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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Young Bard

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the poet laureate of rock'n'roll, the voice of the promise of the 60s counter-culture... who disappeared in the haze of substance abuse, who emerged to find Jesus, who was written off as a has-been in the 80, and suddenly shifted gears...

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ubu said...

Bob Dylan
New York City, New York (USA), WBAI Studios
January 13, 1962

Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar, harmonica)

01. Lonesome Whistle Blues (Hank Williams/Jimmy Davies) 4:15
02. interview (4:28)
03. Fixin' To Die (Bukka White) 4:29
04. interview (1:00)
05. Smokestack Lightning (Howlin' Wolf) 3:12
06. Interview (1:24)
07. Hard Travelin' (Woody Guthrie) 3:41
08. interview (0:40)
09. The Death Of Emmett Till (Bob Dylan) 5:19
10. interview (1:50)
11. Standing On The Highway (Bob Dylan) 3:18
12. interview (1:36)
13. Roll On John (trad., arr. Bob Dylan) 3:15
14. interview (1:06)
15. Stealin', Stealin' (trad., arr. Memphis Jug Band) 3:24
16. interview (4:15)
17. (It Makes) A Long Time Man Feel Bad (trad., arr. Alan Lomax) 3:30
18. interview (0:55)
19. Baby Please Don't Go (Big Joe Williams) 2:14
20. interview (0:26)
21. Hard Times In New York Town (Bob Dylan) 2:59

TT: 57:27

Sound: A/A-


Broadcast March 11, 1962 in the program “Folksingers Choice”, Cynthia
Gooding's radio show

#13 released on There Is No Eye: Music For Photographs, recordings of
musicians photographed by
John Cohen, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW CD 40091, October 2001.

Only known Dylan recordings of Smokestack Lightning, Hard Travelin' and
Roll On, John

Mono radio broadcast, 60 minutes


Sorry in advance for the convoluted lineage but it seemed like the best
way to share this. I downloaded this boot from a file sharing site as a
big flac file and a Burrrn cue file w/ the artwork and an EAC extraction
log (renamed “original log”) but no checksum. I “burrrned” a CD with the
cue file. Checked it for lossy source (report included), checked it for
SBE's and then re-encoded it to flacs as separate tracks and created an
ffp. So I guess it goes something like

CD(silver)>flac w/EAC>CDR w/burrrn> wav w/EAC> flac w/TLH

This is a great recording. Here is the review from

“This is a true not-to-be-missed gem. It belongs in every Bob Dylan fan's
collection. The recording was made in February 1962. The date of March 11,
1962 is listed on the back cover, though this is most likely a
re-broadcast date. The original radio show broadcast could have been as
early as February. History is a bit fuzzy here. This long lost radio show
is in perfect quality. It is complete with wonderful live-on-the-spot
renditions of the above traditional and Dylan songs, as well as
fascinating conversation with a young, as yet undiscovered talent. Bob
relates, hilariously, the eponymous title of his soon to be released first
LP, and so much more. There is conversation in-between each song that is
priceless. All in all, one of the best boots ever to emerge.”

Hope you all enjoy.


banned from dime:

This contains commercially released material. Track 13 is mislabeled, it's
"Long John" but "Roll on John" (commercially released).

Interview with Cynthia Gooding contained on the CD with the Bob Dylan
See entry of 19th August 2005 at


FLAC, info, scans: