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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake - Fulda 1963 (Radio/FLAC)

Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake - a musical pairing made in heaven!

A short show has been shared on dime a few days ago, here it is for the non-dimers, and along with it, a big recommendation to check out this magic album of theirs:


Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake
Fulda (Germany)
April 20, 1963

Jeanne Lee - voice
Ran Blake - piano

1. Radio Intro (0:17)
2. Sermonette (3:25)
3. Round About It (2:25)
4. Where Will You Be (1:33) [voc solo]
5. unidentified title (3:11) [p solo]
6. One Mint Julep (2:01)
7. Lonely Woman (4:22)

TT: 17:18

Sound: A-/B+
Source/Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > Flac (level6) > Dime



ubu said...

bicho said...

this is wonderful! it goes directly into your heart. thank you!

keep boppin´

Big Banana said...

THANKS! I never knew they did a duet. This is a true hidden treasure.

Pierre said...

Two more recordings exist, if you wish them, I can upload tem


ubu said...

Pierre, you mean two more live recordings of this very duo?! I'd love to hear them, yes please!

Pierre said...

Here is one of them, I'm looking for the second one in cases, boxes, shelves... Too many records !
Please : I've downloaded it on my personal server
I can't let it there for a too long time, so download it and upload it on your sharing server.
Tell me informed when it's done.



Pierre said...

I found the last one ; Jeanne recorded it a few monthes before she died.
Wonderful records.
Please, upload them on your rapidshare server asap !


jb said...

Great collaboration. I was a big fan of their official recordings. This was an interesting period for Ran. Jeanne Lee has always been undervalued.
Many thanks for this.

hulaboy said...

Thanks much for sharing this precious document.

jeronimo said...

Please O please could you re up this Jeanne Lee rarity, please O please....
forever thankful