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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lester Young Live (4-6/16) - 1950 monster gig with Kenny Drew & Jo Jones (For Europeans Only #5)

Here's the weekend's instalment, a 3-in-1 package, featuring a whole lot of music - and there seems to be even more from these gigs, or that gig, if it was indeed just one, which I doubt if I see the amound of music recorded... Pres is backed here by Kenny Drew and Jo Jones, the bassist's identity isn't clear (Leroy Jackson or Aaron Bell, the later of whom I know from Ellington, well at least from the "Duke Ellington Meets John Coltrane" album on Impulse), and Jesse Drakes is on trumpet - he'll be part of Pres' band on future uploads here, too. Not a great player, really, but good enough, for sure...

Lester Young – Live and private recordings in chronological order (Discs 4-6)

February 22, 1950
Lester Young Quintet
Savoy Ballroom, New York City

Jesse Drakes t; Lester Young ts; Kenny Drew p; Leroy Jackson or Aaron Bell b; Jo Jones d

Disc 4 /1950

1. Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid (Theme) (Young) 0:53
2. Neenah (Young) 3:53
3. I Cover The Waterfront (Green-Heyman) 7:20
4. These Foolish Things (Morrell-Strachey-Link) 4:09
5. Lester Leaps In (Young) 3:11
6. Sunday (Coots-Grey) 7:51
7. Destination Moon (?) 8:48
8. Mean To Me (Turk Ahlert) 4:36
9. Pennies From Heaven (Johnston-Burke) 6:52
10. Stardust (H. Carmichael) 7:39
11. Three Little Words (Kalmar-Ruby) 6:46

Disc 5 /1950

1. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Fields-McHugh) 6:03
2. Oh, Lady, Be Good (G. & I. Gershwin) 6:32
3. ‘Deed I Do (Hirsch-Rose) 6:31
4. Almost Like Being In Love (Lerner-Loewe) 5:02
5. I Cover The Waterfront (Green-Heyman) 5:03
6. I Got Rhythm (Gerswhin) 12:58
7. Up ‘N Adam (Young) 5:30
8. Perdido (Juan Tizol) 10:56
9. One O’Clock Jump (Count Basie) 5:57

Disc 6 /1950

1. D. B. Blues (Young) 10:49
2. ‘Deed I Do (Hirsch-Rose) 8:54
3. Untitled Blues (Young) 2:22
4. Lester Leaps In (Young) 6:10
5. Blues with Bridge (Young) 6:49
6. Seventh Avenue Romp (?) 6:59
7. In A Little Spanish Town (Lewis-Wayne-Young) 10:39
8. Oh, Lady, Be Good (G. & I. Gershwin) 8:30

The above date is spoken on one of the source recordings, but it appears that these titles derive from more than one night.
More tunes are known to be recorded at these date(s) than on discs 4-6


ubu said...

Seeing no one even downloaded disc 3 yet, I'll take a little break after this and resume posting next week, then!

Hope you'll enjoy! Please let me know!

ekebbbapg said...

Wow! I can't thank you enough for posting this, ubu. I'd be very grateful if you could upload disc 3 again... Prez rules!

Best wishes,

ubu said...

Oi, I'm sorry, EKE and everybody - I forgot to post the link to disc 3 - it's in the comments now, in the respective post!

franconero said...

Voltre Altesse Ubu,

merci beaucoup, mais merde. L'ennui, c'est Vol. 5.
Does not d/l.

ubu said...

Vol. 5 has been dowloaded over a dozen times already, so I guess there's no problem there! Just keep trying!

jazzmaniac said...

Thank you Ubu for the wonderful
Lester Young recordings.
God bless you and Pres

Otis Foster said...

Thanks Ubu for the comprehensive coverage of Prez' less easily found work

hulaboy said...

Thanks, Ubu. I already had all but two of these titles, but they are scattered among several LPs and commercial cassettes; it's nice to have them all in one place.

J said...

thanks for the great post
still active 9/4/09

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thanks for these, I don't know this period of Pres so well but was reading comments elsewhere on your blog and thought I would check em out.