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Thursday, January 24, 2008

David Liebman / Ellery Eskelin - Tübingen 2005

Here's another show, not as progressive as those all over the Schlippenbach post might wish for, but still a bit of a departure from the 40s stuff...

This is a mighty fine recording by the two tenor band of Dave Liebman and Ellery Eskelin, who also put out an official album on the great Hat Records label (hatOLOGY 615 / 2005). And even better, they're scheduled to do another album for Hat's current hatOLOGY series (see the "recent & upcoming" section of Eskelin's website).

And remember: support the artists! Go to their concerts, buy a disc or two from them!


David Liebman / Ellery Eskelin Quartet
Sudhaus, Tübingen (Germany)
April 29, 2005

David Liebman - tenor & soprano sax
Ellery Eskelin - tenor sax
Tony Marino - bass
Jim Black - drums

1. Off A Bird
2. Tie Those Laces
3. You Call It
4. Ghosts
5. Tempos

TT: 63:24

Sound: A
Source: SWR 2 "Jazz Session" / 2005
digi-fm (MPEG 1, Layer II, Stereo, 48000khz, 192kbps)
Received uncut MP2 in online-trade, tracked with mp3DirectCut & shared by ubu

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Milesian said...

Thanks for the Ellery and Liebman, Flurin. Especially welcome since Ellery isn't kosher on Dime.

hideo said...

and thanks for accomodating us "torrent-disabled" listeners!

ubu said...

You're welcome!

If I had more bandwidth, I'd put up everything here, too, but it would just be too much work as it is!