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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sean Bergin & Friends - Amsterdam 2001 (feat. Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, Louis Moholo, Ernst Reijseger a.m.o.)

Here's the next in the lose series of South African (and related) posts. Saxophonist Sean Bergin was born in Durban in 1948 and has found his musical home in Amsterdam. He's been active since the mid seventies, and has led and founded various bands and projects, including M.O.B. (My Own Band), which includes among others, Han Bennink, Tobias Delius, Eric Boeren, Wolter Wierbos, Tristan Honsinger, and Mary Oliver. M.O.B. is informed both by the infectuous grooves of Cape jazz as well as by Dutch improvised music.

In addition to M.O.B., you get to hear the Engelbewaarder Kwartet, a band that plays a weekly Sunday afternoon jam-session at café De Engelbewaarder (Kloveniersburgwal 59) in Amsterdam, whenever Bergin's in town.

Opening the party are a pair of duets with cellist Ernst Reijseger (ain't that a treat, having him AND Honsinger both in one package?).

In between, there is the JC Tans Orchestra feat. Boeren and Breuker alumnus Boy Raaymakers on trumpets, Wierbos, as well as Jan Cees Tans and Daniele d'Agaron on tenor sax.
Bergin takes a break here, but he's back with Louis Moholo's quartet, with Claude Deppa on trumpet, and George Wolfaardt on bass. (Moholo was featured here before in various settings, do a search!)
Then, we're treated to three duets by the great Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink!

And finally, the curtain opens for M.O.B., Bergin's terrific band! Just look at that line-up, can't be half-bad, can it?

VPRO Boy Edgar Prijs
Sean Bergin & Guests

with Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, my own band, Ernst Reijseger,
Engelbewaarder Kwartet, JC Tans Orchestra, Louis Moholo Kwartet

Amsterdam (NL), Bimhuis - January 23, 2001


Bergin/Reijseger Duo (11:18)
Sean Bergin (ts), Ernst Reijseger (vc)
1. unknown (6:15)
2. Ann > unknown (5:02)

Engelbewaarder Kwartet (24:05)
Paul Stocker (sax), Sean Bergin (sax), Jacko Schoonderwoerd (b), Victor de Boo (d)

3. (7:39)
4. (7:30)
5. (5:05)
6. (3:48)

JC Tans Orchestra (20:25)
Eric Boeren (t), Boy Raaymakers (t), Wolter Wierbos (tb), Jan Cees Tans (ts), Daniele D'Agaro (ts), Alex Maguire (p), Victor de Boo (d)

7. (1:47)
8. (4:12)
9. (6:14)
10. (5:39)
11. (2:33)

Louis Moholo Kwartet
Claude Deppa (t), Sean Bergin (sax), George Wolfaardt (b), Louis Moholo (d)

12. (16:36)


Bennink/Mengelberg Duo (28:50)
Misha Mengelberg (p), Han Bennink (d)

1. (2:49)
2. (15:24)
3. (10:35)

Sean Bergin's M.O.B. (My Own Band) (51:08)
Eric Boeren (cor), Wolter Wierbos (tb), Sean Bergin (ts), Daniele D'Agaro (ts), Jan Willem van der Ham (as,bsn), Mary Oliver (v), Tristan Honsinger (vc), Alex Maguire (p), Franky Douglas (g), Jacko Schoonderwoerd (b), Victor de Boo (d)

4. Tenbi's Visit (6:43)
5. (10:34)
6. (5:50)
7. (12:44)
8. (4:28) [encore 1]
9. (10:28) [encore 2]

TT: 152:22

Source: live broadcast
THIS IS MY MASTER [ubu: not quite sure anymore who actually recorded & shared this, but thanks a ton! Great show!]


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Wallofsound said...

Very much looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing.

NickS said...

I am still working my way through your Monk's Casino concert but this one has many of my favorite artists. Thanks for making this available to us.