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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lee Konitz - Tokyo 1973 (r.i.p. Dick Katz)

Helen Merrill with the late
Dick Katz, 1924 - 2009

Here's another recording with Dick Katz, this time with Lee Konitz and one of his seventies bands, featuring Marshall Brown on trombone. These three recorded Lee's Milestone album "Peacemeal" in 1969 (which was also produced by Dick Katz).

Lee Konitz Quintet
Newport Jazz Festival Tokyo
Tokyo (Japan), Yubin Chokin Hall
October 1, 1973

Lee Konitz - alto sax
Marshall Brown - valve trombone
Dick Katz - piano
Michael Moore - bass
Jimmy Madison - drums

1. Subconcious Lee (Lee Konitz) 12:59
2. Stage Announcer + Announement Lee Konitz (2:45)
3. Mrs. Richard (Marshall Brown) 11:28
4. Golden State (15:31)
5. Ann. “Newport Jazz Festival in Tokyo" (0:23)

TT: 43:07

Sound: A-/B+
Source/Lineage FM (Copy from master, slight hiss, A-) –Revox A77- Denon CDR 1000 – HD- Flac -dime


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