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Friday, April 04, 2008

Trio 3 + Irene Schweizer - Zurich 2007 (Unerhoert 1/4)

Some folks asked for some of the Unerhört seeds I put up on dime a while ago - four of them I'll share here, the two lesser known Swiss groups of Yves Reichmuth and Lucas Niggli would not get more than half a dozen or a dozen downloads, so I won't bother.

These uploads are all in lossless FLAC format, by the way!

Here's the first instalment of four, and probably already the highlight, the meeting of piano giant and hometown heroine, Irene Schweizer (her releases on Intakt), with a trio of giants of Great Black Music, Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille (also known as "Trio 3" - their new disc on Intakt).

This concert, it seems, was professionally recorded - I hope for a CD release on Intakt, but I have no idea if it was them or some radio station that taped it. As far as I know, the concert hasn't been broadcast yet, so this recoring of yours truly is the only way to dig it for the time being.


Trio 3 (Lake-Workman-Cyrille) feat. Irene Schweizer
Unerhört 2007 - Zürich (Switzerland), Rote Fabrik - November 24, 2007

Oliver Lake - alto sax
Irene Schweizer - piano
Reggie Workman - bass
Andrew Cyrille - drums

1. (9:16) [quartet]
2. (7:28) [quartet]
3. (5:26) [piano/bass]
4. (6:28) [quartet]
5. (7:46) [quartet]
6. (4:55) [piano/drums]
7. (6:54) [trio]
8. (5:01) [piano/alto sax]
9. (6:54) [trio]
10. (5:52) [quartet - encore]

TT: 66:05

Sound: A- (mono)
Source: audience recording, front/centre
Lineage: crappy Sony mic > minidisc > analogue to HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded, transferred & shared by ubu


ubu said...

DL links:

Gato Medio said...

Hi, Your Royal Highness,

I've been hanging around your blog for a few weeks but never found enough of a reason to leave a message. It may be old-fashioned, but simply saying thank you should be reason enough.

This latest delivery made me remember a concert I went to as part of the Frankfurt Jazz Festival. I don't remember the year but my guess is that it was in the late sixtieth or early seventieth. The organizors gave a bunch of way-out musicians a chance to present themselves to a larger public - at 11am on Sunday. The concert featured the Irene Schweizer Trio with Buschi Niebergall (and I admit to my shame that I don't remember the name of the third member). The same concert also had a set by a young baritone saxophonist by the name of Peter Brötzmann. Quite possibly there were others worth remembering - but it was a long time ago. Just in case anybody's wondering, no, I did not tape the concert.

Anyway, thanks for your excellent selection and for the professional way you go about presenting it.


ubu said...

Hi Gato,

thanks for your kind comment, much appreciated in the general silence around here!

Schweizer is great, she has grown musically. Check out her second duo album with Pierre Favre (Ulrichsberg) or her solo album "Chicago Piano Solo" (both on Intakt) to hear some of her best recent playing!

I'm much too young to have experienced any of these great European iconoclasts back when their music was hot and indeed provocative, but I'm glad to be able to catch those who are still around, at least!

I hope you'll enjoy the other Lake show, the Brötz and the Workman solo set that I'll put up here, as well!

Arcturus said...

Mega-thanks for this - I'll admit to an "awwww" moment of envy when I saw the earlier dime posting - asking seemed cheesey given all that you do post. Schweizer should be fun to hear playing with these guys. 1/2 hour of solo R Workman coming up? force me! :)

While I'm here, lemme thank you for all the live concerts you've shared here - they are greatly appreciated & enjoyed.

I had #vol's 4-6 of the Lester Young in a box (similar ones were issued w/ B Holiday & Bird) & thanks to you, am now enjoying the whole set.

Anonymous said...


Just found your nice blog when gewgling "abbuehl umea", as I'm looking for the one track (#7 - "In the Dark Pine Wood") that I'm missing from that concert. Anyway, the search results have led me here, and also, after reading a a bit, to DIME.

Unfortunately, it seems that both the UMEA concert, as well as the one you recorded, no longer turn up in searches on DIME. Would it be possible for you to repost or reseed them? I'd love to hear your recording, as well, of course, as the track I'm missing from UMEA (the set I have is in mp3 -- if you have the whole show in lossless format, that would be even better!)

Many thanks,


hideo said...

as always, us torrent-less tune lovers appreciate these shows

Anonymous said...

These look amazing! Trouble is, I can't get the whole filename to show (they end with 'Zuri', which is clearly not sufficient...). Any way round this problem?


Anonymous said...


Hate to look so stupid in public! Problem solved. Thanks!

SOTISE said...

thanks ubu
much appreciated.

cvllos said...

After many weeks I dlded it I heard and it impressed me: how young brains are expressing jazz today. How so much energy they have! Thanks Mr Ubu for this oportunity.

T.I.M. said...

Thanks a lot, Ubu. I'm a big Schweizer fan and anything featuring her is more than welcome!