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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bley/Peacock/Motian - Trevano 1999 - now on dime

For once again I share something over on dime - a partial re-seed, with two more tunes added from my own "vault":


This is an extended version of unclewolfi's seed here:

#1-7 are unchanged, so you can copy them from the previous folder into the new folder created by this torrent. Just start this torrent, wait till it picks up, check the respective folder, overwrite #1-7 with the files from wolfi's torrent's folder, and you'll only need to grab #8-9!

#8-9 come from the same source I seeded previously (see the info jazzrita posted in the comments to wolfi's seed)

No art included, just in case - the setlist was screwed up on wolfi's seed anyway - maybe you want to create new art adapting your previous one, wolfi?

***** EXPANDED RE-SEED *****

Paul Bley - Gary Peacock - Paul Motian
Trevano (Switzerland), Aula, Technische Hochschule
March 18, 1999

Paul Bley - piano
Gary Peacock - bass
Paul Motian - drums

1. Hackesack (Thelonious Monk) 6:49
2. Set Upet (Gary Peacock) 5:34
3. Mambo Jambo (Paul Motian) 11:21
4. Ostinato (Paul Bley) 9:58 [p-solo]
5. Dialogue (comp. unknown) 6:12
6. When Will the Blues Leave (Ornette Coleman) 5:27
7. I Loves You Porgy (George Gershwin) 4:48
8. Moor (Gary Peacock) 6:55
9. New Sphere (comp. unknown) 5:36

TT: 62:45

Sound: A (1-7), A/A- (8-9)

Source: dime seed by unclewolfi (files unchanged) (RSI 2 "Jazz Concerto" / 2008-04-20)
Lineage: astra sat > nexus-s > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(astra sat uses MPEG1 Layer 2/256 kbps)

Source: DRS 3 broadcast (Jazz Special) / prob. 1999
Lineage: FM > Tape > Minidisc > analogue transfer to hd (GoldWave) > CDR > FLAC (Level 6)


Wolfi's seed (#1-7) had the titles #2/#3 and #5/#6 reversed

I did NOT change anything about #1-7 though, in order to make this seed faster and allow people to pick up with #1-7 from Wolfi's seed. #8/9 are tagged fully and include the corrected setlist, too (in the comments field).

***** EXPANDED RE-SEED *****

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