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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Andy Sheppard & Kuljit Bhamra - Bath 2008

Here's a bit of a different thing... I saw the amazing Hariprasad Chaurasia in concert on Sunday. While I don't have any live recording of his handy to share here (I have one, but it would take me a while to prepare it, in case there's interest), this short radio broadcast with tabla player and percussionist Kuljit Bhamra popped up on dime. With him is tenor and soprano saxophonist Andy Sheppard, whom I know mostly from various great projects by Carla Bley.

They met up at this year's Bath festival, and a bit of that concert was broadcast on BBC (seems if lots of people write to them, sometimes they're willing to broadcast the missing parts of a concert at a later time, too).


Andy Sheppard & Kuljit Bhamra
Bath International Music Festival
Bath (UK), The Invention Studios
May 27, 2008

Andy Sheppard - tenor & soprano saxophones (w/live sampling)
Kuljit Bhamra - tabla, percussion

1. Bye Bye / Dancing Man & Woman (22:03)
2. Dear Prudence (Lennon/McCartney) 9:10

TT: 31:13

Sound: A
Source: BBC Radio 3 "Late Junction" / June 4, 2008
Lineage: DVB-T (192kbps / 48Khz) > Nebula DigiTV > Hard Disk MP2 > mp3DirectCut

Complete broadcast


ubu said...

DL link:

I hope some enjoy some different music for a change! I realize the spectrum of what I've offered so far has been pretty broad already, with uploads Lester Young, Lee Wiley, Schlippenbach, Sonny Simmons, and that Blues, Boogie & Bop set, but this for once is a clear departure from black music/jazz/blues, whatever you want to call it.

hideo said...

looks to be another fun set and I think most of the people who visit you have pretty open minds on music ;)

thanks again for the great shows you've culled off of dime, they are much appreciated by us non-torrent people

bventure said...

I have this already from Dime, but I hope many more people can enjoy it thanks to you making it available here. I saw them together in Ludlow (UK) in 2005 and it was a splendid evening. Pity I didn't have the means to record it at the time.