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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dave Douglas - Roma 2000

Here's a great show by Dave Douglas' "Soul on Soul" project, dedicated to the music of Mary Lou Williams.

Dave Douglas Sextet
Roma (Italia), Club La Palma
April 25, 2000

Dave Douglas - trumpet
Joshua Roseman - trombone
Greg Tardy - tenor sax, clarinet
Uri Caine - piano
James Genus - bass
Ben Perowsky - drums

1. Soul on Soul (12:27)
2. Ageless > Ann DD (11:21)
3. Iris (Mary Lou Williams) > Ann DD (3:29)
4. Mary's Idea (Mary Lou Williams) (2:40) [short fm voiceover at beginning]
5. unknown (Thelonious Monk?) 8:40
6. unknown (15:10) [cuts in, 5 seconds missing]

1. Play It, Mama (Mary Lou Williams) > Ann DD (7:25)
2. Three Little Monsters (Dave Douglas) 6:25
3. unknown (8:15) [cuts in, 4 seconds missing]
4. Waltz Boogie (Mary Lou Williams) > Ann DD (6:56)
5. Moon Up the West (Dave Douglas) 11:26
6. unknown (7:46)

TT: 102:06

Sound: A
Source: broadcast by Radio Rai 3 (live)
Lineage: FM recording > Philips cdr 770 > wav > flac with freeRIP

:: ubu edits ::

- fixed marks
- deleted most of the fm voiceover at beginning of #4
- deleted a bit of fm talk (and music) around the mark of CD1#5/#6
- moved DD Announcement from beginning of CD2#2 to end of CD2#1
- deleted a bit of fm talk (and music) around the mark of CD2#2/#3
- added fade-outs at end of CD1#5, CD1#6, CD2#2 and CD2#6

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

renrew said...

Thanks for this concert, grate selection on your blog.
Found an interesting video at:
with the DAVE DOUGLAS QUINTET in Hungary.

FONT said...

Glad you like the music, guys.

You can always get the real thing at It's my company. We could use the support.

Dave Douglas