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Monday, December 31, 2012

Music Discussion

I'd enjoy it if people would drop by again and share some thoughts about the music they downloaded from this place!


ubu said...

If you have requests... I might be able to fill up on them (but I won't just spread commercially available music that's easy to find, remember that!)

Also if you have something of your own to contribute, please feel free to it here!

hookfinger said...

Well - I haven't gotten much lately but not for lack of interesting content but still i think this place is great. I have previously dl many great things from here (and commented i hope. i for one would hate to see this place disappear.

lc said...

hello ubu,

'not sure about the Alan Skidmore gig. it's really one of the few offerings of yours, if not the sole one, that didn't do it for me.somehow, a bit too much on the Wynton Marsalis' side for me, if it means anything and even if it's not appropriate when you know Skidmore's background.
I'll catch up with the latest offering. anything related to the AEOC usually has my favor.
thanks for sharing. I very much enjoy the variety of your offerings.
'hope we'll be treated to some of those George Russell gigs you had on dime, at some point.
else, 'not sure how to do it, if you can forward me to some site that explains it all to dummies like myself, I might contribute with a little something which I understand is OOP.

keep up the good work.

ubu said...

Yeah, well, Russell would be a nice little project some day when I have some time and no other things coming up!

Not sure what you mean by making that connection of Ubizo to Wyne-tone (whom I hardly know and I'm not bothered by that ignorance a wee bit). Anyway, will have to play the show again myself first, before I can really say anything about it here!

ubu said...

ish from ileoxumare who already has an astonishing Strata East blog, has now also started a blog dedicated to the German MPS label:

Check it out!

In relation to his post about the 1975 album Chiasma by the Yosuke Yamashita trio, here's a little offering that's a bit shady:

This contains part of another (Enja) album, with more (unreleased) music by Yamashita from 1975 - I haven't posted this anywhere yet but uploaded it some time ago for a friend who was too slow to grab it from dime before it was bannded.

Yosuke Yamashita Trio
Treffpunkt Jazz
Stuttgart (Germany)
June 12, 1975

Yosuke Yamashita - piano
Akira Sakata - alto sax
Takio Moriama - drums

Manfred Schoof - trumpet (#3)

1. Shinkyoku (25:03)
2. FM Talk > Distant Thunder (3:27) [inc, fade-in, piano solo]
3. Mitochondria (Sakata) 20:57

TT: 49:27

Sound: A
Source: DVB-S@,320 48kHz > raw data > ProjextX > mp3DirectCut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)


Banned from dime, as #2 and #3 of this are on the OOP Enja album "Distant Thunder".
Track 3 was identified wrongly as "Chiasma" in the recent radio broadcast this is taken from.
Track 2 is cut short here and was misidentified as "ST 1".

oli said...

hi ubu

im only an occasional visitor and have downloaded only a few of your offerings but ive found some crackers. i still listen to your sonny simmons post a lot, after several weeks. ive had to buy a couple others by him, earlier ones, and hes become a favorite.

your last post has really caught my eye. ive only really heard of ran blake but i love everything ive heard by jeanne lee. there aren't enough singers ready to go that wild. looking forward to hearing it.



Reza said...

ubu just like to thank you for the comment @ mine
I'm sorry to say that due to lack of free time this is my first visit here :(
However there seems a lot that I'll enjoy, the first being your current post, jeanne lee whom I love
Thank you

ubu said...

Good to see you here, Reza! Love your blog, of course!

That album by Hal Singer/Jef Gilson which you took a track from for your latest compilation has been reissued on CD recently - worth looking for, in case you don't have it!

ubu said...

@ oli:

Another Sonny Simmons show is being prepared as we speak! This time in FLAC!

ubu said...

a couple of incredible finds posted over here on reza's place - don't miss them!

ubu said...

There's a new post (with links...) on the new MPS blog, dedicated to an album of Martial Solal's

This prompted me to check out my own Solal post from over a year back (gee, I missed the fact that my blog got a year old!) and I noted that the DL links are still good - check it out here:

Anonymous said...

You post some good music. I particularly liked the Johnny Griffin in Dortmund. The biggest drawback is your use of Rapidshare which is by far the most obnoxious, obstructive, inefficient and cheating system of downloads anywhere. Media Fire, Megaupload, others are hassle-free and efficient. Just a peevish comment. Keep up the good work. Best wishe from Bangkok. K.

ubu said...

Hey there, K - I am aware that people in some eastern countries have issue with Rapidshare. Still, it's as far as I know the site used most often on blogs such as mine, and it's very easy to handle your files with RS, too, you get them all listed and you see when they were accessed the last time (and hence if they're in danger of being deleted/expiring - I only have a free account).
Anyway, I'm sorry about that but I don't feel like opening accounts on other such file share sites. The blog is quite a bit of work as it is, and as long as things work this way, I just don't feel like investing even more time to get hip to other file share sites and figure out how they work.

bicho said...

hi king ubu, i found your site via the great organissimo forum. i was delighted about the lester young sets here. and i found other very intersting things here. thank you very much.

keep boppin´

ubu said...

Salut Marcel, bienvenue sur mon blog! Glad you like it!

Pres is of course the greatest!

Reza said...

ubu thanks for the promo, appreciated I have stuck a link on my blog to you
and yes, I have that soul of africa album , highly recommended, I never post anything in a copmpilation where I dont have the whole album
Talking of Hal Singer I dont suppose you managed to grab this before the dl link expired, very dissapointed to miss it

ubu said...

