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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Band - NYC 1976

As I won't have time to post again until the weekend, here's a third post for today... and again, not a jazz show, but a great recording by THE discovery of the year, at least in this house, The Band! (I wasn't even born in 1976, so it's obvious it took me a bit longer to find out... but I've had the "Basement Tapes" ever since my earliest teens... waiting for the new remaster to arrive as I type this!)

This is a terrific show from the Palladium in New York City, featuring Howard Johnson leading a horn section. Of course, the arrangements are great, and of course Garth Hudson plays the occasional sax solo, too!

The Band
New York City (USA), The Palladium
September 18, 1976

Rick Danko - vocals, bass, violin
Levon Helm - vocals, drums, mandolin
Garth Hudson - keyboards, accordion, saxes
Richard Manuel - vocals, piano, keyboards, drums
Robbie Robertson - guitar, vocals

Jerry Hey - trumpet
Tom Malone - trombone
Charlie Keagle - saxes, reeds
Howard Johnson - tuba, baritone sax

guest on CD2#2: Paul Butterfield - harmonica

1. DJ Intro / Applause & Stage Intro (1:20)
2. Ophelia (3:54)
3. The Shape I'm In (4:31)
4. It Makes No Difference (7:21) [radio talk at end]
5. The Weight (5:26)
6. King Harvest (3:51)
7. Twilight (4:01)
8. The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down (4:11) >
9. Across the Great Divide (3:38)
10. Stage Fright (4:50) [splice @ 4:12]
[missing: Forbidden Fruit - officially released!]
11. Acadian Driftwood (6:25)
12. The Genetic Method (4:21) >
13. Chest Fever (5:43)
14. This Wheel's on Fire (4:27)
15. Don't Do It (4:41)
16. DJ Talk / Applause (1:28)

1. Up On Cripple Creek (4:52)
2. Life's a Carnival (4:21) [harmonica by Paul Butterfield]
3. W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (3:28)

TT: 83:00

Sound: A-
Source: fm master (WNEW simulcast)
offending track "forbidden fruit" to comply with DIME

:: ubu edits ::

fixed all track marks
spliced #10 during applause [there was a small gap and a cut at end, then more applause at the beginning of #11]
added fade-out & deleted gap at end of #17 [there was a cut]
added fade-out at end of #18 [there was a cut]
added fade-in at beginning of #19
added fade-out at end of #19

Lineage: FM > ? > dime (FLAC) > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

nick said...

nice! thanks, ubu. The Band with horns is always nice -- it's understandably overshadowed by the Last Waltz, but Rock Of Ages is another fine live album with horns as well.

Yotte said...

Thanks UBU! I've been needing a Band fix lately. This looks like just the number...

kinabalu said...

Never too late, then. In my case, 1968, with the release of their first album, "Music from Big Pink" which alongside their second are my Band faves.

Neroon001 said...

one can never have enough of these guys playing live and in flac no less thank you very much for sharing this show !

Pythag said...

Thanks a lot brotha! I've needed a lossless copy of this for a long time! I hate to sound greedy, but u have any other band material? It's so hard to come by! I've got some stuff for trade...

ubu said...

I've got several other Band sets, but I'm not into trading these days (lack of time). Might post a few more here, eventually.