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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hans Feigenwinter - Basel 2007 - now on dime

Here's my newest dime seed, by the great Swiss jazz pianist Hans Feigenwinter and his trio, featuring Wolfgang Zwiauer on electric bass and Arno Troxler on drums:


Hans Feigenwinter Trio
Jazzfestival Basel 2007
Basel (CH)
April 27, 2007

Hans Feigenwinter - piano
Wolfgang Zwiauer - electric bass
Arno Troxler - drums

FM intro (2:13)
1. Auswahl / Dreiton (13:39)
2. Announcement HF (1:12)
3. untitled (working title: Fis-Ballade) (8:51)
4. untitled (13:09)
5. Announcement HF (2:23)
6. Remember Date (8:57)
FM outro (0:18)

All Compositions by Hans Feigenwinter

TT: 50:46

Sound: A
Source: DRS 2 "Jazz Live" / 2007-06-01
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & seeded by ubu


Most of the music performed is brand new and thus not titled yet, only "Auswahl" [Selection] and #6 are older compositions. The working title of #3 is "Ballad in F sharp".
Arno Troxler is the son of Niklaus Troxler, director of the Willisau Jazz Festival.


I forgot to announce yesterday's second seed of mine by Jim Black, doing a little studio appearance similar to the one by the Nouveaux Monstres, with some talking, a solo improvisation, and later a duet with Popol Lavanchy on double bass, another of the guests in the studio:


Jim Black & Popol Lavanchy (& Alexandre Babel)
Lausanne (CH), Studio RSI
Live broadcast (JazzZ Direct), December 13, 2006

Jim Black - drums (#2,#5 second half)
Popol Lavanchy - double bass (#5)

1. Jim Black & Alexandre Babel Interview - Part 1 (10:52)
2. Turbulence at 10 to 4 (Black) 3:12
3. Jim Black Interview - Part 2 (2:07)
4. Popol Lavanchy Interview - Part 3 (3:24)
5. La Ver (Lavanchy) 10:31
6. Outro (0:26)

TT: 30:30

Sound: A
Source: RSR 2 "JazzZ" (host: Yvan Ischer) / 2006-12-13
Lineage: FM > minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Note: Yvan Ischer with guests doing a live show. Thierry Lang was in the studio, too, talking about his new Blue Note disc, "Dedicated to You".
Alexandre Babel is part of the organizing team of a drums festival in Geneva ( where Jim Black did a clinic and also perform in concert.


Below is the full setlist of this edition of "JazzZ", there was plenty more talk, I sorted things out and kept the interesting parts, as well as the only music that's not commercially issued, two spontaneous performances in the radio studio, live on air

RSR 2 "JazzZ" - mercredi 13 decembre 2006
Thierry Lang - Jim Black - Popol Lavanchy

Présentation Yvan Ischer

Thierry Lang - Dedicated to You / Blue Note
Too Many Moons Ago (Thierry Lang)
Thierry Lang, Heiri Känzig, Peter Schmidlin
Rec. 08.2006

Thierry Lang - Dedicated to You / Blue Note
Vos (Thierry Lang)
Thierry Lang, Francis Coletta, Patrice Moret
Rec. 08.2006

TYFT - Meg Nem Sa, Jensson - D'Angelo - Black / Skirl Records 004
Shooshabuster (Hilmar Jensson)
Hilmar Jensson, Andrew D'Angelo, Jim Black
Rec. 06.2005

Jim Black - Solo, direct ! / JazzZ Direct
Turbulences (Jim Black)
Jim Black
Rec. 13.12.2006

Jim Black - Alas No Axis - Dogs of Great Indifference / Winter & Winter 910 120-2
You Know Just Because (Jim Black)
Chris Speed, Hilmar Jensson, Skuli Sverrisson, Jim Black
Rec. 10.2005

Concert du Grand Eustache: Promenades dans une ville imaginaire.... / Association Eustache
Les arènes d'Hercule (P. Lavanchy)
Grand Eustache, dir. Philippe Krüttli
Rec. 17.12.2005

Popol Lavanchy & Jim Black - JazzZ Direct / JazzZ Direct
Le Ver (Popol Lavanchy)
Popol Lavanchy, Jim Black
Rec. 13.12.2006

Concert du Grand Eustache: Promenades dans une ville imaginaire.... / Association Eustache
Le souk de la rue des yeux d'Orient (A. Auberson)
Grand Eustache, dir. Philippe Krüttli
Rec. 17.12.2005


I hope some enjoy these offerings of likely totally unknown Swiss musicians! Please leave some comments now and then to let me know of it!

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