Hi reza - no, alas I don't have that Singer, but if it's uploaded again there, please let me know! It looks mouth-watering!

ubu said...

Oh, and thanks for adding me to your links!

ubu said...

reza - thanks so much! You got a wish from me, what artist do you want to see something up here? Or more specifically what show? I'll be glad to oblige if possible!

Reza said...

Not necessary but if poss any show of Wolfgang Dauner ...

ubu said...

The only Dauner I have is free stuff, with a collective called "Radio Stuttgart" (recorded there, too). Here's the info.


February 27, 1976
Radio Studio SWR, Villa Berg, Stuttgart (DE)

Paul Rutherford - trombone
Rüdiger Carl - tenor sax, clarinet, flute, accordion
Gerd Dudek - soprano & tenor sax, flute
Hans Reichel - guitar
Wolfgang Dauner - piano, synthesizer
Tristan Honsinger - cello, vocals
Raphael Don Garrett - bass

1. unknown (6:18)
2. unknown (11:50)
3. unknown (15:59)
4. unknown (21:27)

TT: 55:34 (55:41)

Sound: A-
Source: radio broadcast
Pedigree: FM broadcast -> cassette (unknown gen) -> .wav -> flac (level 6)


Brötzmann-Dauner-Van Hove-Roidinger-Bennink
Radio Studio SWR Villa Berg, Stuttgart (DE)
April 9, 1976

Peter Brötzmann - tenor & bass sax, clarinet
Wolfgang Dauner - piano, electric piano
Fred Van Hove - piano, organ
Adelhard Roidinger - bass
Han Bennink - drums, percussion

1. unknown (25:13)
2. unknown (26:37) [inc]

TT: 51:53

Sound: A-
Source/Quality: RB (B)
Pedigree: FM broadcast -> cassette (unknown gen) -> CD-R -> .wav -> flac (level 6)


Radio Studio SWR Villa Berg, Stuttgart (DE)
March 3, 1977

Bert Koppelaar - trombone
Rüdiger Carl - tenor sax, clarinet, accordion
Hans Reichel - guitar, violin
Wolfgang Dauner - piano
Tristan Honsinger - cello, voice

1. unknown (5:30)
2. unknown (14:32)
3. unknown (24:30)
4. unknown (6:28)

TT: 51:07

Sound: A-

FM broadcast -> cassette (unknown gen) -> CD-R -> .wav -> flac (level 6)


Radio Studio SWR Villa Berg, Stuttgart (DE)
June 13, 1977

Günter Christmann - trombone
Evan Parker - soprano & tenor sax
Alexander Von Schlippenbach - piano
Wolfgang Dauner - piano, synthesizer
Peter Kowald - bass
Paul Lovens - drums, percussion
Paul Lytton - drums, percussion, electronics

1. unknown (15:33)
2. unknown (14:41)
3. unknown (19:28)
4. unknown (9:12)
5. unknown (11:16)

TT: 70:18

Sound: A-
Source/Quality: RB (B)
Pedigree: FM broadcast -> cassette (unknown gen) -> CD-R -> .wav -> flac (level 6)


Radio Studio SWR Villa Berg, Stuttgart (DE)
June 8, 1978

Rüdiger Carl - tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, piccolo, accordion, percussion
Hans Reichel - violin
Stephen Wittwer - guitar
Irène Schweizer - piano, percussion
Wolfgang Dauner - piano
Tristan Honsinger - cello, voice
Maarten van Regteren Altena - bass, cello
Anton Bruhin - voice, harmonica, percussion

Dieter Zimmerle (fm announcer)

1. Zichtels Wunsch (poem: Bruhin) > Steel Five (15:34)
2. FM Introduction (Dieter Zimmerle) (1:05)
3. Ouvertüre [omit WD] > S'Zehnerli (33:38)
4. FM Closing announcement (0:25)

TT: 50:43

Sound: A-

FM broadcast -> cassette (unknown gen) -> CD-R -> .wav -> flac (level 6)


Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart +
Albert Mangelsdorff - Peter Brötzmann Trio
February 1974
Stuttgart (DE)

Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone
Peter Brötzmann - tenor sax
Zbigniew Seifert - violin
Wolfgang Dauner - piano
Fred van Hove - piano
Adelhard Roidinger - bass
Buschi Niebergall - bass
Han Bennink - drums

1. Was ich noch sagen wollte (35:11)
2. FM Outro (0:36)

TT: 35:47

Sound: B+
Lineage: fm > cd on trade > flac > dime


Let me know if I should dig any (or all) of them out! Would make a nice little series!

Reza said...

Wow you certainly have some stuff, I dont mind free however do like some heartbeat to it if you understand me
The most interesting to me is Christmann/Parker/Schlippenback/Dauner/Kowald/Lovens/Lytton
June 13, 1977
I partic like the sound of perc and electronics, anyway anything is gratefully received :)

ubu said...

Ok reza, I'll dig those up... might as well do a mini series then, once I found all of these...

I have plenty of stuff, but much of it is amassed on piles and remains there unplayed for a looong time.

Anyway, in the past few days I played some shows to see if I should share them here, and I have quite a few things up on Rapidshare now, so it will take me a while to come around preparing these Radio Stuttgart shows.

