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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tryptic (Humair/Celea/Couturier) - Paris 2008 (FM/FLAC)

Another edited dime seed here, this time by a great European piano trio: drummer Daniel Humair, longtime important member of the French jazz scene (he celebrated his 70th birthday a couple of weeks ago, on May 23), pianist François Couturier (he's probably best known for his collaborations with oud player Anour Brahem), and bassist Jean-Paul Celea. This is lyrical european chamber jazz of the highest order - check it out, open up your minds and ears and give a chance to something you've never heard yet!


Paris (France), Maison de la Radio France, Studio Charles Trenet
May 31, 2008

François Couturier - piano
Jean-Paul Celea - bass
Daniel Humair - drums

1. Adagietto of Symphony N.5 (Gustave Mahler) 13:22
2. The Rape of Lucretia (Benjamin Britten) 5:45
3. Good Mood (Joachim Kühn) 10:00
4. Inki (Harald Pepl) 8:21
5. Allegretto of Symphony N.7 (Ludwig Van Beethoven) 4:08
6. Dramadrôme (Daniel Humair) 5:29
7. Improvisation (5:47)

TT: 52:57

Sound: A
Lineage: FM > WAV (Wavelab) > FLAC (frontend level 8)
Source: Jazz sur le Vif, France Musique, 9 june 2008
Talk by Xavier Prévost


ubu said...

DL links:

hideo said...

just got a chance to take this in and it is REALLY quite something!


ubu said...

hideo, alas you're part of a very select group (less than two dozen) who were interested in this great concert! all the happier I am that I finally get a positive reaction!

hideo said...

well a bunch of suckas are missing out ;)

thanks for ALL these great live gigs