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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Randy Weston - Birmingham 1991

Randy Weston's one of my very favourites! I've had the pleasure of seing him live one and a half years ago, in trio with Alex Blake and Neil Clarke.
Here's a stunning show with his African Rhythms Quintet and Gnawa Musicians, shared on dime by dsgtrane, edited by yours truly. The original seed also included the Geri Allen show I posted yesterday.

Randy Weston's African Rhythms
Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham (UK)
February 20, 1993

Benny Powell - trombone
Talib Kibwe - soprano & alto sax, flute
Randy Weston - piano
Stafford James - bass
Neil Clark - percussion

Gnawa musicians - percussion, vocals (CD1#1 & CD2#5)

1. Blue Moses (Weston) > Ann RW (16:55)
2. African Cookbook (Weston) 24:30

1. A Night In M'Bari (Weston) 7:31 [p-solo]
2. Hi-Fly (Weston) [p-solo] > Ann RW (6:53)
3. The Healers (Weston) > Ann RW (16:39)
4. African Sunrise (Weston) 16:15
5. Lala Amir > Ann RW (8:31)
6. African Village/Bedford Stuyvesant (Weston) 8:49

TT: 105:54

Sound: A/A-
Source: BBC broadcaste
No lineage info

:: ubu edits ::

moved announcements to end of preceeding tracks
fixed marks
moved disc-split to set break, spliced/fixed applause (@ 15:43)
(was #1-5 and #6-8 with Geri Allen bonus)

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Arcturus said...

many thanks for this one Ubu (& for all the Sam Rivers as well!) - esp sweet w/ the Gnawa musicians RW strikes me as someone who's delved deeply into that music, rather than just playing along atop the rhythmic flow - have also had the pleasure of several live auditions - most recently w/ Billy Harper along for the ride

grasprelease said...

Hi Ubu, would it be possible to get a re-up of this flac share? I'm sorry I missed it, but I only just discovered your lovely blog very recently. Thanks for sharing this and so much great music!

grasprelease said...

Oops, sorry...I didn't see your notice about re-ups. Thanks anyway!