Anonymous said...

hi ubu,

the south africa compendium was trememndous, i really enjoyed much of that. makeba singing ellington? delightful. and that audience tape of chris mcgregor's band, well, it would find a good home here if you'd care to post the remainder.

thanks for all the music,

ubu said...

mb, I have prepared and piled up a ton of stuff to share by now... that early McGregor (it's pre but almost BoB, and yes, it's good!) hasn't been in my hands for quite some time... I'll have to dig for it (hell, I have to sort my live recordings again!), but that will take me a while.
I have a Louis Moholo show ready, though... I guess that shall be welcome to lovers of South African jazz, too. It's a recent radio broadcast in perfect quality, with Pino & Livio Minafra on trumpet and piano, respectively, Roberto Ottaviano on sax, and Roberto Bellatalla on bass - lovely stuff, setlist including songs by Harry Miller, Dudu, Keith Tippett, Feza and Elton Dean!

fent99 said...

Hey Ubu
Pop by from time to time to check up on what your listening to. Not so much time for posting on org myself though due to do a bft later in the year enjoyed the Andy Sheppard stuff and had lost touch with what he was up to a while ago. Nice sound. Meant to tell you that your Sout Africa mix provided a bit of soundtract to a trip to SA. Brillian place if you ever get to go. Best regards c

ubu said...

Good to see you here, C!
Glad you enjoyed my SA-mix, too!
Unlikely that I'll end up there too soon, but who knows...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ubu, Have you seen that Fledgling is going to release Chris McGregor's 1969 title Up To Earth? (Fledg'ling 3069). Should be good!

ubu said...

I need to catch up with Fledgling's releases... only have the first two BoB, still need Very Urgent as well! I think I saw the news about "Up to Earth" somewhere already, but thanks for the reminder!

I made too heavy use of the local summer sales and took advantage of Mosaic's 15% offer to order the Bix/Tram/Tea box just now, so McGregor will have to wait a while...

Taylor said...

I love the african jazz -- the johnny griffin pres --- thanks for helping the world go round

gatomedio said...

I don't usually pay much attention to the "Now Listening" column, but today I noticed this: "Céu! Céu! Céu!" Is this the Brazilian singer, or is there someone else by the same name?
Here in Brazil, Céu has been hailed as the new voice that will end the dearth of fresh talent. I've listened to the record (only once) but didn't think it was anything special. Now I'm wondering what made you give it three shouts. Maybe I'll have to give it another spin.


ubu said...

Yes, that Céu - I got her album and just fell in love with it... doesn't happen all that often, but still it's probably no indication about the qualities of her music... I don't know much about Brazilian music, so...

neil said...

Just called by to see how the 1964 Kirk session fixes are going. (you're eminently readable, now...)

el goog said...

Hello ubu
Now I make Yosuke Yamashita Discography.
Then I add a link to here.
If you do not want it, please tell me so.
Keep it up and thank you in advance.


Scoredaddy said...

I am a recent first time visitor via CIA and I am exploring this place and find your posts quite interesting. the first thing I DL'd was the Getz/barron set which is awesome. I have always loved the PEOPLE TIME discs so I am much appreciate the additional material. I will be visiting here quite often from now on. Happy New Year! and thanks

Owen said...

Hi Ubu,

Look here, in a few days on RAI radio 3 it's...

Tippett/Tippetts/Moholo/Minafra's Viva la Black live at Sardegna e Jazz 2008!

If you are able to record this broadcast (or know somebody who can) and up it to this blog that would be greatly appreciated. I'd attempt to record it myself but I have no idea how to do that from where I am (and I'd probably botch it up anyway). I have a boot of this show, but this RAI recording will surely make that redundant.


PS. You must check out if you haven't already. Finally, a comprehensive Blue Notes family site!

ubu said...

Hi Owen, thanks for that link, didn't see that site yet!

I can't record in good quality myself, and RAI I can't record at all, but there's a jazz mailing list related to dime, I sent a request there. If it won't turn up, I already have an audience recording of the whole concert (also from dime).

Owen said...

Thanks Ubu,

Yeah, the Blue Notes site is fantastic. I'm telling everyone to help Mike out getting all the info together. We need to share in order to preserve this stuff.

The VLB Sardegna Dime recording you have is the boot I mentioned. Here's hoping someone at Dime hears the call to grab this broadcast.

In the meantime, I hope you don't mind if I make a few general requests...

I wouldn't be disappointed if you upped something with Keith Tippett in the future. There's a BBC recording of a latter era Louis Moholo's Spirits Rejoice group gig out there that I've been after for a while. Do you have that in your collection by any chance? And ANYTHING with Julie Tippetts would be a hoot too, eg the Dedication Orch live at Adrian Boult Hall Birmingham is another I know is around but I'm yet to find. And of course, anything Blue Notes/Brotherhood of Breath/Harry Miller related always goes down a treat (and I know you have some rare treaures of that variety as featured in your SA Jazz blindfold test).

Whatever tickles your fancy.

Cheers again, happy new year, and keep up the great work!

Owen said...

I forgot to mention, I wrote a small article on the VLB boot from Grenoble last year, which features an identical set to Sardegna (and almost identical set to the Ruvo 2004 CD).

Check it out here...

If you do end up hosting the RAI broadcast feel free to hack and copy my notes for your blog if that helps.

Cheers once more!

ubu said...

