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Friday, July 04, 2008

Jeanne Lee, Mal Waldron and ONJ - Vienne 2000 (FM/FLAC)

Here's a follow-up to my short post featuring Jeanne Lee (wiki) in duo with Ran Blake. This time, she's the headliner - together with another outstanding pianist, Mal Waldron (wiki) - with that French institution, the Orchestre National de Jazz, headed at that time by Didier Levallet (wiki).

Again, this is a show I got from dime, quite a while ago, and edited it as good as I could. It was messy how it was presented there, and sound is much more like a multi-generational 80s radio broadcast than a 2000 FM show, but the music is glorious. But still, I assume this is out in trading circles in better-sounding versions - if you have it or know someone who has this in better sound, please do share it with me! Also if you can identify any of the unknown to me songs, please post in the comments!

Here is Lee singing, just three months before her untimely death from cancer in October 2000.

Jeanne Lee in Berlin 1971
(photography by Karlheinz Klüter, check out his great site!)

Mal Waldon & Jeanne Lee
with Orchestre National de Jazz (dir. Didier Levallet)
Vienne (FR), Jazz à Vienne
July 11, 2000

Mal Waldron - piano
Jeanne Lee - vocals
Harry Beckett, Michel Feugère, Nicolas Folmer - trumpet, flugelhorn
Phil Abraham, Yves Robert - trombone
Lionel Surin - french horn
Chris Biscoe, Frédéric Couderc - reeds
Jean-Rémi Guédon - tenor sax
Richard Foy - baritone sax, bass clarinet
Serge Lazarevitch - guitar
Didier Levallet - bass
François Laizeau, Ramon Lopez - drums

1. Caravan (8:45) [JL-MW duo]
2. All Alone (6:09)
3. unknown (15:29)
4. Day Dream (7:01)
5. Ann (DL?) (0:12)
6. Warm Canto (6:11)
7. Rockin' in Rhythm > Band Intros DL (7:50)
8. When Lights Are Low (3:55) [cuts in]

TT: 56:36

Sound: A-/B+ (very hissy)
Source: France Inter
No lineage info
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

DL links:

Anonymous said...

Ubu, I tip my cap a thousand times to you. Thank you! I saw Jeanne Lee in NYC with Joanne Brackeen on piano, what inspiring artists they were. I can't wait to hear her in this setting of such interesting horns. Salud! MB

Anonymous said...

Chere Monsieur Ubu,

Je vais telecharger ces morceaux cet apres.

Merci infiniment pour Jeanne Lee. Les concerts de Lester Young y a quelques mois etaient incroyable aussi.

Ses musiques sont une spirale de danse-flux-frisson-caresse-force.


Frédito said...

Oho merci UBU ! I should come more often...

Otis Foster said...

I never had a chance to hear her live, but thanks for adding this to my Jeanne Lee collection....

cba said...

Once i spended a vacation in Germany and as i was in Hamburg a got the opportunity to listen to Hampel's group with Lee after the concert i just walked back stage, introduced myself and asked her if she alow me to take a picture of her..."shure" and walked in a empty roon (totaly white roon) and star to model for me. Incredible i gues i make more then a dozen pictures of her ang Gunter (with his flute) was amazing since i was thinking on a simples portrait and she she was so friendly a looked sooo gut.

Thanks ubu!

Jakyjan said...

hello Ubu
what a nice name...! I am doing research on Jeanne Lee and looking for all the music i can gather together for analysis (and enjoyment of course).
i can't download anything from the three DJ links that appear on your post
thaznk you so much for helping me if you can!
I'm Clare, in france
my email is:

Jakyjan said...

Hello ubu
thanks, eventually it worked for me.
thank you for your email too. it's a great joy to be able to listen to those.

hulaboy said...

Mahalo, Ubu!


I just listened the concert, it's wonderful!
And the sound is very good.
But the correct title of track number 2 is, with any evidence, "Duke Ellington's sound of love", a composition by Charles Mingus.

bye, F.