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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michel Petrucciani Solo - Berlin 1995

Here's a special offering - a 1995 solo concert by Michel Petrucciani, shared originally on dime by "duckberry", however it was banned for having lossy lineage, and he was forced to do a new transfer of an aging tape... here we have what is the better-sounding version - never mind the minidisc/attrac file format in the lineage!

This comes with duckberry's blessings - thanks a lot!

For those who prefer the "pure" lineage with a bit lesser sound quality, go here.

Michel Petrucciani - Solo
Berlin (Germany), Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie
October 25, 1995

Michel Petrucciani - piano

1. Medley of my Favorite Songs (45:54):
Maiden Voyage > My Funny Valentine > In A Sentimental Mood >
Lush Life > In A Sentimental Mood > ? > Autumn Leaves > ? >
Take The "A" Train

1. Romantic But Not Blue (14:50)
2. Looking Up > 'Round Midnight (8:03)
3. Caravan (8:53)
4. Love Letter (8:50)
5. These Foolish Things (6:10)

TT: 92:44 - complete concert

Sound: A
Lineage: FM -> Tape -> MD -> HD -> dime

Editing: CD Wave Editor
Dehissing: MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 15 deluxe
Fade in/out: WaveLab
Rising of Level (200%) of Track #3: WaveLab
Wav to Flac (Level 8): Easy CD-DA Extractor

This concert is one of my treasures. I never saw it anywhere, so I thought it to be worth the effort. Whith only a cable as antenna and my old Denon tuner (Nakamichi or Akai tape deck) I captured it in my ground floor student room. I remember how glad I was that Michel's 1st set perfectly fitted an side A of the tape. Luckily the clapping was long enough to turn the cassette around.
About 10 years ago I copied some of my tape recordings to minidisc. This version seems to be be best I have. Only track #3 is from a fresh transfer from the old tape, because apparently ten years ago I forgot to copy it.
If there should be an audio freak out ther in cyber space who might create a superior version: I recently copied the original tape via new and pretty good soundcard (Asus Xonar D") in a 24bit version to pc. No problem to send a copy.
Please feel free to cintribute to the setlist or to create some artwork.
Do not sell or convert to lossy format.

:: ubu note ::

duckberry seeded this one dime, it was banned as he mentioned still having the original tape.
He did a new transfer with the following comment:

"About 10 years ago I copied some of my tape recordings to minidisc. Yesterday I tried to ul the minidisc version, because in my ears it sounds better then the 14 years old tape. But that torrent was banned, because in theory a fresh transfer from the master tape should be better than the one with the lossy minidisc (ATRAC) step. But the (lossy) minidisc version has come much better through the last decade than the tape ..."

and he kindly allowed me to share the lossy lineage but better sound version over here!


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

riccardo said...

The story of this recording is rather particular, but the music
is really wonderful!

many many thanks to both "duckberry"
and ubu

Copacetic47 said...

missed this on dime ... many many thanks!

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jazzbear said...

Thnks you so much. This is truely a gem.