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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Woody Shaw's "Song of Songs" and Concord Music Group

So after all the ranting you have heard from me here and elsewhere, here's a good word about Concord, for a change! By chance (ok, not quite - by googling the info and a cover scan for a vinyl-rip MP3 version of Woody Shaw's "Song of Songs", a disc I had given up ever being able to find and thus went for the recent share on another blog) I happened to see that Concord had that by now - I thought - OOP and hard to find Woody Shaw disc up for takers on their site. I remembered from their special cleanout sale from last year that they'd only ship in the US, but I thought heck why not give it a try, and indeed they do now also cater to the international customer.

And now the best news: the order, sent in three hours ago, has already been shipped!

Here's the Woody Shaw disc, and a quick search yielded some other things that I tought were OOP, like the two Gil Melle CDs, and all of Gigi Gryce's OJC CDs!

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