Owen, I have some Moholo, Tippett etc, shows, but frankly I've had no time to really dig into Tippett's music - there's just so much good music to listen to, and I don't proceed with any kind of method (in the past days it was mostly the Mingus Debut recordings and all the Gigi Gryce material I have, next up may be Jimmie Lunceford or Freddie Hubbard, who knows...)

I have a pile of SA and related live shows lying around, as I plan to do a little series of seeds sometime, but it will take me a while (I have two short broadcasts of Miller's and a bad-sounding longer aud rec, some BoB that I think hasn't been on the inconstantsol-blog yet, loads of Ibrahim, also some younger guys, Zim Ngqawana, McCoy Mrubata/Paul Hanmer, some wild out stuff by the Blue Notes with Reverend Frank Wright, etc.)

I think the Moholo show I have somewhere, but I can't guarantee (Sept 30, 1999, Leicester? I also have a Viva Black show from 1996-07-06, Eldena and his 2007 set from NYC's Vision Fest).

The Dedication Orchestra set I have as well, it seems:

Dedication Orchestra (cond. Beresford, Steve)
Birmingham (UK), Adrian Boult Hall

Harry Beckett (t,flh), Henry Lowther (t,flh), Jim Dvorak (t), Noel Langley (t), Malcolm Griffiths (tb), Paul Rutherford (tb), Dave Amis (tb), Alan Tomlinson (tb), Mark Charig (tenor h,flh), Elton Dean (sax), Evan Parker (sax), Larry Stabbins (sax), Lol Coxhill (ss), Ray Warleigh (as), Neil Metcalfe (fl), Chris Biscoe (bari), Dave Powell (tuba), Keith Tippett (p), Paul Rogers (b), Louis Moholo (d), Julie Tippetts (voc), Maggie Nicols (voc), Phil Minton (voc), David Serame (voc), Steve Beresford (cond)
Sound: A/A-
TT: 75 min
Source: dime, fm (BBC)

1. Remembering (Kenny Wheeler) > Camel Dance (Chris McGregor)
2. Family Affair (Harry Miller/Julie Tippetts)
3. Hug Pine (Dudu Pukwana)
4. Manje (Chris McGregor)
5. Mra (Dudu Pukwana)
6. Sondela (Mongezi Feza)
7. Andromeda (Chris McGregor)
8. B My Dear (Dudu Pukwana)
9. Intro (Tippetts/Nicols/Minton) > You Ain't Gonna Know Me 'Cause You Think You Know Me (Mongezi Feza)
10. Union Special (Chris McGregor)

Is this it?

With Julie Tippets (Tippett/Tippetts?) I don't have a lot:

Nagl, Max - The Evil Garden
Saalfelden (AT), Jazzfestival
(sbd, 55 min)

Tippett, Keith / Tippett, Julie
Verona (IT)
(aud, 95 min)

Seems to be all I have with her.

Owen said...

Thanks for looking into that. Very much appreciated.

Yes, the Dedication Orch set is the one I've been looking for, and I think that Moholo date is the one I'm after too. The VlB '96 I'm not familiar with at all (but I'm sure it's great), and Moholo's Vision Fest show (audience recording, I take it?) I must have missed completely (assuming it's been on dime). Any of those would sure be a treat for my ears.

I have the Evil Garden concert (so very different to the Evil Garden studio CD Nagl put out with the same crew!), and I have seen that Couple in Spirit Verona set listed around but haven't managed to grab it yet.

The BoB and Miller stuff sounds fascinating. Regardless of quality it's all got to be worthwhile.

Have you heard the new Harry Miller Isipingo "Full Steam Ahead" archive release on Reel Recordings? It's a stonking set, as is the Command All Stars "Curiosities 1972" (AKA half of the lost Charig/Evans curated, Fripp produced "Guilty But Insane" double album). I bought both just before Christmas and they're getting plenty of spin in my house... well, when the family's not in anyway!


R2K said...

: )

Owen said...

FYI the Tippett/Tippetts/Moholo/Minafra VlB Sardegna set from RAI 3 has been upped at Dime.

Thanks for putting the word out!


ubu said...

Owen, I'll also share the Tippett/Moholo/Minafra here later on, for those who're not on dime. I haven only sampled it so far, but it sounds indeed great!

Owen said...

Thanks Ubu!

LYM said...

Hi ubu I've seen You long and precious list of DIME recordings I'm intereste in some of them:

1 - ICP Orchestra, Willisau, 2001
2 - Elliott Sharp,Taktlos 2003,
3 - 6 “Credentials or Think, Think Lucky”
Thanks a million for Your hard work on DIME! In the last weeks I've been a lot on DIME too, and posted some in Inconstant Sol. There is a lot of amazing music there!
I'd like to talk with You privately would You gently contact me at I can't find Your e-mail.
Thanks in advance!


sotise said...

thanks ubu , for all the great things on offer here.. for those like me who are it seems dime impaired and dont have the iq requisite to forward ports on their 'puters.
on a different note a new slow blog ... not to many updates yet started by serviceton with myself as occasinal contributor both formerly of ISol here

ubu said...

Thanks, looks like another interesting enterprise there - good luck!

Nathan said...

great blog you have here
im downloading a dave brubeck cd at portland i was wondering if you had his cd at storyville. it was orginally a lp but its out on cd now and extremely rare and i ahvent been able to locate it

ubu said...

