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Friday, June 01, 2007

Rara Avis is back?! And a couple of more rare hatOLOGY discs

Seems that a few of the rarest hatOLOGY releases are around again, among them one of the grails, "Rara Avis" by the Clusone 3. Also out again, it seems, are: Misha Mengelberg's "The Root of the Problem" and Joe Maneri's "Coming Down the Mountain".

In the way of a disclaimer, I might add that the Maneri (the very first of the hatOLOGY series, I was lucky enough to find a copy a few years ago when it had been OOP for some time) is still listed as OOP on the Hat Records website, while the Mengelberg and the Clusone 3 are not.

The site I found these three discs listed (along with many, many others going at the great prize of 6 euro a pop!) is Discplus, a Swiss seller that also ships internationally. I can't find any info on international shipping rates, however.

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