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Friday, June 01, 2007

Les Nouveaux Monstres - Lausanne 2007 - exclusif

"Amnésie Internationale est un spectacle original liant deux expressions artistiques complémentaires: la photographie et la musique. Les musiciens joueront sur une scène devant un écran géant sur lequel sera projetée en format cinématographique une séquence de quatre cent photographies de l'agence Magnum couvrant les événements culturels et politiques depuis la bombe d'Hiroshima jusqu'à la chute du mur de Berlin." (source)

photo: Sedrik Nemeth © 24H

Here's the first musical bit exclusively shared on this blog and also in lossless FLAC-format!

The duo Les Nouveaux Monstres was formed by Daniel Bourquin (reeds) and Léon Francioli (bass), who have been working together for over 30 years now, first in the important jazz quartet BBFC, and from 1992 onwards as a duo. Last year they released a DVD titled "Amnésie Internationale 2, D'un Mur l'Autre", a montage of photographs (from the Magnum Agency) and their own music on bass/piano and saxophones/clarinets, respectively. Two days ago they were in the studio of Swiss Radio RSR 2 (Espace 2 - see links) to discuss this release and their music with Yvan Ischer, the host of the daily (Monday-Friday 22:40 to midnight) show "JazzZ". They also performed a short, improvised piece, which is what you'll find for download here:


Les Nouveaux Monstres
Lausanne (CH), RSR, Studio 15
May 30, 2007

Léon Francioli - piano
Daniel Bourquin - baritone sax

1. unknown title (5:52)

Sound: A/A-
Source: RSR 2 "JazzZ" (Yvan Ischer) / 2007-04-30 (live)
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & shared by ubu


Read more in French on the Nouveaux Monstres here.

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