Nathand, glad you found and enjoy my blog!

It's my policy not share any officially/legitimately released material (you'll find very few exceptions here), so that Brubeck won't show up here, sorry. I don't have it, but it seems to be in print and available, here:

Unless of course there's a different Storyville album by Brubeck - I'm not a completist of his work, I mainly enjoy Desmond and just buy whatever I see cheap by the 50s/60s Brubeck quartet.

ubu said...

oops, sorry for mistyping your name, Nathan! It's getting late (or rather I'm getting tired) here!

jiubugaosuni said...

Thanks for those rare stuff on your blog.
I just love that Blossom Dearie recording you recently posted. I also wrote a tribute to her in Chinese when I heard the sad news a couple of weeks ago.
and I am wondering if you have any recording by Mike Westbrook, who is a jazz musician from England (since you said we can tell you our requests).
and do you have Jazz Suite & Other Works by Igor Raykhelson ?

Thank you once more.

ubu said...

Jason, I don't have that disc, but Amazon has it, so...

I don't share commercially released music here, and most certainly not commercially released works by contemporary artists. Those artists deserve all our support, so go to their concerts and buy their music!

As for Westbrook, I have some live shows of his, but at the moment I have little time, and first I'll share the promised shows from my dime b-day party, whenever my schedule allows! I'll try and not forget about Westbrook though!

jiubugaosuni said...

Thanks, man. I'll get that album from Amazon and I will remind you to share some rare works from Westbrook next month.hhahahhah
Have a good day.


mikeos said...

Freddie Hubbard Quintet October 11 1983 Symphony Space, New York

I've got this on an open-reel tape recorded live from an EBU day long broadcast and it seems that the date is 1992. It was a Columbus day celebration to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Culunbus's voyage in 1492. There seems no doubt that the correct broadcast date 1s 1992 and not 1983.

ubu said...

Mike, I got that one from dime with the info I repeated here. Would you say it's the date of broadcast only that was different, or the date of the actual recording? I guess the later, but I just want to make sure!

swboy said...

Hi Ubu--
swboy here [contributor to the old El Reza blog]
I've enjoyed the Cedar Walton show you posted. Can I request another item from DIME? There's a live solo concert by Stanley Cowell in Verona 2008. Its supposed to be excellent. I'd love to hear it. thanks

Alan said...

Hi -

I just found your site and you have some great taste in music.
Thank you for sharing the music.

I hope to look at your jazz research links soon.

Thanks again,

jiiiiiiiq said...

Hi ubu. I love your site and have downloaded tons of stuff over the years, you have such a fantastic collection. Thank you for spending your time and resources on this terrific project.

The reason I don't leave many comments is because I am a bit of an impulsive and anti-social bastid at times and liable to say the wrong thing. But please carry on the good work as your blog goes from strength to strength.

Thanks a million!

trpt2345 said...

Hey, Ubu, I love the stuff you've posted.I do hate rapidshare, but it appears they've improved lately. I myself use sendspace, but megaupload seems to offer some benefits. Whatever. I've been collecting shows for 35 years, contact me directly and I can let you know what I have, I'm willing to share anything. Many shows of mine have made their way to dime, but I don't do torrents. I'm at


Preslives said...

Hey, Ubu!

After years of interacting with you on the Organissimo forum, I finally stumbled on this gold mine of a site of yours. Incredible!!! I propose changing your handle from Ubu Roi to Saint Ubu. :)


John L

P.S. If you ever do get around to repairing the link to disc 9 in the Pres series, I will be very, very, very happy. :)

ubu said...

Hi John!

Good to see you around here! I hope you've found your way to the Basie place, too - not much stuff up there yet and proceeding slowly, but much more to come, eventually!

As for Pres #9, thanks for the reminder, it will be up again in a few minutes!

ubu said...

Pres #9 is back up, check the respective post!

Preslives said...




ghostrancedance said...

Bright Moments, ubu! I've been checkin' out this great blog of yours for awhile now and need to say "thanks" for the Lucky Thompson radio broadcasts and the beautifully "repackaged" Rahsaan material. Great stuff!

Preslives said...

I've been listening through the live Pres set, and my mind and soul are just boggled. I thought that I was set with live Pres. I have all the Masters of Jazz, the Jazz Views, and all other releases that I could find. But this is different. Not only is there music that I have never heard, but the sound quality is a MAJOR improvement. The chronological sequencing is also very appropriate and informative. I am beginning to think that, contrary to conventional wisdom, 1950-1951 were the absolute peak of Pres' art. The 1950-1951 recordings on this set are IT. You can throw in the 1950 live set released by Savoy as well. That can stand with anything that has every been recorded by anybody, if you ask me. :)

Thanks again, mon Roi!

ubu said...

Hm, I haven't been listening lot of Pres lately, but these 1950 sessions always sounded great to me!

I think I might have some additional material, downloaded from somewhere... will have to look into it first, though.

neil said...

How I envy you for that "almost complete run of Fletcher Henderson Chronological Classics"!
If you're interested in 'LXVI. Fletcher Henderson: Rare Recordings' - the golden age of jazz series, I've now got a scanner and can provide booklet scans...

Yelizev said...

Hi ubu!
Great blog!
Do you have in your collection "jazz flute"?

aussenraum said...

