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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chet Baker & Allen Eager - Amsterdam 1982

Ever heard Chet doing a Hank Mobley tune? No? Ok, here's your chance! And the best bit of it, it's not just Chet, but Allen Eager's here, too! Read Len Dobbin's extended tribute to Allen here.

Thanks a lot to jazzrita for trading this to me, years ago!

See lexman's comment below for possible corrections!

Chet Baker/Allen Eager Quintet
Amsterdam (NL)
June 19, 1982

Chet Baker - trumpet
Allen Eager - tenor sax
Michel Graillier - piano
Jan Vogt - bass
Jon Engels - drums

1. Funk in Deep Freeze (Hank Mobley) 13:17
2. Announcement Chet Baker > Down (Kenny Dorham) 13:00
3. Mr. B (8:14)

TT: 34:30

Sound: A-/B+
Source: radio broadcast


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Lexman said...

Hi there, Sjogrens discography mentions as date 19 July 1984, that coincides with Eagerss tour in Europe.

I guess the 3rd track must be Margarine and not Mr. B, at least it's not mentioned in Sjogren.

In total 11 tracks were played that night.
I have from this session My Foolish Heart (omit Eager) and Strollin' (omit eager as well)

ubu said...

Lexman, would you be so kind and listen to the music and then let me know if you can indeed confirm?

Would be much appreciated!

Also, if you feel like sharing the two tunes you have, please do so here, or drop me an email (there's an address in my blogger profile)!

Bhowani said...

thanks a lot ubu...

Baker and Eager together ! + Mickey Graillier !! (I love this piano player and was lucky enough to hear him several times in Paris...)

Lexman said...

I will gave them a listen (might be in the weekend) but the time of the tracks corresponds already!

one correction of my part, the tour of Alan Eager i was referring too was in 1982 of which recordings do exist.

i'll post my remarks this weekend !

Lexman said...

I finally had the opportunity to listen at your upload Ubu. It's indeed from the july 1984 date...

I'll see if i can upload the two other tracks...

ubu said...

Thanks a lot for confirming, Lexman!

Would be great if you could indeed share the additional tunes!

Otis Foster said...

What an interesting share. Look forward to hearing it.