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Monday, September 14, 2009

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - January 17, 1985

This was shared by blackforest on dime - thanks a lot!

It's one of two post-scripts to my earlier seven-part series of shows by Wolfgang Dauner's "Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart" project. The links for the whole series are still good, I just checked them!

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart
Peter Brötzmann / Albert Mangelsdorff / Wolfgang Dauner / Han Bennink
Stuttgart (Germany), poss. Villa Berg
January 17, 1985

Peter Brötzmann - baritone & tenor sax, clarinet, tarogato
Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone
Wolfgang Dauner - piano
Han Bennink - drums, percussion

1. First Attack (Dauner) 4:19
2. Sticks to come (Mangelsdorff) 8:16
3. Dropsticks (Bennink) 24:38
4. Jetzt stürzen wir wieder ab (Brötzmann) 20:32

TT: 57:45

Sound: A
Source/Lineage/Quality: FM – Maxell UDXL II 90 – R09 – Magix XXL 2008(mastering)

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