1966

Don Cherry - trumpet
Gato Barbieri - tenor sax
Karl Berger - vibes
Bo Stief - bass
Aldo Romano - drums

1. Exodus / I Remember Clifford (6:33)
2. Suite - For the Children (25:14)

TT: 31:49

Sound: A-
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New York Contemporary Five - Copenhagen 1963

Here's a short radio broadcast by one of the important early avantgarde groups, the New York Contemporary Five. The quintet consisted of John Tchicai (a Dane with African ancestors), Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, Don Moore and J.C. Moses.

I'll follow this one with another short show by Don Cherry's great 1966 band - the two will fit onto one CDR, for those who still burn their music to discs.

The wiki entry isn't exactly very thorough. This site has some more discographical infos (but misses two of the releases).
I urge you all to get the Storyville release, which is weirdly titled "Archie Shepp & The New York Contemporary Five" and comprises both Sonet albums (minus one track, "Cisum" - anyone has that one and feels like sharing it here? Would be great!). The Savoy disc might by hard to come by, but it pairs a NYC5 date with a fine Bill Dixon session and is very much worth looking for as well. The Fontanas are impossible to find I guess, unless you have lots of $$$ to spend for them... I haven't even tried!

New York Contemporary Five
Copenhagen (Denmark), Radiohusets Koncertsal
October 27, 1963

Don Cherry - cornet
John Tchicai - alto sax
Archie Shepp - tenor sax
Don Moore - bass
J.C.Moses - drums

1. Emotions (9:41)
2. Monk´s Mood (2:56)
3. Consequences (16:27)

TT: 29:07

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Enrico Pieranunzi - Umbria Jazz 1999

Here's a fine solo recording by one of Italy's finest pianists, Enrico Pieranunzi.

If you can help with the setlist, please do so!

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Enrico Pieranunzi - Solo
Umbria Jazz 1999
Perugia (IT), Teatro Morlacchi
July 18, 1999

Enrico Pieranunzi - piano

1. (21:50)
2. (6:46)
3. (6:26)
4. (1:29) [inc, fade-in - begin of broadcast?]
5. (5:42)
6. (7:57)
7. (4:55)

TT: 55:07

Sound: A
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For the lovers of Egea music ....and of Pieranunzi Enrico !

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