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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shannon Mowday - Leipzig 2007 - more jazz from South Africa!

Here's another supplement to the South African theme. I'm happy to introduce young sax player Shannon Mowday. If you check out her website, it's obvious that she (or her marketing crew) tries to cash in on her looks, but believe me, she can play! And play she did with the likes of Winston Mankuku, Robbie Jansen or Stefon Harris, and play she does here, with her own band!

Shannon Mowday - African Eyes
31. Leipziger Jazztage
Leipzig (Germany), Schauspielhaus
October 6, 2007

Shannon Mowday – alto & baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, penny whistle
Mark Fransman – piano
Wesley Rustin – bass
Kesivan Naidoo – drums

guest on #4: Jeremy Olivier – guitar, vocals

1. unknown (11:00)
2. unknown > Ann SM (8:38)
3. Oasis of Bad Vibes (Family Politics) > Ann SM (7:47)
4. African Lullaby (Olivier) 5:06
5. Announcement SM (0:43)
6. Waltz for Daddy Bob (9:55)
7. unknown (11:39)
8. unknown (6:01)

TT: 60:54

Sound: A
Source: astra sat > nexus:s > hdd > nero wave editor > flac 
(astra sat uses MPEG1 Layer 2/256 kbps)

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