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Monday, November 16, 2009

Stanley Turrentine - Denver 1975

This should have been posted months ago... in fact I think I promised posting it at the end of the big Freddie Hubbard tribute early this year.

Anyway, it's also a nice addition to the two recently shared CTI shows (here and here).

To be honest, at this point in time, Turrentine has long lost my interest... I love his early music on Blue Note, Prestige and Impulse (with and without Shirley Scott, his then wife), and I fancy Hubbard's first two CTI outings of course, but in the late sixties, to my ears, his music starts getting way too formulaic (ha!) and his sound and delivery doesn't help getting over it (as it often does, in his early music, which is pretty formulaic as well - isn't all hardbop? Well, most, I guess... I still love much of it!)
But this live session is pretty straight and far more interesting than I'd have thought. I recently played it again and that reinforced my positive impression. There's nothing earth-shaking going on here, but you can hear Stan at work, with a sympathetic band driven by the great Bruno Carr on drums.

Stanley Turrentine
Denver, CO (USA), Ebbett's Field
March 5, 1975

Stanley Turrentine - tenor saxophone
John Miller - piano & keyboards
Teruo Nakamura - bass
Bruno Carr - drums

1. Intro (1:01)
2. What Now My Love (14:25)
3. Ann ST > Sugar (10:24)
4. unknown (8:35)
5. unknown (8:49)
6. Ann ST > I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do (6:39)

1. Ann ST > Midnight and You (8:42)
2. Pieces of Dreams (6:32)
3. Ann ST > Girl Talk (9:03)
4. Outro / Applause (3:28)
5. Derik's Dance > Stage Outro (7:07) [encore]

TT: 84:48

Sound: A-
Lineage: Master Reel (DBX) > DAT > 1st Gen. Copy > Card Deluxe > Cool Edit


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Great! Thank you UBU!

Weekend Hippie said...

Great set list and show!

Many thanks for your blog, keeping the links cool, and all your hard work!

Mike said...

I hate to ask, but could you repost this one as well? I am late to the party and would very much like to get these CTI-related recordings. Thanks very uch!