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Monday, November 02, 2009

Enrico Pieranunzi - Umbria Jazz 1999

Here's a fine solo recording by one of Italy's finest pianists, Enrico Pieranunzi.

If you can help with the setlist, please do so!

Thanks a lot to the original seeder on dime! (Was it you again, piergi?)
I did my usual bits of retracking and got rid of some radio talk.

Enrico Pieranunzi - Solo
Umbria Jazz 1999
Perugia (IT), Teatro Morlacchi
July 18, 1999

Enrico Pieranunzi - piano

1. (21:50)
2. (6:46)
3. (6:26)
4. (1:29) [inc, fade-in - begin of broadcast?]
5. (5:42)
6. (7:57)
7. (4:55)

TT: 55:07

Sound: A
Lineage: Sat recording - radio 3 - cdr philips - then ripped on flac directly many nights attached to my cdr philips ?...and how many concert may i peer with you ?
many, many other titles, all gratis, all no to sell, all no to mp3 !
Only for the love of music. Enjoy it !

For the lovers of Egea music ....and of Pieranunzi Enrico !

:: ubu edits ::

fixed marks
pasted separate applause tracks to end of #5 and #6
deleted fm outro at end of #9

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

fent99 said...

Hi Ubu
Looking forward to this. Saw Pieranunzi in the summer in Edinburgh and he was excellent.
by the way there's a Ceu set on nice stuff

ubu said...

Thanks a lot!

I found two:


July 2009:

Too bad these are only 96 kbs - and I can't even figure out how to save the files...

fent99 said...

Hey Ubu
I've no idea about the streaming versions either. (I have recorded the odd one and they sound ok) From the link I sent
there are links to podcasted versions The 3rd item down is the 2009 CeU show at 192 and right clicking on either the name CeU or the string of characters da7dfcc0-28ea-4b20-89be-d76cbbf0f8e6.mp3 should allow you to download it.

fent99 said...

PS I can up load the 2009 CeU set to somewhere else if that helps?

Derya said...

Today I converted the Seattle 2007 performances of Céu and uploaded them to you tube.
The can be accessed from the following link. Enjoy!