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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rashied Ali - Lausanne 2008

Here's the first of two posts dedicated to the late great drummer Rashied Ali, who died on August 12, 2009.

To read more about him, I suggest the two obituaries printed in the NY Times and The Guardian.

Let me just add that even if Ali had recorded nothing but "Interstellar Space" with John Coltrane, he'd be one of the greats in my book!

Rashied Ali Quintet
Jazz Onze+
Lausanne (Switzerland), Casino de Montbenon
October 30, 2008

Josh Evans - trumpet
Lawrence Clark - tenor sax
Greg Murphy - piano
Joris Teepe - bass
Rashied Ali - drums

1. M.O. (31:40)
2. Multi Culti (11:06)
3. Take the Coltrane (10:12)
4. unknown (22:02)
5. You're Reading My Mind (6:09) [inc]

TT: 81:10

Sound: A
Source: RSI Rete Due, May 10 (#4-5) & May 17, 2009 (#1-3)
Lineage: DVB-S (256 kbps/ 48 khz) > Technotrend C-1400 DVB-S PCI card > harddisk.
Edits were made made with the mp3DirectCut software.

Note: There are a few drop-outs during the first seconds of track 3.


ubu said...

MP2 (tagged) + info:

Taylor said...

thanks been looking for this one

mk said...

thanks for this one

aussenraum said...

Thanks for posting this. I was lucky enough to have seen this concert and have good memories of Rashied Ali.

miloo2 said...

AUUUM, i am too late here. As well as with Harry Miller BBc recordings;( -- Do you have Sean Bergin & Radio Freedom All Stars - Jazz For Freedom (1989), ubu? Anyway, thanks for re-upload all that "last chances", I grabbed some goodies. I case of Bergin & Friends from 2001, I only yet listened to Moholo Kwartet, and it seems to be quintet according to my ears - there is piano player aside sax, trumpet and bass. Misha Mengelberg?

miloo2 said...

sorry, forget to enable forwarding following comments on my mail...