I really enjoy all the Pepl/Pirchner stuff you provided. This great music is so hard to find and apart from the Montreux album that was re-issued this year (highly recommended) all the Jazzzwio stuff is out of print since a long time. Thanks a lot!

paul w. said...

hi ubu, i am looking for 3 quite difficult to find editions :
1. sun ra - live at slug's saloon 6 cd set
2. hamiet bluiett - bearer of the holy flame
3. fred van hove - church organ

maybe you could help me. it seems all are out of print, last two for many years. thanks.

ubu said...

Sorry, but I don't have any of those! Can't help you there!

sasha said...

Hey man!! Beautiful blog here..Just beautiful..The Freddie posts were a fitting tribute to the man..You did him proud ubu..Scrolling down here I saw mention of a Sonny Simmons post..Has this already been posted? Sonny really is a master of this music and any chance to hear him is a joy..Much love and respect to you.

ubu said...

Sasha, glad you enjoy my blog!

Some Sonny Simmons was posted years ago, do a search... I hope the links are still good.

aussenraum said...

Your blog is a source of great music, I already downloaded several posts. Howerver I find rapidshare a bit annoying (if you don't pay...). Did you ever try Wuala - I use this file sharing platform and I'm very happy with it.

Jazzjet said...

As a frequent visitor to your blog I thought I'd just take the time to thank you for all the fantastic music you've posted. Keep up the good work!

ubu said...

Thanks a lot for your comment, Jazzjet! Glad you enjoy my blog!

R2K said...

: )

6pairsofshoes said...

Hi Ubu. I've been visiting this blog for a couple of years and have found a few out of print items that were just great. I normally go to other sources for music, but lately, I find this site is really hard to use. I can't figure it out. Maybe I missed something in the past year that changed your format. At any rate, our local library has a great collection so if there's some thing obscure that you are looking for, let me know, there' s a reasonable chance I can find it.

Owen said...

Hi Ubu,

Small favour to ask if it's possible. I seem to have lost my files of the second Mujician set from The Sage that was up on Dime until recently. If you could help with a re-up, or by posting to this blog (the second set hasn't been shared by blog as far as I can tell) that would be greatly appreciated. Follyfortoseewhat's had the first set up in the past and I've also asked him. I have no idea if he has the second set, but I'm pretty sure you do (I think I recall your name in the comments at Dime).

As always, keep up the good work here!

Cheers for now,

ubu said...

Owen, I'm at work, but could you please give me the date of that Sage show, so I can make sure I don't mix things up?

I'll try and check within the next few days!

Owen said...

Thanks for looking. The details are...

Torrent: 239102
Title: The awesome MUJICIAN, Sage Gateshead 8-Nov-2007, UPGRADE with newly
broadcasted second set, Ex DAB > audio HDR

The second set was broadcast on BBC3's "Jazz on 3" 11:15pm March 2nd 2009 (alongside a Keith & Julie Tippett live set from The London Jazz Festival 2008(?)). The first Mujician set was an earlier broadcast. I have both the first Mujician set and the unrelated K&J Tippett. I'm only missing the second Mujician set.

Cheers again!

jb bryan said...

yes, i want to thank you for a great site. i especially appreciated the lester young and now these warne marsh recordings. a long time ago i found the early warne marsh lee konitz record and it, as we say in my tradition, blew my mind. between you and mohoff i've gotten stuff i didn't even know existed. if you have more warne please post!

Anselmo said...

Amazing. Fantastic. I have looking for japanese musicians like Satoko Fujii, Terumasa Hino, Hiromi and I'm found big surprises like Yosuke Yamashita. Thank you for share your absolutely brilliant musical taste. Thank you!
If you have any suggestion, places or CD to know I really appreciate.

Anselmo said...

Hi people, enjoy

SATOKO FUJI,Mark Dresser,Jim Black - Toward To West

SATOKO FUJII - Kitsune-bi

Carla Kilhstedt and Satoko Fujii - Minamo

Bref said...

Hi Ubu,
Many thanks to you for all this great music !
now enjoying : Andrew Hill in Geneva

dwabeslim said...

A virtual goldmine of music many kudos and thanks

Owen said...

Follow-Up - FYI The Mujician Sage set 2 has been reseeded at Dime by Tom P, so I don't need your help with this matter any longer. Thanks for looking into it for me.

PS. Have you seen the Electric Jive blog? Lots of great, rare Sth African jazz (inc Chris McGregor's debut as bandleader for the 1962 musical Mr. Paljas!) that should be up your alley.

ubu said...

Owen, sorry for not following up sooner - glad it was re-seeded on dime!

Yes, I try to keep up with electricjive, but it's a constant fight, and usually I end up unpacking and tagging the albums half a year or so behind... (that applies to all blogs...)

Don't miss "Our Boys Are Doing It", one of the finest slices of South African jazz I've heard!

lc said...

hello ubu,
in order to save streamed music, I usually use a software that you can download (for free) there

thanks for sharing such good music.

take care.

Siddiq Khan said...

Hi Ubu, thanks for the great blog and the amazing music! I was particularly blown away by the blindfold test with all that South African stuff I'd never heard before... a real ear opener.

Many of the tracks are credited to unreleased radio broadcasts or live recordings, such as the phillip tabane and the ibrahim/dyani duo. Could you please upload the rest of those shows? I'm sure there's loads more to hear from there.

