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Monday, September 14, 2009

J.R. Monterose - 1970 / Warne Marsh - 1980 - In Copenhagen with Kenny Drew

Here's the first of the few in-circulation live shows by the great J.R. Monterose.
His discography can be found on Mike Fitzgerald's page.

The Warne Marsh part seems to be commercially available on Storyville.

Apologies for including it here, but I only just realized this has been released. It's in circulation among traders, alas. But the good news is that the Storyville disc has plenty of additional titles and hence should be an attractive buy!
I'm just sending in an order now!

J.R. Monterose with Kenny Drew [TT: 14:32]
Studio 11, Danish Radio, Copenhagen (DK)
April 30, 1970

J.R. Monterose - tenor sax
Kenny Drew - piano
Hugo Rasmussen - bass

1. Shafic (3:31)
2. My Old Flame (4:40)
3. Medium Blues (3:23)
4. Fast Blues (2:56)

Warne Marsh with Kenny Drew Trio [TT: 24:24]
Studio 11, Danish Radio, Copenhagen (DK)
Late April 1980, prob. April 21

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Kenny Drew - piano
Bo Stief - bass
Age Tanggaard - drums

5. Little Willie Leaps (Charlie Parker) 4:45
6. Easy to Love (Cole Porter) 5:11
7. Star Eyes (9:38)
8. Ornithology (B. Harris-C. Parker) 4:48

TT: 38:57

Sound: A-
Source: FM
Additional Lineage: FLAC > WAV > GoldWave > FLAC (8)(asb)

Edits (GoldWave):
- separated fm talk before #1 (15sec) (kept on back-up DVD)
- deleted fm talk before #5 (4sec)
- deleted fm talk before #6 (3sec)
- deleted fm talk before #7 (2sec)
- deleted fm talk before #8 (1sec)
- lowered volume of #8 (-3dB) - volume is clipped there, and was
much louder than #1-7, for a reason not known to me.


ubu said...

Do look for the Blue Note album pictured in the post, it's been reissued in Blue Note's RVG Series!
Also look for Kenny Dorham & The Jazz Prophets, Vol. 1 (Argo / Chessmates CD) and KD's Live a the Bohemia 2CD set (RVG Series on Blue Note).

Here's the DL link (FLAC + info, tagged as usual, I hope):

Christopher said...

Thanks for these two sessions. A friend studied with JR. He will appreciate this musci greatly as well.

cvllos said...

Dear friend Ubu
I just saw it now!
Incredible as it may seem, Rapidshare politics saved this link.
Thank you for your continuous effort to bring us these wonderful Jazz artists.

ubu said...

No - I deleted most of the links, but kept all the JR stuff!