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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bright Moments! Rahsaan live at the Village Vanguard (1974)

This is my own fixed version of a show shared on dime in several versions. This here was an upgrade and it sounds very, very good, considering it's an audience tape from the 70s!

All I did was fix some marks, add some fades and some such, sound was left unchanged, except of course for the compression to MP3 @ 320 kbs. Links in comments, as usual.


Rahsaan Roland Kirk and the Vibration Society
Village Vanguard, New York City (USA)
April 4, 1974

Rahsaan Roland Kirk, tenor sax, stritch, manzello, flute, clarinet, etc.
Kenny Rogers, baritone sax
Hilton Ruiz, piano
Henry "Pete" Pearson, bass
John Goldsmith, drums

1. Hackensack (Thelonious Monk) 12:43 [cuts in during opening theme]
2. A Love Supreme (John Coltrane) 10:38
3. Blow the Man Down (10:23)
4. If I Loved You (9:02)
5. Band Intros + Bright Moments Intro (1:43)
6. Bright Moments (6:29)
7. Flytown Nose Blues (6:03)
8. Satin Doll (1:32)

1. Miles' Mode (?) (8:10) [cuts in]
2. [blues tune] (10:21)
3. Clickity Clack (5:18)
4. Sophisticated Lady (4:15)
5. C-Jam Blues / Rockin' in Rhythm(?) (9:10)
6. Flytown Nose Blues (6:50)
7. Satin Doll (1:20)
8. Trane outro (0:58)

TT: 104:55
Sound: A- / Source: 1st gen. / EX aud


ubu said...

DL links:

Anonymous said...

ubu-this looks great but having a little trouble downloading.are both links "part1"? much appreciated!

John V.

ubu said...

The first link is part 1 (100MB, the second is part 2 (34MB) - to be honest, I don't see what could be a problem here. To piece it together, open part 1 in winrar ( and if you'll extract it, the whole thing will be there in one folder.

John V said...

ubu-the problem has become obvious. i'm a works fine for me now.thank you for sharing this and your patience.

John V.

ubu said...

Glad to hear that, enjoy the music then!

Anonymous said...

GREAT stuff, F. Thank you!
A blog admirer from Jerusalem...



ubu said...

Good to see you around here, Barak! Hope all's well!

kevinffm said...

thanks ubu

Hubert said...

First of all, a very warm thank you from France for sharing Kirk's tunes and more generally for your blog! But I'm wondering if those tunes were really recorded at the Village Vanguard or at the "Keystone Korner", San Francisco (same session than "Bright moments"). Do you have the answer ?

ubu said...

Well, I don't know why you ask that question, hubert - my info says Village Vanguard, that's all I know, that's why it says Village Vanguard and not Keystone Korner...

giveitaname said...

Thanks big!!!

aroonie said...

Many thanks for Roland Kirk. One to add to my collection. Nice blog

aroonie said...

Not Keystone Corner Hubert. The band is different. It was Rahsaan Roland Kirk (ts, mzo, str, cl, fl, nose fl, misc. inst.) Ron Burton (p) Todd Barkan (syn, tamb) Henry Mattathias Pearson (b) Robert Shy (d) Joe Habad Texidor (per)

Ubu's VV recording has different personnel.

Aroonie (in the bottom right hand corner of the world.)

aroonie said...

I've been listening to CD2 track 2 which you have down as an untitled blues. The song is the old 1923 TIN ROOF BLUES by The New Orleans Rhythm Kings.

Thanks again for the music

ubu said...

Thanks for the additional info, aroone - appreciated that you share it!

nothing but jazz&blues said...

for a change most of tghe links r dead.
when u gonnagive using this rapidshit???

ubu said...

Links are dead because I deleted them. Maybe if you were had eyes in your head, you would have bothered to read the comment appearing on each site of the blog... but you guys seem to think you have a right to get whatever you're screaming for, huh?