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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lester Young Live (1/16) - Some Lester a day keeps the doctor away - For Europeans Only #2

Here's the first in a long-ish series of Lester Young uploads. I might some day put some of it up on dime in lossless, too. But as some of this material has seen commercial release, even if only on Chronogical Classics, Masters of Jazz or similar series, it will be rather complicated to figure out what exactly would be allowed there, and what not. So for a beginning, here's VBR MP3s of about as much live Prez you can hope for...

This is a continuation of my little "for Europeans only" series - this material is all out of copy right in Europe, so it's perfectly legal for anyone to share it, even sell it (as those shady labels like Lonehill, Definitive, Gambit etc. do). If you have any doubts or moral constraints, just stay away, please!

This Lester Young Series will consist of 16 CDs, taken from a Japanese Set (also available in LP form, long OOP of course). I will possibly add some bonus items later, too. And it might take me a whole while to put all of this up, so I suggest you subscribe to the RSS-feed not to lose touch if I end up in limbo for a while again... (though limbus, coolest place between heaven and hell, has now officially been abolished... it wasn't fair anyway to let the early-borns and non-christened children stay in a... well, subsidiary of hell... anyway, now there's a room for rent in hell, a chance not to miss! And play "Limbo Jazz" from the Impulse album Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins for some cool sounds! And add "The Ricitic" and you'll sure be in heaven!)

The first and so far only instalment of my little "For Europeans only" series was dedicated to the great Lee Wiley, the files have been deleted by now (Rapidshare has changed its policy anway, much less will stay online, and I'm not buying an account, so act quick if you want this!). If there's demand, I can also upload my Wiley compilation again, find all info in this older post.

Lester Young – Live and private recordings in chronological order
Disc 1 /1941-1946

July 6, 1938
Jam Session
WNEW Studios, New York City

Benny Goodman cl; Lester Young ts; Teddy Wilson p; others unknown (?)
1. unidentified (?) 3:31

Between February 27 and March 17, 1941 (February 15, 1941?)
Lester Young & his Band
Manhattan Center, New York City

Shad Collins t; Lester Young ts; John Collins g; Nick Fenton b; Doc West d
2. Tickle Toe (Young) 5:25
3. Taxi War Dance (Basie-Young) 5:19

December 2, 1941
Lester & Lee Young’s Band
Club Capri, Hollywood

Paul Campbel t; Lester Young & Bumps Myers ts; Jimmy Rowles p; Red Callender b; Lee Young d
4. Untitled Original (Young) / Blues (Theme) 3:36

Unknown Band
Trouville Club, Los Angeles (Porter: prob. Club in Hollywood)

Lester Young ts, prob. voc; others unknown
5. Just A Little Bit South of North Carolina (Skylar-Cannon-Shaftel) 3:04

August, 1944
Jammin’ the Blues
Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA

Harry Edison t; Lester Young ts; Marlowe Morris p; Barney Kessel g; Red Callender b; Sid Catlett d
6. The Midnight Symphony (Young) 3:02 Morris, Young, Edison, Young
Young ts; Morris p; Kessel g; Callender b; Catlett d; Marie Bryant voc
7. On The Sunny Side of The Street 3:14 Bryant, Young, Bryant (with Young)
Edison t; Dickie Wells tb; Young ts & Illinois Jacquet ts; Morris p; Kessel g; Callender b; Catlett d
8. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie-Pinkard-Casey) 5:18 Morris, Young, Edison, Kessel, Catlett, Young
Edison t; Wells tb; Young ts; Morris p; Kessel g; Callender b; Catlett d; Bryant voc
9. If I Could Be With You (Johnson-Creamer) 2:12 Young, Wells, Bryant, Edison, Young
Edison t; Wells tb; Young & Jacquet ts; Morris p; Kessel g; Callender b; Catlett d
10. Blues For Marvin (Young) 4:49 Young, Wells, Edison, Kessel, Jacquet, Young
Edison t; Young & Jacquet ts; Morris p; Kessel g; John Simmons b; Jo Jones d
11. Jammin’ The Blues (Young) 4:12 Young, Kessel, Edison, Morris, Simmons, Jacquet
12. Jammin’ The Blues 4:56 same solo order
The identity of the drummers on these tracks is not confirmed (see notes of Lester Young MoJ Vol. 6)

Prob. early April 1946
Lester Young with King Cole Trio & Buddy Rich
AFRS Jubilee #184, Hollywood, CA

Lester Young ts; Nat “King” Cole p; Oscar Moore g; Johnny Miller b; Buddy Rich d
13. These Foolish Things (Morrell-Strachey-Link) 4:35
14. Lester Leaps In (Young) 3:33
The booklet gives ca. March 20, 1946 as recording date for this item.

Prob. early April 1946
Lester Young Quartet
AFRS Jubilee #190, Hollywood, CA

Lester Young ts; Kenny Kersey p; Billy Hadnott b; Shadow Wilson d
15. D. B. Blues (Young) 4:10


ubu said...

Here's the DL link for disc 1:

Musaklee said...

Simply incredible ! - Astonishing music ! I can't thank you enough... Sincerely. And cheers from a non-european city!

Jaffa said...

Sweeeeeet ! I just found these and only heard parts of CD 1 yet: Track 1 is "I Know That You Know" and I have guesses for the unknown fellow soloists - will get back.

ubu said...

thanks for that additional bit of info!

Samuel said...

Could you please upload the Lester Young recordings again?
I would appreciate it very much!
If you do that, please send me the links on:
matoflash at hotmail dot com
(I don't want to write it in the official form, so no spam servers can use it)
Thank you in advance!
P.S. I am from Europe. ;o)

ubu said...

new link up...

ubu said...

look for the small dots to find...

Nicola said...


Is it possible to upload the file again?
It should be beautiful if I can download these precious and rare recordings!
Thank you very much!


Nicola said...

I think the first track details are these:

Roy Eldridge (tp); Benny Goodman (cl); Lester Young (ts); Teddy Wilson (p); Ben Heller (g); Sid Weiss (b); Jo Jones (d).
WNEW Studio, NYC, 1938
I Know That You Know (incomplete)

ubu said...

Thanks for the info.

As for the link... follow the small dots above and you'll see the file is still up.

It's well-hidden, I confess, but then it was taken down by a troll, so I didn't take any risks!

J said...

thanks for the great post
still active 9/4/09
you rock baby


yu said...

All other posts are still alive.
But only disc 1 is dead...
Please re-upload.

ubu said...

It's not dead.
Please read the comments above.

yu said...

Oh sorry, I missed it..
I can find it.
Thank you for your great posts!