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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sonny Simmons - ubu's x-mas special

So then, I promised something special for x-mas - two shows by the great Sonny Simmons!
I uploaded them on dime, too (I got them from there, edited them for my own pleasure but put up my edited versions again, too). Now they're here in MP3 @ 320 (I hope that suits everyone, FLAC would just be too much work with my relatively slow connection).

More to come soon, so don't miss to visit again in a few days!


Sonny Simmons Trio
Paris (France), La Villa
November 25, 1994

Sonny Simmons - alto sax
Jean-Jacques Avenel - bass
George Brown - drums

1. Crystal (Sonny Simmons) 11:27
2. My Little Suede Shoes (Charlie Parker) 9:12 [cuts in, fm voiceover at beginning]
3. unknown (5:33)
4. Country Parson (Sonny Simmons) 9:26 [fm voiceover 0:00-0:05]
5. unknown (George Brown) 7:15 [fm voiceover 0:00-0:05]

TT: 42:56

Sound: A/A-
Source: France Musique "Jazz Club"
Edited and shared again by ubu


Sonny Simmons and Sunny Murray
Cambridge, MA (USA), Regattabar
June 18, 1998

Sonny Simmons - alto sax
Sunny Murray - drums

1. Stage intro [cut in] > unknown (13:44)
2. unknown (16:18)
3. Summertime (5:53)
4. unknown > closing announcement (8:06)

1. unknown (20:19)
2. 'Round Midnight (8:00)
3. unknown (11:58)
4. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (2:09) [dropout/splice @ 1:46]

TT: 86:31

Sound: A-
Source: audience recording
Edited and shared by ubu


DL Links: Trio / Duo1 / Duo2


SOTISE said...

that is surprising thanks for seeding and uploading these magnificent and essential concerts, i got these in a dvd trade with boromir, who is a dime member and would recommend strongly that they be immediatly downloaded.. both very strong concerts the trio is in especially great sound.

also thanks for the great lester young series and the many other gems on offer here.

ubu said...

Thanks sotise - glad to hear you like them! I hope you got my edited versions from boromir? The duo was untracked and on one set, one channel was almost inaudible, while the trio had quite some more of the annoying radio talk - I found both shows so good that I edited them and offered them on dime again in that form!

Anonymous said...

I never heard about this Sonny&Sunny duets ... thanks a lot ubu

ubu said...

hope you'll enjoy! just please don't eat too many potatoes! ;-)

Anonymous said...

great, great, keep this beautiful music on

Big Banana said...

These Sonny Simmons posts have become ritual listening for me. JJ Avenel makes that bass sing like he and Sonny are having a conversation.
Wonderful post.
Fantastic blog.

Art Simon said...

Awesome! Great playing all around, just great stuff. Thanks!

hideo said...

sotise tipped me off to this ... how dis I miss it?

ubu said...

always cool to find some late-comers enjoying one of my posts, sotise!

ubu said...

uhm, that should have been:
always cool to find some late-comers enjoying one of my posts, hideo!

but thanks to sotise for tipping you off!

Unknown said...

Well I must be a late, late comer, as I just found these gems!

Thank you.