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Monday, October 05, 2009

World Saxophone Quartet - London 2005

The re-vamped World Saxophone Quartet (with Bruce Williams on second alto), with the addition of Craig Harris and the rhythm section of Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Lee Pearson on drums play Jimi Hendrix... can't get much more raucous than this!

Thanks a lot to Tom_P for sharing this on dime, and for allowing me to post it here, as well!

Read an AAJ fireside chat (by Fred Jung) here.

World Saxophone Quartet plays Jimi Hendrix
London Jazz Festival
Barbican Hall, London (UK)
November 14, 2005

Oliver Lake - alto sax
Bruce Williams - alto sax
David Murray - tenor sax
Hamiet Bluiett - baritone sax
Craig Harris - trombone
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - bass
Lee Pearson - drums

1. Hattie Wall (WSQ Theme Tune) 6:09
2. Band Intros (1:30)
3. Freedom (7:53)
4. Hey Joe (10:43)*
5. The Wind Cries Mary (11:53)
6. If 6 Were 9 (7:40)
7. Foxy Lady (4:33)*
8. Little Wing (8:23)
9. Machine Gun (15:37)
10. Band Intros > Hattie Wall (WSQ Theme Tune) 2:15

* Extra tracks in re-broadcast

TT: 76:43

Sound: A
Source: BBC DAB (2006-08-25 re-broadcast) > Yamaha 1300 audio HD recorder
Editing: None
Transfer: AMQR CDR > EAC > Flac Frontend (level 6)
Quality: EX, digital all the way to you

This is another BBC Jazz on 3 re-broadcast (by listener vote) of the WSQ's tribute to
Jimi Hendrix. It has additional tracks to the original broadcast and now here it is in
an all-digital recording clarity.

It is a wonderful show that should appeal to listeners new and also, as an upgrade, to
those who got it first time round here on on Dime ...

... Enjoy!!

1. Details (and more) on the BBC Jazz on 3 website
2. As usual, no artworks - anybody?

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ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Wallofsound said...


serviceton said...

thanks ubu - I had not heard this before.
On the 'AAJ fireside chat', they sound mildly, rather than wildly enthusiastic about the Hendrix stuff..
And there'd have to be questions about such a singular artist becoming 'repetoire' - his tunes [as tunes] becoming part of the 'canon'?
Well, maybe. For me (carping as always) it's partly unsuccessful, but good to have heard all the same. Loved the recapturing of some of the tender sonorities of Wind Cries Mary - around 6 mins or so. It's church music!
BTW - the 2 parts above unrar to 5 tracks, 4 tunes - complete. Tracks 6 - 10 as listed above, don't appear to be there.

cba said...

At the moment i' m listen the Cormòns performance of then (@ Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival, Oct. 10,2005 that is really great i guess London one will be also a killer. Thanks+much ubu

cba said...

Great stuff...really great... it is allready it will be #1 this weeck on my iphone..for shure.

BTW the on Cormòns performance according the tape txt that Steve Potts does also enjoy the group (if he did it for shure would he -as guest became a solo) but i can't figure it out...some help?

Thanks again for the BBC edit