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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - November 19, 1976

With rapidshare having changed its policy and links getting deleted after 90 days of inactivity soon, expect a flurry of posts in the coming weeks, including "archival" posts listing all the still available links. I have plenty of files I uploaded more than 90 days ago and that had zero downloads, as I've not shared them.

Btw, wuala is no option, they allow 1-3GB for free, and 100 GB (which is what I use with RS at this time) would cost 160$ per year... that wouldn't account for new uploads. Also, with there hardly being any comment on the music, I wouldn't expect any donations to come in to cover that, so I'll just arrange and files will be deleted faster than before. And no, I'll not do re-ups all the time!

Ok, now on the good news, the music. Here's another show by Wolfgang Dauner's Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart (check out the earlier posts for more information).

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart
Stuttgart (Germany), Studio Villa Berg
November 19, 1976

Guenter Christmann - trombone
Detlef Schoenenberg - drums
Harald Bojé - synthesizer
Wolfgang Dauner - piano

1. Cave Canem (7:57)
2. Tet-Anus (10:56)
3. Sueddeutscher Rundfunk (11:45)
4. Trio One (6:42)
5. Trio Two (9:38)

TT: 47:00

Sound: A-
Source: SWF broadcast (1976)
Lineage: direct to Philips mono reeltape > CDR via sony RCD W3 > EAC > waveLab > trlilh .flac


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

aussenraum said...

As I suggested wuala as an alternative to RS ... The interesting feature of Wuala is that it allows you to trade local idle disk space on your computer for online storage. You get whatever you provide on your computer multiplied by your online time. So provided that you share enough space from your local hard disk and your computer is online sufficiently long enough you don't pay anything for online storage. In case you're interested this is described here. In addition Wuala offers the possibility to buy online storage.

ubu said...

Thanks for the explanation!
That sounds indeed interesting, but I think it's no option for me, really, as I need my notebook for other things and can't have it running and online all of the time... if I had a spare computer and a local network, it might be an option... I'll keep it in mind, maybe sometime in the future!