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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alexander von Schlippenbach - Mainz 2007

Alexander von Schlippenbach
will soon turn 70. Last year, he was the winner of German radio station SWR 2's jazz award.

I just posted this one on dime tonight, too. As it's in original digi-fm format (MP @ 320 kbs), I post it here as well - hope you'll enjoy!


Alexander von Schlippenbach - SWR-Jazzpreisträger 2007
Mainz (Germany), Foyer, SWR-Funkhaus
June 13, 2007

Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano

1. Trinkle Tinkle (2:26)
2. The One (2:11)
3. Twelve Tone Tales (3:06)
4. Out There (4:08)

Evan Parker - tenor sax
Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano
Paul Lovens - drums

5. Winterweise (31:05)

TT: 42:57

Sound: A
Source/Lineage: digital FM (MPEG-1 Layer 2, 320kbit/48kHz) - mp3directcut (direct cutting, no conversion)

DL link


"nächstens mehr." said...

that's really a great show. i was lucky to attend it here in mainz and was once again astound by the depth and formal comlexity of schlippenbach's piano-playing - and his unique combination of these with great taste and delicate musical sense. listen to that (and his cds "twelve-tone tales", intakt) and you know what i mean!

ubu said...

Hm, I'm not so familiar with Schlippenbach yet - mainly I know some live shows of his... I also saw him live with Die Enttäuschung doing "Monk's Casino" - they were great, but Schlippenbach was by far the most uninspired of the bunch... of course it's always hard (actually rather: impossible) for a pianist to take Monk's role when playing Monk tunes... but I couldn't say he did well, really... Dörner, Mahall and the rhythm section were terrific, though!

Anonymous said...

Well i just discovered this blog a the first i see is Alex.. great Thank you i gues i will hang a bit here on the next days :-)
Paul Lovens is on it too!! (One of my top 10 artists)

Rod Warner said...

... just found your excellent blog - thanks for the von schlippenbach! Plus Evan P and Paul Lovens - great stuff...

SOTISE said...

yeah stunning show thank you!!