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Monday, September 28, 2009

Average White Band - Funky Monday!

Here's a change of pace again... that's good once in a while!

Two seventies shows by the Average White Band - what more could you ask for? So pick up the pieces and cut the cake!

I also posted a short 70s show by Tower of Power a while back, just in case you missed it!

Average White Band
Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
September 16, 1975

Alan Gorrie - lead & background vocals, bass, guitar
Hamish Stuart - lead & background vocals, guitar, bass
Onnie McIntyre - rhythm guitar, background vocals
Steve Ferrone - drums
Molly Duncan - tenor sax
Roger Ball - alto sax

1. Cut the Cake (Gorrie/McIntosh/White) 6:47
2. School Boy Crush (Ferrone/Gorrie/Stuart/White) 8:19
3. If I Ever Lose This Heaven (Sawyer/Ware) 7:11
4. Work to Do (Isley/Isley/Isley) 5:06
5. Cloudy (Gorrie/Stuart) 6:59

1. TLC (AWB/Gorrie) 22:02
2. Pick up the Pieces (Ball/Stuart/White) 18:56
3. Person to Person (AWB/Gorrie/Stuart) 7:42
4. I Heard It through the Grapevine (Strong/Whitfield) 15:28 [encore]

TT: 98:34

Sound: A/A-

Lineage: sbd reel master > reel > dat > cd wave > flac
reel transfer by the gman '96, tracking/encoding Rob Berger

received this in a recent trade. after a few seconds of listening
this tape forced me to grab my bass for a play-along
altough I haven't heard AWB since 15 years !
so here we are with a re-seed:

last seen on dime in aug 2007
re-seeded by FBAUER 2009-05-28

:: dime comment ::

I think this was orginally recorded (and patially broadcast ) for the King Biscuit Flower Hour. I had the broadcast reels at one time, and the AWB set was abbreviated (of course). The odd thing about the original broadcast, is they were paired with Kiss. I was more interested in the Kiss part...and I am sure some of the Kiss show made it to Alive 1 with tons of added crowd noise.

Average White Band
Queens, NY (USA), Belmont Racetrack
July 23, 1978

Alan Gorrie - guitar, vocals
Onnie McIntyre - rhythm guitar, vocals
Roger Ball - keyboards, alto sax
Hamish Stuart - electric bass, vocals
Steve Ferrone - drums, percussion
Malcolm Duncan - tenor & soprano sax

1. Love Your Life (7:17)
2. Same Feeling, Different Song (5:44)
3. A Love of Your Own (5:45)
4. McEwan's Export (6:29)
5. Your Love Is a Miracle (7:05)
6. She's a Dream (5:34)
7. If I ever Lose this Heaven (8:58)
8. Pick up the Pieces (11:55)

TT: 58:48

Sound: A/A-
Source: WLIR & WPXN FM
Lineage: FM SBD (WLIR & WPXN NY) > CASS > ? > CDR (A/A-)
Transfer: CDR > EAC (secure/offset correct) > WAV > shntool > CDWave (retracked) > shntool (sector boundaries verified) >
Flac Frontend v1.7.1 (level 5) > FLAC by bcc32065 7/25/04

Here is a great AWB show from way way back: July 23, 1978.
From the venerable WLIR-FM, this set smokes. I am sorry that I have nothing more to add in terms of lineage, etc ... The original seeder's somments follow below the fold for your reference. Thank you twofthrs!
Here is what I have found about this show:


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