As to my contribution to the proceedings, it comes in the form of a request. Does anyone have any information on a SA saxophonist called Boy Masaka? I first heard him on the compilation here

And was completely blown away! The guy sounds like a volatile mix of Coltrane and Kippie - and most of the stuff was recorded in the fifties or something!

There's some more available here

But that's about it. No albums - it was the time of the 78 single - and no real information either. If anyone knows anything...

ubu said...

Glad you're enjoying the blog!

The Malombo show is in lamentable state... that one track I tried to reconstruct as best as I could, but it still sounds horrible. Not sure it's worth putting it up, but I'll look into it.

More South African jazz will eventually follow anyway, I'll try and think of the Ibrahim/Dyani duo show as well...

Boy Masaka is a name completely unknown to me, alas, but if you find anything more, please let me know about it!

cba said...

Hi Ubu, i hope you did have a nice xmas and i do wish you a very nice end of year & new year planty of satisfaction.

And since i was away for a while i Now must check what is going on your ubusland.

Thanks for all the posts of 99 (also for the ones that is not my coup of thea).

john schott said...

Dear Ubu,
just wanted you to know that the Warne Marsh recordings you made available have been really, really inspiring to me recently. Often I download something and it takes me months to get around to listening to it. But I check your blog very often and am very grateful for the things that you have made available. Thanks!

ubu said...

Thanks for your comment, John!

I guess many of us struggle to keep up with all the music blogs!

And I still read and enjoy any belated comment, of course!

ubu said...

stop the moronic spamming!

oznerol said...

ciao ubu,

many thanks for all the beautiful music you share, I am grabbing from you since one year or so and I really enjoyed all of it!!

I was wondering if you have any material from mary halvorson jessica pavone and taylor ho binum, I am listening a lot to these artists recently and I think they are really doing interesting and beautiful things!

in any case, thank you and have a nice day,


oznerol said...

post scriptum,

here you find a couple nice shows by the halvorson pavone duo:



Subarashi Hinode said...

I can't get enough of the Elvin set you have here. The Band is on fire and Elvin, as always, is wonderful. If you have any other B. Altschul with Kenny Drew live recordings I would love to hear them. Both lived, played, and recorded in Europe together and I've always wondered about how amazing thier shows would be.
Your contributions are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

cbacas said...

Many many thanks for the '65 Rollins set. So great to hear HH in the band.I got a thrill to hear the announcer mention Coltrane's residence in the coming week. That stay produced the 2nd disc of the commercially released Coltrane "Live at the Half Note". A set that D Liebman and others have played for and shared with for many musicians since the late '70's. Amazing to compare these artists at that moment in time. Both playing song forms and staying "in time".Sonny staying with the mainly American songbook and Coltrane building his own repertoire. Both stretching their instruments to new places in timbre and texture. Coltane's band with its constant personnel created a language and aura that remains a profound influence on many of us. While Rollins is the only constant in his ever shifting line-ups. Astonishing that two musicians could develop in the way that they did. More or less simultaneously. We are lucky indeed.

TimF said...

Hello Ubu,

I had contacted you earlier about following up with the Dizzy Big Band Recording at the Spotlite - thanks for the Uptown and RCA recommendations, they are great! I have come across an OOP Vinyl recording online: At The Downbeat Club, Summer 1947. ( Have you run across this or know of a vinyl rip? It has what I currently think is the earliest recording of Tadd Dameron's "Ladybird," preceding the Tadd Dameron/Fats Navaro sextet recording from Sept of 48.

ubu said...

I'll have to look into it... not sure if I have this or not. I thought the main portion of these big band broadcasts was on the Uptown set, but I guess I'll need to check the discographies... and my CDs and CDRs. Will see... thinking about a bebop project anyway (though not here and not including posting all the music - on a discussion forum, rather...)

Anyway, too busy right now, but hopefully in April!

Glad you enjoy the RCA and the Uptown sets, btw! If you want a more complete image of early Diz, look for "Odyssey", the Savoy 3CD set. Its third disc has stuff from the weaker years (51/52... they went on until 53 or 54 I guess, though on "Diz & Getz", Dizzy is poised! Then he picked up steam again when he was signed by Norman Granz)

nick said...


That Sonny/Herbie live set is wonderful. Thank you again for sharing all that you do!

I was wondering if you had the recording of Shorter, Hancock, Gary Peacock, and Tony Williams at the Village Vanguard from 1965 (Aug 1, according to some lists), which was apparently a Miles gig where Miles didn't show. I didn't know about it until I saw it mentioned at Do The Math and was wondering if you had a copy in your treasure chest...

thank you again for all that you do for us!

martin70bcn said...





Ben Webster/Don Byas - Karlsruhe 1968
Dexter Gordon - Molde 1964
George Coleman - Laren 1977
Sonny Rollins Arnhem (NL)March 5, 1967

Better as flacs on rapidshare!
Just if you can!!!

Good Work!!

thanks a lot anyway!!!

ubu said...


The first three you list were never on the blog, and it was never my intention to have them here. Dime is a P2P community and as most folks even there are just interested in grabbing as much as they can, stuff tends to get deleted fast. Sorry, but I don't even have these files backed up and absolutely no time to look for the CDRs right now.

The Rollins 1967 was trolled, so I won't bother to upload it... I will re-up missing files if trolls have reported one of several files and all the others are still up, but I'm just not in the mood to try this one again on a different host and all that crap.


