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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Warne Marsh - Voorburg 1983 (FM > FLAC)

Here's a great show in very good sound quality, featuring that most nuanced of improvisers, Warne Marsh - definitely one of the most fascinating musicians ever! I just shared the links on another blog, hence I put them up here quickly and unprepared to comment much. Lou Levy, the pianist, can also be heard on Marsh's terrific Nessa album "All Music" (One Final Note review, Bagatellen review) which is available on CD with a bunch of bonus tracks (many of them alternates, but with an improviser such as Marsh, that's never boring).


Warne Marsh Quartet
De Tobbe, Voorburg (NL)
March 31, 1983

Warne Marsh - tenor sax
Lou Levy - piano
Jesper Lundgaard - bass
James Martin - drums

1. All About You (Lennie Tristano) 7:23
2. If You Could See Me Now (Tadd Dameron) 8:25
3. Switchboard Joe (5:54)
4. Limehouse Blues (7:10)
5. Emily (5:58) >
6. Sax of a Kind (6:37)
7. Lunarcy (8:22)
8. Speak Low (Weill-Nash) 7:40

1. Star Eyes (8:07) >
2. I'm Old Fashioned (8:29)
3. 317 East 32nd street (7:20)
4. The Dolphin (4:38)
5. Easy Living (5:42)
6. Devannah (8:18)
7. Background Music (6:02)

TT: 106:04

Sound: A/A-
Lineage: FM -> ? -> CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC

Edits: deleted fm talk, fixed marks/deleted gaps, move mark CD1#2/3 (-0.5sec)
Note: most applause was cut out, at the end of some tracks I cut out some tiny bits to omit all of it, when no music would be hurt by that.


ubu said...

DL links: said...

Love Marsh! You know, on the one hand, it's great to see some of the modern players digging him, but on the other, they don't get his soul -- only his technique, and when they play like that, I hear it as disrespectful to this under appreciated genius.

hookfinger said...

Warne Marsc grabs me!! So under appreciated. What a find here. thank you!!

ubu said...

bayviewsax, whom are you thinking about? The only younger sax player that I think has truly absorbed some of Warne Marsh's music is Mark Turner. He sort of got knighted by being chosen to play with Lee Konitz on a great studio album a couple of years ago...

Christopher said...

Thanks so much for this music.

moha said...

Thank You for this wonderful concert!

lorenzo said...

ubu the warne marsh file are not working, what a pity, such wonderful music! can you reseed them?
thanks a lot


ubu said...

lorenzo, all files are still up there. I gather there are problems with RS for non-paying users, but with some patience it should work out eventually!

Caroline Davis said...

any chance you still have DL links for this stuff? thank you!