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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Johnny Griffin live in 1969 - on dime and right here, too!

The "Little Giant" has always been one of my favourite tenor sax players. The solo on the opening title of "Congregation" (Blue Note) is one of my favourites, and both "Way Out" and "Johnny Griffin Sextet" on Riverside are terrific albums.
Then there was his tenor combo with Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - smokin'!

Johnny Griffin in Dortmund 1969
© Karlheinz Klüter

Here's a great radio show from 1969, recorded at the Hungarian Albia Regia festival with the rhythm section of Kenny Drew (who plays on both mentioned Riverside albums, too), Jimmy Woode, and Art Taylor.


Johnny Griffin Quartet
Alba Regia
Szekesfehervar (Hungary)
May 16, 1969 (NOT May 21 as originally stated!)

Johnny Griffin - tenor sax
Kenny Drew - piano
Jimmy Woode - bass
Art Taylor - drums

1. Stage Intro / Announcement JG (4:16)
2. The Jamfs Are Coming (Johnny Griffin) 16:33
3. Announcement JG (0:24)
4. All the Things You Are (14:06)
5. Announcement JG (0:49)
6. Body and Soul (Green-Sour-Heyman-Eaton) 13:45
7. Announcement JG (0:33)
8. A Night in Tunisia (Gillespie-Papparelli) 17:42
9. The Theme (Miles Davis) 2:17

TT: 70:25

Sound: A/A- (mono)
Source: FM BDC>?>CDR
Lineage: CD from trade > EAC > FLAC > dime (seeder: matt23)
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit > WAV
Edited & shared by ubu

- split up tracks (came as just two, see notes below)
- cut duplication/spliced the one earlier mark between #4 and #5

Googling around to make sure this hasn't been released commercially, I found this:
The date given there is May 16, 1969 - now I don't understand Hungarian, so most of the hits google delivered I'm unable to understand - can anyone clarify the date, please?
I took the date from the original seed!


Here's the dime link:

The link to the MP3 @ 320 kbs version will be in the comments, as usual.


ubu said...

Here's the dl-link: said...

Nice stuff!

Thanks for posting!

gaston said...

I'am a J.griffin fan too. ( excuse my pitiful english, I'm french ).

when I was 20 years old ( infortunately it was not yesterday ! ) I bought a record of JG : "the kerry dancers " ( riverside, with barry harris ). I have lost it and never saw it released . if somebody owns this record and could share it I were very happy....

Niko said...

wow, thank you so much.. have only tried out A Night in Tunisia so far and i really like that version...

the kerry dancers are a great album! it was out on cd on ojc but it is one of those ojcs that have become unavailable recently (even at the concord website), so you are about a year late... you may still find copies of the ojc or japanese editions on amazon marketplace but not below 20$ it seems...

ubu said...

About time I catch up and post some replies to comments!

I have "The Kerry Dancers", it's fine, but I much prefer both "Way Out" and "JG Sextet" from his Riverside years.

Anyway, I will not post the Kerry Dancers here. There's a cheap Japanese edition available that I found in Paris in October (at Gibert's on Blvd. Saint-Michel), in case you might want to try your luck there, too, Gaston!

Here's that Japanese release on CD universe (it's backordered alas):
At Gibert's it was much cheaper, they had a whole lot of discs from this series (new, not used), and they were all normally prized, even though they were Japanese. I also picked up "The Little Giant" there!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful session .Thank you

gaston said...

merci des infos. Kerry dancers n'est peut être pas le meilleur disque de JG mais c'est le premier que j'ai entendu, ça laisse des traces. Je vais tenter ma chance chez Gibert...

les photos du film c'est la chinoise ?

ubu said...

Oui, c'est "La chinoise" - la fille est magnifique!

Mais le film n'avait pas des soutitres, et j'avais assez mal à comprendre... mais je trouvais bien amusant le film - un p'tit peu prophétique aussi... comme j'ai dit, j'adore Godard - "Le mépris", "Pierrot le fou", "A bout de souffle", "Weekende" - ce sont tous des films très chers pour moi!

Comme j'ai dit, je trouvais la disque de Griffin dans une gondole (je ne connais pas ce mot, j'éspère que c'est juste en ce contexte) dédié à des disques japonais nouveaux, pas au même place que la plupart des diques jazz.

Pour moi, le disque décisif de Griffin, c'était "The Congregation" (Blue Note - j'avais le vinyl Connoisseur d'abord, maintenant, j'ai aussi l'edition RVG en CD).

gaston said...

bienvenue au club des inconditionnels de jean luc godard!!!

for me the best record of johnny griffin is "change of pace" -1961- with julius watkins and bill lee ( the father of spike ); very different of the usual work of johnny.

Kartoffelsalat+Jazz said...

This Hungarian site shoot always my browser down but as i understand there the concert was on friday 16. May, 69 - and what "Székesfehérvár" is i could not find out but i will check it out and compare with a (accurated) collector. It will take a few days. The question here is: Is this a pre-annoncment or a radio programm accurate cedule.

ubu said...

Yes, that's correct - sorry for not mentioning it earlier. Someone on dime obviously understood Hungarian and said the date was indeed May 16!

There's no radio talk on this show, to be sure, just the lengthy stage announcement at the beginning.

hulaboy said...

Good stuff. Thanks!

Terry W. Gibbs said...

f**ing hilarious. Just look up what J.A.M.F means in the urban dictionary.