I have that one, but it's in absolutely horrible sound as I remember. If I stumble over it, I'll try and remember and give it a spin to see... but gee, time is short these days!


martin70bcn said...






Don said...


I'm new here. Paul Bley's music has been dear to me for 40 years now -- I got a big kick out of the Amsterdam solo date you have up. Thanks tons for it.

The link you have up for the Bley/Haden/Motian '99 Trevano date doesn't work. Any chance of reposting?

Thanks again.

ubu said...

I am sorry, but these comments by first-time commenters asking for re-ups or asking me to up dime seeds that have long gone are starting to annoy me a bit - there's so much music, why don't you get what's here?

As for "People Time", there's a box set that came out a while ago, with all the recordings, it's highly recommended - go and buy it!

Best offer I'm aware of is this one here:

Don said...

Sorry! I sure didn't mean to irritate you. Just my unholy fascination with Bley.

Meanwhile, I have a beautifully recorded duet date by Matthew Shipp and William Parker, captured from BBC3. Lemme know if you'd like a copy.

Thanks again.

ubu said...

That's the spirit, Don! Thanks for this offer - sure would like to hear it!

ubu said...

And sorry for being somewhat grumpy, folks!

I'm busy as hell (which accounts for the lack of uploads... I hope the files won't get deleted before I post them links here...) and have no time to think about the blog and even less to re-up old files!

Don said...

I don't have any idea how I could upload the Shipp/Parker date. If there isn't something obvious I'm missing, I'll happily mail you a copy. You could email me your snailmail.

ubu said...

Don, you don't have an email in your blogger profile (and from the comments, I can't see the email addresses). I have one in mine though, so if you write me, I'd be advising you and I'm sure we'll find a way!

Don said...

At the risk of sounding even more e-stupid than I am, I'm not finding an email in your profile. I've been getting your responses to mine in my email, as well as here: so if you don't want to publicize your email, why don't you just post a response and then take it down right away?


ubu said...

It did indeed disappear, sorry! It's there again now! Probably some settings that blogger changed...

Bhowani said...

dear ubu

please check your mails !

sasha said...

Hey ubu..This request coming hard on the heals of the Shorter/Hancock '65 post..You mentioned in your preamble to that set that Richard Davis subbed for Ron Carter in Miles' band on occasion..I've heard talk of a live set from Portland, USA (1966 I believe) featuring this very line-up..Would you have it to post on the blog?

ubu said...

A little special offer...

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

Miss a Devil, with Richard Davis on bass.

ubu said...

next one by Miss a Devil, this time with Al Stinson:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

ubu said...

Mince alors! Finissez le spam, s'il vous plaît, messieurs! J'en ai marre!

K said...

I love the Barry Altshul recording you have from the show you attened from the Zurcih show....I reccomend to anyone who loves the great Altshull. The recoding is great..I think I thanked you there from an old account, too!!!

Derbyseville said...

Thanks so much for the Lester young! That is a real treasure trove. He is one of my all time favorite musicians.

Also excited to check out the Ayler when I get the chance.

syoshii said...

Hello. I'm a big fan of Yosuke Yamashita trio w/ Takeo Moriyama on drums. About your Yosuke Yamashita Trio w/ Manfred Schoof files, do you have them in lossless flac format?

ubu said...

That MP2 was the original broadcast format and is superior in quality to cable or aerial FM! There's no point in changing the MP2 to FLAC/WAV, but it can be done (in order to burn it to CDR, for instance) with a free software called BeLight/BeSweet.

Hope that helps!

syoshii said...

Ah, OK understood. Thank you!

bop shop said...

Last time the Prez treasure trove was up I got all but Cd's 1,2 and 9
Today I found 9 but 1 and 2 still unavailable ?
Are these uploads very limited in duration?

Whatever the case many many thanks for the posts.
Bop Shop

ubu said...

There seem to be some issues at sendspace... files #1-5 weren't possible to be downloaded even though they were still in my account.

I put up new links a few hours ago... have you checked out those? I already got a feedback from someone that they are working (files #1-5 that is, the others seem to have been working all the way).

bop shop said...

I can't seem to find the new links.
I'm not the most astute blog user so they may in fact be right in front of my nose :)
I'll keep looking and report back.

propylaen2001 said...

You don't happen to have any Wolgang Dauner with his earty 70's band Et Cetera, do you?

ubu said...

Don't think so... and what's been on dime, you should have already, right?

Aire Libre said...

Wow ! I discover this blog today looking for Carla Bley 's tour and ! Like it a lot
Hugs from Belgium

welker said...

I found this fascinating blog via a Jeanne Lee reference on another blog: unfortunately that Lee/Blake file has gone. Undeterred, I scrolled down to August 2011 and found the Alvin Curran - how exciting, I thought - the whole thing! as I have that Lost Marbles collection you mention. Uh-uh, denkste - vom Winde verweht...I'm looking for something else that interests me and will gladly comment when/if I find it.
Pity about the Lee/Blake concert, tho'.

bobbytra said...

You were a great resource. I really enjoyed sampling and trying out the music you posted. You opened my ears to a whole new slew of great artists. Good luck to you.

Banyai said...

Just discovered
"Lester Young – Live and private recordings in chronological order"
But seems too late, links no more works..

Lester is my favorite musician, last 50 years, there are a lot of pieces here, i never heard.

There is any chance to find new links???